Question: what is Gme's Beta? Answer: No one knows

  1. For a trillion dollar system, sure seems to have a lot of glitches and data that isn’t consistent across the board…weird almost like it was designed to hide crime.

  2. I have been trying to find recent Bloomberg terminal screen shots to look at the beta and haven’t been able to find anything. If someone sees them plz link them as I would assume the BT screen shots would be the most accurate?

  3. Correlation between the price and the markets. Negative beta is definitively not normal anywhere, and it implies that it moves counter to the indexes. So if the market goes up, gme goes down. What this also implies is that when the markets go tits up, gme is going to go bananas.

  4. I like to think it's so negative it's similar to a singularity making that sweet chaos all over the place or even like an electron... You try to observe it and it changes from wave to particle... Gme mechanics > quantum mechanics

  5. This isn't too relevant. Beta is effectively the correlation of a stock price's movements against that of a selected index. If we're doing a simple beta, the calculation is the exact same as correlation.

  6. All of those are probably right. To calculate Beta you need two variables: timeframe and how many points do you compare within that timeframe. Changing any of those will get you different results.

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