44,500 users here now. Supposedly that is 8k+ more "bots" here than last week at this time and 22k "bots" more than average....

  1. Nah man. This spike is abnormal and the sub is consistently 30k+ and that was AFTER the stock dividend announcement. The increase shill activity happened around the announcement of Melvin going tits up. Then the Hwang news dropped after that.

  2. I swear there is a bot attached to me. Every time I upvote a thread I watch the count go up one and then immediately go back down to the original count total. Only happens on Superstonk.

  3. The sub seems different in the past 2-3 days…maybe it’s boys, maybe it’s more people are zen, maybe it’s a combo of both. It just seems a little dead.

  4. It's like fanboys come to hang out the day after senpai cohen tweets, or when the stock reverses 5 percent and shows green.

  5. Yeah I’ve noticed this too especially late at night when it usually tapers off. Back when there was normally this many users online there were new posts at least every couple minutes if not multiple, now we’re seeing approximately the same volume supposedly but new posts are only popping up every 15-20 minutes 🧐 stay safe out there apes the MOAFUD is upon us.

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