Petition to unban u/welp007

  1. His worst posts are repeats of twitter stuff that's already been posted. Not to say he didn't have good ones, but alot of his posts were spammy. I'm willing to bet he was either automodded, warned to stop reposting, or suspicions that he was getting paid to pump twitter accounts

  2. I know I reported some that were demonstrably false and that he declined to update or mark as debunked. He blocked me, so I’m not sure I can access it anymore.

  3. Agreed, actually welp called me a shill a lot of times and I don't think he's hurting the community or driving away from our main goal, he's pretty fast to put the news here.

  4. I also agree, unban U/welp007. I’ve seen absolutely nothing but good info that they have posted. Mods, get it together. 🤦‍♀️

  5. He was reported multiple times for spamming. That’s a rule violation that the mod just highlighted?

  6. Ape historian here - I also petition to unban the guy - if he has posted plenty that’s not a negative - if it was just spam shitposts then yeah- sure - but superstonk gets about 500 posts on a quiet day - I think making up 1% of posts every now and again isn’t a huge deal

  7. Ya I see their posts and for the most part I find myself engaging with them - why the ban mods? They post a lot of great stuff looking at their history.

  8. I notice he posts a lot and for me I dont mind the Twitter stuff because I don’t have social media other than this. And it took GME to get me here! I can scroll past whatever. And screen grabs I don’t mind because I don’t see them elsewhere.


  10. Big agree. Honestly, having chatted with welp for a little bit now, the most sus part of all of this is the reports he’s getting. But what do I know?


  12. Fuck him. Don’t need him to Hodl or DRS. Stop putting randoms on a pedestal. He isn’t DFV. He isn’t RC.

  13. You are silencing him for being active. Thanks for the information suppression mod team. If something was reported too much...just take down that post. Not his ability to participate.

  14. It seems posting to much drowns out important post such as DD. Maybe contributes to forum sliding ? Idk I eat crayons.

  15. While it seems like dude just likes linking twitter posts for the most part, i think the two most recent posts are the issue. over 20k upvotes two posts in a row.. bots probably account for half of those. Whether or not welp is aware of it is irrelevant to the fact that his posts are being artificially boosted

  16. People don't realize that he is part of a group of users that spend all day posting in order to gain karma and reputation in the sub, in which they then start adding more divisive topics and posts, to start pushing narratives.

  17. this sub has only ever had a mod problem. down to pinning their own comments for karma, even if it’s just reiterating the OPs post. weird as fuck

  18. Posting lots just helps move this sub up in the algorithm. The more engagement it receives the better so if it’s not harmful post - I say post away.

  19. Unless if it was some auto mod thing. I'm sure there was a reason more than posting alot. He was pushing certain twitter accounts in an odd way. He blocked me for calling him out, tried to drag my name in the mud and reblock me so I couldn't respond to it, while not even saying what he said as a response. Apes are allowed to be skeptical.

  20. All People Equal, whether you are a lurker or post 5-10 times a day. He is an APE and gives relative information. Unban him Mods.

  21. We need transparency in the sub for people who were banned and the reason why. Maybe a stickied post that includes usernames, reasons, and a link to the evidence.

  22. I’ve read so many great and informative posts from Welp007. This is ridiculous. If the mods want to ban someone for spamming then they better start banning everyone that posts the 2nd,3rd,4th “RC on Twitter” or “Michael Burry on Twitter” posts. NOT THAT I WANT THOSE BANNED, just making a comparative point here. I’m just saying that Welp007 legitimately digs and finds amazing stuff and truly engages people in this sub. I’m actually surprised that someone would be so jealous that they’d take the time to report Welp007.

  23. What the fuck? He's the one contributer who I give the most awards to. Purely because he posts great stuff. Maybe not every single time, but I'd say 90% of his posts are very high quality.

  24. I think many would agree when I say “who the fuck cares about this rando” — If he got banned, he deserved it

  25. So is that a rule now? 5 post per day? Does that apply to everyone? Don’t we have a bot that we can upvote/downvote to determine if it’s a quality post or not? Was it Superstonk redditors reporting him for bad posts?? Were his posts not relevant to GME?

  26. There are plenty of shitty posts worse than what this guy posts, and it’s balanced by his good posts. I don’t think banning him was the right move. Not even temporarily.

  27. Good. He’s a spam artist who’s main goal was flinging as much poo at the wall as possible in the hope one turd will eventually stick.

  28. Signed. I like welp's posts. If we ban anything, how about the endless, repetitive posts "deciphering" RC's tweets. Those are out of control and it's the same shit every time. "Oh my god, he's going to sell Apple shares and go all in GME! Oh my god, he said Apple, must be a partnership!"

  29. This situation and the Mod explanation is just more proof that this entire place (Reddit) is just a giant mass of chattering chimps flinging poo at each while in their own mind think they’re writing “War and Peace” or painting the Mona Lisa.

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