I made a super smooth brain, self-guided, intro DD to the saga for my skeptic family. It's a 117 slide Powerpoint with internal links to explain confusing vocab, but the main section is like 30.Primary goal was to lead them to drsgme.org which they blew off. THIS IS A REPOST AND HAS DRIVE LINK.

  1. I’m commenting for others to see what you’ve compiled! I’ve read everything I think possible multiple times over. 117 page PowerPoint will be more digestible! Nice WORK!

  2. That's impressive that you've read absolutely everything! What would you say are some main data points or part of the research that confirmed your belief that MOASS is inevitable?

  3. This is the most awesome free time spent I’ve ever seen. Great work ape. This is why we will win

  4. Sweet! Im in a car all day today but will do! I plan on continuing to work on it also, and maybe upload an editable file? Like open source this shit idk

  5. Just tell them the MOASS is happening soon. Plz buy a few shares to not get left behind. Short, sweet and directly to the point. There’s a video on You Tube about the Government is suspending all 401k trading for 3 weeks Tom Zuzolo. My IPad won’t copy the link. We are closer than we have ever been. There are a few big moves to be made and then it’s Game Over! We are sitting on a powder keg and the fuse has been lit!🧨🚀🌖🧨🚀🌖

  6. Done! I was frantically putting this together for the past week or so to convince them because the first time I told them to buy they blew me off lol. Shits bout to explode

  7. There’s another slide in there that mentions TDA and Schwab but I didn’t add all the brokers. I’ll put that in the updated version!

  8. Oh no they blew off “drsgme.org” so I went overboard lol. But I agree with you! It’s the hardest part for me as a research scientist because EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT 😂 I might upload an editable version for some open source ape help?

  9. I’m always hesitant to click on links but the comments convinced me otherwise. I haven’t read the entire file but what I did read is very well done. I think this should be posted again during the week. There are weekday apes and weekend apes. How long did it take you to put this together?

  10. Over 2.5 weeks maybe 40 hours lol I had some shitty drafts. Yeah I’ll post again. I might post an editable version if I can gather some more qualified apes to run with it!

  11. Fuck yeah! Well I still need some help cutting stuff and making it look good lol. If I uploaded an editable version would you be interested?

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