I think this is why there are new shares available to short every day for $GME

  1. I have never been more motivated to do something in my life! My resolve is unbreakable! All thanks to these greedy fuckwits.

  2. It is supposed to be marked as a lent share so they can't borrow it again. What is the penalty for not doing that correctly? Maybe a small fine in a decade?

  3. I believe you SHFs better make sure you got our loot and damn fast. It’s coming for all you bitches. Right now.

  4. I.ll get down voted as fud but I do think us apes will lock up the retail float but this is the problem, gme as shares in etfs ,in the indexes, xrt as loads getting spanked everyday also the big private investors fidelity, Blackrock etc and brokers and banks who can lend out there shares and hedge fucks only need a handful of shares to fuck the price up or down ,we've all witnessed GG say that 95% of trades dont hit the lit market but transfer to darkpools ,we carnt trade in after hours or premarket so these big investors banks etc are influencing the pricing from the cheap bargain basement priced shares from the darkpools they know exactly where a volatile stock is going and when ,these guys learnt from last time ,so what do we do we drs ,the sec won't do anything they lay in the same bed,let's see how R C plays this out only thing that can stop this is share call back and going on a private decentralised system I might be way off but let's see

  5. Albeit that’s right. It would show the crime easier. Getting public sentiment on our side would be a big win. Showing how bluntly they are committing crimes would change the game

  6. Yet if I ask the bank for a million dollar loan to buy GME and tell them there are reasonable grounds I'll be able to find that money for them in a year they laugh me out. Those double standards SMH

  7. Fuck selling, for one I’d have a big tax bill next year, two I’ll lose to inflation holding cash, since there’s nothing good to buy as far as investments go, three I want my NFTs dividends (if that’s GameStop’s plan) and for I wanna see hedge fucks burn 🔥

  8. And one day in the near future, those shares will be completely unavailable, causing massive FTDs and a runup on the price to the joy of all retail.and the chagrin of all... Hedgies R Fuk

  9. The locate loophole is definitely one way they create new shares to short. Another way is borrowing shares from the OCC Hedge and Market loan programs. Those shares are sourced from brokers General Free accounts (ie retail's shares) at DTCC. In Jan 2021 they had loaned out ~35M GME shares through OCC. Those shorts can then be easily rolled into swaps and hidden until MOASS.

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