I know the hedgies haven't closed because of the sheer amount of fake accounts on this sub. Here's evidence.

  1. Please don't call out people like this, OP. It only leads to witch hunts and harassment, while your proof is spurious at best.

  2. I am a real ape and I see the same thing. You are not alone. I also choose to believe the true apes see through all this shit. The formula is simple, if you like the stock, buy and hold. The rest is noise.

  3. Right now they consistently put 30k bots here making us think 40-50k users are the norm. I believe only about 10k users are true and active at any given time

  4. Honestly. I'm a real ape and I don't care what people say or comment. I know GME and the situation were in and I'm confident in my investment.

  5. Agree, I believe this sub has more bots than it does real users. It’s been 30k+ online for the last week or two, again. When DOJ was on the top list, bots disappeared for a bit.

  6. I think by now we usually manage to spot their coordinated attempts here. Sadly seems the popcorn sub is pretty under their control, though. Mods there also do not like posts about DRS, wonder why...

  7. If you are a real ape, you will see the value in these links below and spread them instead of the hundreds of thousands of bots and shills voting me down daily. My account is haunted, stalked, and preyed upon daily.

  8. Let me ask this, assuming there are that many bots (which I agree 100%)…..HAVE ANY OF YOU asked yourselves why there aren’t at least 10% more posts that are attempted to stop us from DRSing? We are aware that we are basically outnumbered at almost any time as far as people on the sub at any given moment. Yet I don’t see any DRS haters much except for Dr Gingerballs, except he is basically pickle jr.

  9. I've also seen an increase in "online members" over the last few weeks. Our average has jumped by like 20K. Definitely a shill push lately

  10. No disrespect to the mods but we have no guarantee that there is no bad actors among them and even if there were no shills in mod team it would still be difficult to impossible to deal with shill/Bot activity, especially upvotes downvotes (any reddit account can upvote/downvote without being able to comment or post for e.g., karma requirements are easy to achieve with basic karma farming practices that have been present on reddit for years if not decades)

  11. I too am a hair-covered hominid that enjoys activities such as trading the stocks and breathing human-compatible air. I was doing bipedal motion today and it was very pleasant. Can you relate, fellow fleshy friends?

  12. I can’t wait for the SHF to swallow the extra 5 Billion synthetics to cover the Dividend split. It’s like a pelican swallowing a whale.

  13. I couldn't agree more. It makes sense that there are forums dedicated to discussing a single stock. I've been on the Internet for some time now so I've seen a lot. But to have a forum entirely dedicated to only discussing how much you don't like a single stock is like nothing I've ever seen before. If anyone has any historical examples of anything even remotely like this on any website or chat group or message board in the history of the Internet I'd be really interested in seeing it. I get that some people are bummed that they bought high and sold low but that's the stock market for ya. But to publicly keep stewing over it for this long? Really suspicious IMO.

  14. I actually disagree kind of. I've talked with some people who used to frequently post there and some of them hold gamestop shares. I think a part of it for them is just that they're laughing at themselves and the culture - or at least it used to be the case I don't know about the sub anymore.

  15. I see this all the time on this sub. They are every where and many of them are frequent posters / commenters on the sub... many people who you will frequently interact with on a daily basis on here. Like you mentioned, many of them were created on or around January 28th, 2021 and exclusively post / comment on SS.

  16. Low key, this comment makes people sus of what could actually be good content. Hate to say it but it's a bad comment. If I were a hedgefuck with a deep desire to discredit the posters, it'd be through comments like this.

  17. This is again overly conclusive. Many people heard about this train when it made big news around Jan 28 as well. This imo, is a forum slide to sow division, even if unintentionally.

  18. Agree but I will say the mods have done an amazing job to keep this subreddit as it is and I applaud them.

  19. Had this happen just the other day. Got in an argument with an account with that name scheme, 1 year old, used only on Superstonk pretty much every day.

  20. While you have a lot of points the name thing is literally reddits auto name generation. When I made my account I just could not be arsed to think of a name. nothing nefarious about it.

  21. Anybody else find it strange that for the past week we have been sitting right around 40,000 users online constantly? Even at 1am east coast time.

  22. Yes. I noticed that too. The fuckery will intensify with every basis point increase in margin rates.

  23. Yeh, it’s highly suspicious. Weekends used to have maybe 12k people max, and now there’s like 35k. And sometimes around 20k people disappear for a few hours, and then come right back.

  24. We were averaging around 50 k between 2-4pm just 6 months ago. I don’t find it weird if it’s just more people being active now with voting available and the recent attention from Jon Stewart and pulte

  25. I don't understand why people are taking elevated active user counts too seriously. As markets start dumping we will continue getting more attention. Simply because our predictions are coming true, and fellow GME investors will want to visit the sub and look for interesting takes on the situation.

  26. Don't worry I'm here in the shadows. Don't need an ounce of DD or anything else. Riding this out till we see seven digits and all of them are in jail

  27. Yeah, account creation date and post histories say a lot about someone. Like, I get that obviously a lot of people in these subs could have gotten into reddit around that time, but most of the people here are either OG's, or Redditors who got into GME later like I did.

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  29. I love shills. In fact, they are the yin to our yang. We need them. They need us. We will be rich and happy. They will be poor and miserable.

  30. I might have spent too much time sorting through trash search results on google and became too good at scrolling to notice these people. I’m glad you are keeping tabs and calling it out though. I hope no one is falling for their garbage.

  31. You can tell I'm real because most of the time I end up with a longer comment than the post I'm replying to. Woe betide the introvert who talks too much...

  32. Plus many of us real apes don’t always post or comment, we’re here for the info. I’m here every single day. But yeah sometimes it’s easy to see through it and I’ve even go back and looked at profiles. My rule is if it seems off or odd.. check out who posted it.

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  34. Shill bots activate, means they still have assets in play. Hedgies hodling just as I'm hodling. Lets see who can outlast who in this war. Billionaire hedgies without their yachts, or me a lifelong poor ass with GME shares and nothing to lose.

  35. Account creation date doesn't prove anything. For instance, my account doesn't look it but I've been on Superstonk since it started. The mods know this because I proved it and they gave me privileges back after deleting the old account and starting this one.

  36. Remember how the actual drs count reported by GME was 4 or 5 times the number reported by drs bot? Many apes who’ve drsd simply don’t want to make public posts about it, but still upvote the posts..

  37. I literally cannot even give one single fuck if there are bots or fake accounts here. I am incredibly confident in my play and what I hold. You can bathe me in fud about gamestop and make jokes about me for years and I won't budge - not only will I not budge I will laugh and make the jokes myself.

  38. Jan 21’ ape here I’m emotionally unattached to anything but my heart and monkey balls go out to all the new apes who haven’t gotten to this point. Think about the psychological he’ll need apes are going through.

  39. OG APE checking in. Buy and holding has become a way of life. Every week I pay something towards my bills. Anything left over I pick up a share or two. Wait til next week and repeat. Wait til one day I check my portfolio and see telephone numbers. I know the day is coming until I can retire and enjoy life. Until then I'm in complete grind mode

  40. If there weren't tons of fake apes (fapes?) I would be pretty disappointed in SHF. Seems like such a key thing, they must try to control the narrative.

  41. uh yeah that’s me OP. Umm like how many people on this sub do you think have account creation dates like mine…like a bunch of old apes at this point are like me, users birthed by gme…when I bought my first share ever at $297…after the top, held all the way to $40 and back? 100% DRS’d? Bots and shills with short posts/comments you say? Have fun seeing my annoying comments that are longer than fucking college essays… you can look all through the good bad and ugly of my comment history and decide for yourself. This is fucking dumb dude, but then again, it’s a just the weekend come early…a lot of that on here on this Friday junior. I still appreciate you because we all play a role to keep this fuckin’ pain train rollin’ baybee. Cheers to a good Friday everyone.

  42. I checked about this reply to yourself and it looks like you answered to someone who deleted their comment in the middle :

  43. I've been trying to tell people we are being swung towards a more conspiracy theory minded sub and to be extra diligent in their analysis of info pouring in.

  44. Not saying there are no bots, but some people really don't know how reddit works. You can see it that they never reply to users who ask the question but rather answer somewhere else.

  45. Maybe I missed it, but what happened to "Satori"? Wasn't there supposed to be an AI/bot tracking these types of users down?

  46. I can tell you majority of the movie stock accounts on twitter with alphabets and numbers combination username are bots

  47. If only Cohen pulled a Musk and bought Reddit to normalize it again. R/The_Donald, politics aside, was a marvel of people coming together. Special times.

  48. I trust RC, I trust the DD and praise DFV. My balls are diamond as my hands, Im not selling until phone numbers! Stock split doesnt mean a floor split, remember to buy, DRS, hold and possibly shop! SHF are shitting their pants as we speak, we're winning! Keep those purple circles coming, ser you on the moon! Remember to hold for the X and XX who were here since the beggining and can't afford more shares! LFG 🏴‍☠️🚀🥊

  49. As for the person responding to their comments like a loon, it could also be that people are trying to subtly make suspicious accounts just to be cited in posts like this in order to develop a narrative that it’s all kabuki..

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