Is this the PPT kicking in? Haven't seen any posts about it

  1. The Nasdaq 100 was just tickling 13,000 six weeks ago and they definitely pumped it. Here we are again. Tickling 13,000 so they hurriedly bang a few percent back on. Disclaimer: I am smooth.

  2. That's a good question. I'm curious to know what the signs of them stepping in looks like. Probably something like that. Haha

  3. I'm fairly smooth, but I remember that one of the findings/implications from Atobitt's research was that the Fed is actually combining the balance sheets of all the big banks, and somehow I think the reverse repo is correlated with the PPT. I.e. the PPT is looking at the RRP numbers as a guide for how and when to pump up the banks' balance sheets.

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