on Twitter: GameStop has created a new page for information on their $100M Grant Program with Immutable. The page clarified that IMX will be evaluating applicants and AAA studios/publishers looking to launch NFTs with their IP should apply now.

  1. AAA game companies such as any game studio like Activision or Rockstar, this is huge and I hope these companies have something to add

  2. I hope we get a Lego game on there cause I think it’ll be dope plus it’s a broad audience drawing kinda game and brand.

  3. They are looking for AAA developers. My question is: out of how many A’s are top tier developers made of? 10? 5? Or 3? So many questions

  4. Triple A is your blockbuster titles that are funded by the household name publishers like EA and activision. Like call of duty and madden

  5. exactly my thoughts too, let's hope they already have some companies like microsoft onboard and are now opening the gates for more studios and developers

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