We've been waiting for this! Time to hype! GameStop has a DeFi wallet! GameStop has their own blockchain marketplace at https://nft.gamestop.com and a whole domain's worth of documentation on it all at https://support.blockchain.gamestop.com Launch is "Almost Here!" 🚀🌕

  1. i've seen this mentioned before and it sounds really interesting. how will this work? i have more specific questions, but your reply may answer them.

  2. Smooth brain here… the top pic is the wallet (or what is used to set up the wallet)… and the bottom pic is the NFT marketplace the wallet can connect to?

  3. This sub is going to be the Apple equivalent of the “Genius Bar” at launch. We will have gone through all the documentation multiple times before then. When you have ever read a manual BEFORE tearing into something new? Holy shit.

  4. I see no logical reason for Gamestop to exclude such a mass of potential users--what's an ocean to an electron? They probably just need time to deal with country-specific blockchain and/or website rules.

  5. IF they don't release it right away for the European nations, simply download the ProtonVPN (or similar), set to the US, and get your wallet. It's DeFi anyways, so once you have it, there shouldn't be any country restrictions when actually using it.

  6. I still don't really understand NFT's, do we expect they will be NFT's for games since it's a Gamestop marketplace or is the consensus that they'll be the photo NFT's first?

  7. The trademark filing today suggests it's going to be a variety of common digital goods - music, video, audio files like books and podcasts, etc. It's probably safe to assume games as well.

  8. How do I direct my paycheque at work to this? It’d be sweet if direct deposit worked for DE-FI wallets 😅

  9. Yes, good question. What should I do with my existing Loopring Wallet when the GameStop Wallet is released? Why shouldn't I just use the GameStop Wallet after that?

  10. Just wait until final release bro. What we see now is just a glimpse of what it will become. They will probably bring it to Android as well when they publicly announce their Marketplace.

  11. I’d be surprised if it’s far behind… the Loopring wallet has always had better functionality on android than iOS so they probably have fewer beta things to flesh out

  12. I doubt it. Apple apps have to be submitted in advance to be approved. This likely means that Android’s is just waiting to be added

  13. At least we own GME shares, though. I can handle getting the App a little later given that it'll still be in its infancy stages and we all win at the end of the day

  14. I really hope they add other chains. If they add Cronos I can ditch the Crypto.com DeFi wallet. Especially after the recent shitstorm.

  15. Still find it weird that Android is barely considered across the pond haha. Anyway. This is the way ! 🚀🚀🚀

  16. I will give it a go when it gets here for iPhone. I would rather pay meh fees to GameStop than to Coinbase or whoever if I can.

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