Stop the DRS victim shaming. Not all of us can DRS, so acting as if we deserve to lose out because we haven't DRSed is divisive and shitty.

  1. This - people not having the choice to put THEIR names on THEIR shares, it’s just another extension of how fucked up this whole system is.

  2. Another problem I see is people with no post history coming in SS with a divisive post... I see this happening too much!

  3. I’m an American. I pay a shit ton in taxes every year. I served my country. I bleed red white and blue. This US stock market is not a free market. It reminds me of the 3rd world countries I was sent to. The federal system is broken and the root cause is Wall Street money buying politicians.

  4. Yes, people that can't DRS their shares should not just except that system. DRS'ed apes support efforts to change the system so everyone can DRS.

  5. Fr. I had a friend who was applying for a bunch of different universities overseas, and the GED she took for one of the universities called American history 'World History'🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Definitely. On top of that how will someone miss out? They can't vote (or it doesn't (fully count)), so what? We can't get a share count from it anyway which was why we cared the previous time.

  7. For real though, it doesn’t matter which social media or subreddit but at least once a day someone is assuming me to be american because I wrote in english. Dear americans, in case you didn’t know, it’s called the World Wide Web

  8. There’s literally a post in HOT that says we missed the vote lmao Mods should do some fud cleaning bc this is driving so many apes insane. It hasnt even been 24 hours and people are shoving the “missed the vote train/ potentially ruined MOASS” narrative for no reason

  9. Then ignore those people, because they are obviously not understanding reality. Complaining about those people will accomplish literally nothing because of the same reason. This is the internet, you cannot expect everyone to be realistic, and expecting that is only going to make you upset, because its impossible.

  10. Don’t bother, while I fully support DRSing and initiated it even while being euro, some of those DRS pushers are the most toxic individuals I’ve ever seen on reddit. They went as far as the movie stock sub, pushed DRS the same way they are doing here, made everyone there hate them, and now they’re wondering why more people don’t want to DRS.

  11. That is horrible. I'm very sorry. I think most brokers on many accounts NEVER bought shares for their clients. I don't even know what you actually own. I'm sorry.

  12. We're in this together, let's do this together and we finish this together. We need all the apes, DRS or not, to hodl and we win. To the moon 🚀🚀🚀

  13. This! You cannot win with paper hands. I’m prepared to go down with the ship if I have to. I wouldn’t be able to live with the FOMO missing the rocket. It would be worse than losing everything I put in.

  14. Cohen will do his best to ensure all shareholders are respected, not just those that are DRS'd. That's part of the fiduciary duty.

  15. Totally Agreed OP. Tired of all that bullshit. Yes DRS all you can (and I have) but I am not pulling my shares out of 401K and taking the risk of a couple hundred thousand tax bill if MOASS is not this year. It would cause me (and many others) to have to SELL half our shares to pay that tax bill which would HURT MOASS. Dumb Asses that keep trying to shame others are working against themselves.

  16. There would be no MOASS if broker shares couldn’t be sold. The point of MOASS is they need to buy ALL shares. I only have a percentage of mine in Computershare because I plan on selling the shares in the broker I’m using.

  17. I agree with you and would also add that selling now from anywhere to buy from CS is dumb as fook. No cell, no sell.

  18. I felt the same (have now drs some at a high cost) but the shame is for those who CAN easily but don’t because they cba or who think their broker is gonna be nice to them. If you can’t own your shares in DRS you can’t own them, it sounds divisive but it’s not aimed at you, or others who CANNOT DRS, it’s for the lazy bums who WONT

  19. In my opinion, you guys who want to shame others - even those who can but don’t DRS, can stuff your shame up your ass.

  20. I wont DRs all my shares, and you can’t make me ashamed. I have some DRSd but I don’t want to drs them all.

  21. Still, what's the point in being spiteful towards others? What do you hope to accomplish? No one is suddenly going to want to do what you say because you insulted or berated them? Be excellent to eachother.

  22. While I do think that's the intention, do realize that when people say things along the line of, "If you get fucked over at MOASS, it's your own fault" that many, many of us that are in IRAs will get fucked, too, and we have no choice in the matter.

  23. It's really no one else's business, so any shame, regardless of circumstances or desire shouldn't be passed off around here. It comes across as condescending, and either just annoys people, or pisses them off, or leads to things like this where others tell others not to tell others what to do.

  24. We went over this last year. Yes some overseas brokers don’t allow voting. That is already known. It’s my second year voting. This time with 3x as many shares and CS added in with my broker that holds my IRA shares. Stop with the forum sliding FUD. And why are we posting all the voting? It is taking away from other matters I’m sure. Why can’t we just add flair like we decided on last year?

  25. After my international broker fell through despite waiting months for DRS I decided to take matters in my own hands and go through giveashare and start over. Got my replica, now waiting for the certificate to activate the account and load up funds. More of us can do it this way, but I understand the hesitation... I did it because I received an ominous feeling I'm going to get fucked by my broker. I really want to have my gme computershared if gme goes blockchain

  26. Well said. We all support gamestop in our own individual way. Yes, drs is a very smart choice but it is an individual choice. I respect all apes, and non apes regardless. Make your own decisions.

  27. This should be the top comment. It’s not a coincidence that FUD posts and division attempts start coming out of the woodworks when bots start flooding in.

  28. Hey friend, just wanted to thank you for this response. There is too little introspection in this sub from what I've observed. We all feel passionately about our favorite stock, no question.

  29. i concur with this. TFSA gang. If it wasn't super expensive then we would definitely do it. I did get assurance that stocks purchased through wealthsimple will never be loaned out.

  30. I have some in an LRSP and RRSP, the former I literally CANNOT move to DRS. AFAIK LRSP can't be moved until retirement. Diamond-handed myself real good there :P :P And I love it.

  31. I believe it's safest to keep shares at several brokers. Some drs if possible and some at several different brokerages. Thing is no one knows exactly where the fuckery will come from or what form it will take. Having 100% of your shares in any one place is not wise imo.

  32. I agree with the OP. A lot of you out there need to stop making people feel bad just because they can’t DRS. Like enough already

  33. Everyone shouts “buT weRe aLL iNdiVidUaL inVesTeRZ!” And then demands you act in tandem. I agree, it’s horseshit. No one here gets to tell anyone what to do with the shares they bought with money they earned. If you won’t DRS, can’t, don’t know how to or can’t tell your eye from your asshole, you own the stock, hold it, and that’s enough.

  34. You'll never truly own the stock until DRS though, hence the massive encouragement TO DRS. Ofc its impossible for some, but there's still a lot of people who don't wish to learn.

  35. I've seen quite a few people stating that you wont get any tendies if you dont DRS and moass wont happan for you... They seem to forget that the entire premise of MOASS happaning is the existence of phantom shares and and the fact that brokes/hedgies are at some point going to be obligated to compensate the people they sold those phantom shares too, eighter by buying them back, and thus annuling the phantom share, or by buying a real share and giving it to the person that owns the phantom share. Eighter way, they will have to buy, and when they are forced to buy, i set the price for my shares, real or fake.

  36. I have all mine in Roth IRA. They are trying to divide us just how they did with politics. It’s fucking manipulative and we need to keep the one thing we all have in common in sight.

  37. I'm just scrolling through my home page on reddit and just see Superstonk posts, one says "my broker said this" "my broker said that" then I see posts about how us non DRS'd apes are essentially bad and we'll miss out and this and that. Never seen this much FUD here...

  38. There's no DRS "shame" it's raising awareness. There's still hundreds of thousands of people holding in brokers like Robin hood an Etoro that literally have Ts and Cs saying they can close your positions to protect themselves. It cannot be stated how important it is to get out of those brokers. Obviously everyone has to weigh the difficulties against their own perceived risk, it took me a ridiculous amount of time and effort to DRS from three different Australian brokers but I'm much more zen now I'm 💯

  39. I do think we should find a way to lobby GameStop to create a directly registered IRA vehicle… would be awesome

  40. I do think we should find a way to lobby GameStop to create a directly registered IRA vehicle… would be awesome

  41. where are these posts OP is talking about? haven't seen a single one. also they are probably made by shills anyways so don't get so bent outta shape.

  42. From 7 brokers I dealt with, only 2 refused to DRS. So I just sold everything on those accounts. I also wanted to DRS my other stocks, not just GME.

  43. There is no way to DRS IRAs? I thought there were methods for most people. Complex, not cheap, but available. I'm a dumb ape. I think that if enough IRA people moved over, this would be over. If and where it is possible of course, I mean impossible is impossible I suppose. Just a dumb ape. NFA.

  44. Somebody posted an option I'm looking into. But it's the only option I've seen that allows you to avoid taxes and penalties, which if you own a significant amount isn't insignificant money, unfortunately!

  45. Its even worse when you have people that literally look down on those who cant/dont DRS like the rich people look down on others. People are really up their own asses. Just be respectful and happy for everyone

  46. I think you are right OP, but I need to ask you if you have tried to buy directly from Computershare?, It is fairly easy and your shares will be just one click to DRS.

  47. ITT: The comfortable-financially shareholders ridiculing the non-wealthy shareholders. "Just pay the taxes and fines" not realizing that if I had the money for that I'd just buy shares directly from compushare.

  48. I'm a comfortable-financially shareholder, and I'm on your side. Fuck anyone who tells you to incur a loss of money in order to fight their cause.

  49. I'm in a foreign country and I took the tax hit by withdrawing from my registered account. I know a lot of Europeans, South Americans, etc. liquidated their positions and re-purchased via DRS after long, arduous registration processes because transferring stock directly wasn't possible.

  50. Posts like the one OP speaks about are the type of posts that have increasingly driven me away from superstonk. Some of them are borderline cult like.

  51. I’ve said the same in similar posts, gets immediately downvoted. Great job to those who have DRS’d but stop the, almost ridicule and belittling, of those who can’t….it’s apes v WS, not DRS v Non DRS.

  52. Exactly! The downvotes are telling to me about either the lack of understanding about IRAs, or just people wanting divisiveness. Hopefully the former.

  53. Honestly, as a UK ape DRSing is costly and a pain the arse. I think US apes misjudge how easy it actually is to DRS. Especially if you have shares massively in the red at a broker and are tapped out on cash like me.

  54. Yea getting real old , I haven’t tuned into Reddit much cause it’s only finger pointing and blaming lately. “Oh you deserve to miss out for not DRSing” glad someone addressed it and looks like lots of support so far.

  55. Jesus told me to at least buy a share with Give A Share so if you get fucked up, you at least have 100 000 000$ (or 700 000 000$ if we split 741 😉🚀)

  56. Honestly, I think if you 'can't' DRS then you should know those who are DRS shaming aren't shaming you.

  57. You can DRS your IRA shares. I have 8 in my CS account and am in the process of sending over more now. You just need a custodian. You can just search one of the many GME subs for IRA custodian to find more info

  58. DRS is going he way but I have shares that are stuck and there is no way I will sell them to buy on cs. If the market fucks us we will fuck then!🚀🚀💎🙌🦍

  59. If you are not able to DRS, then I don’t think those posts are for you. Everyone deep breath, all is ok. If you can’t DRS then we got you Fam!

  60. Yeah. I had about 1k in an old IRA account that was only losing money. I switched to gme. I can't do anything else with it besides move it around it seems. If there is something I can do, I'd love to hear it.

  61. I rarely, if ever see people "shaming" people who can't DRS, just those who decide to keep staying with their shit brokers when DRS is an option. Those people don't necessarily "deserve to lose out" as you put it, but by staying with your shit brokers you have to acknowledge the risk that you very well may "lose out" because unless you've DRSed it's more than likely that you don't actually own your shares.

  62. Hi! I am a GME investor and decided to in-kind transfer and DRS 3 IRA accounts! I am clearly on another level of the retarded spectrum and you do not have to get on my level if you so choose not to! Ape do ape! We win one way or another! All ape good! All bad hedgies bad! Loud noises!

  63. Not to mention, exercised options don't allow for the same FTD antics and allow for greater leverage. Just do what you believe is right, even encourage others to do so, but shaming, blaming, and misdirected anger don't help anything.

  64. 100%- I invested in this company because I believe in the new direction and leadership, as well as the short squeeze potential. I still deserve what I'm owed considering what I bought was GameStop.

  65. Thank you! I wholeheartedly want to DRS all my XX Shares but my shitty broker T212 doesn't allow it (basically UK robinhood) or even transfer to another broker without liquidating and repurchasing.

  66. Your right all of us SHOULD receive full benefits , but unless your shares are DRS then you won’t ! 🤷🏽‍♂️

  67. I literally just received my yearly bonus letter from work and am pouring it into this company because I know there's other people that need this to moon and can't do more to contribute.

  68. The problem is not those that cant the problem is those that wont. Those who complain about lack of funds can sell from their cfd broker if they are in a broker like Etoro which by all accounting evidence dont have the shares. If my indian roomate who definitely has less money than those of you who think you are broke can buy a few shares from computershare so can you. So if you are locked in an ira or in a country with no access to giveashare you have my sympathy. The rest of you dont.

  69. I think a true ape does whatever they can to support his bros. If you can drs, you should, no excuse. If you can't, then it doesn't make you different or lesser, and we all need to focus on holding during moass so that all ape bros and x bros and everyone else can get their money.

  70. Just an fyi if it helps. Another ape here posted how to DRS thru Mainstar Trust. My Traditional IRA from Fidelity made it there and should be in CS by Wednesday. It was waaaaay easy to do. It can be done!

  71. If I'm not mistaken, Apes in Canada using wealthsimple have to pay like 300cad to DRS. Almost higher than GME ATH. imagine the poor apes that are barely able to afford one share being targeted for something they can't control. Some people will take it personally and just sell and leave the community.

  72. I agree. If you can, I think you should… but if you can’t, like I can’t for about 1/2 my shares, because they’re in an IRA, you can’t and you shouldn’t worry about it.

  73. Here’s some reverse FUD: if brokers like Fidelity can’t sell GME shares during MOASS, you can bet your ass ComputerShare will have the same issue with their broker.

  74. I would like to see more class solidarity here. It's the 1% versus us. If the top 20% ridicules the bottom 80% for having no money, the 1% wins, and that includes Wall Street.

  75. The sub has not lost its soul AT ALL, stop with that narrative. People repeat it and it becomes true, even when its not. This sub is as bullish as determined and stoic as it has ever been. Even more so. There are 150k people who have fought tooth and nail to DRS. It wasnt easy for any of the early guys who had to blaze that trail. There are plenty of apes with 1 share DRS'd. It takes nothing to buy 1 share and transfer it now. So its frustrating to keep hearing 'not everyone can DRS'. Yes you can. You may not be able to drs your whole position, but you can get 1 and from there it sets you up in future if transferring from these complicit fucks ever becomes an option.

  76. We don't really victim shame here now do we? I'm here most every day and don't really see that happen. Quite the opposite people are very understanding of APEs that are sidelined by the system and actively try to help the victims.

  77. I DRS’d IRA and non-IRA shares. I’d recommend the Mainstar approach, which is included in the CS Megathread. I’ll post a link in an edit, as well as a link to my IRA DRS.

  78. Yup, I haven't been able to afford additional shares in Months, and DRS as a Canadian can be just as expensive. Just aint gonna happen at this rate

  79. Who remembers when DRS was the infinity pool preventing SHFs from closing their positions, sell from brokers and keep shares in the infinity pool?

  80. Actually op if you want to you can send a share in via giveashare - while it’s not an ability to drs all other available shares that you may have having one in the chamber (and being able to buy more via computershare) is better than having none

  81. Hear hear. We should all support each other cuz we're all getting affected by the fuckery. Broker or no broker, it's a shitty thing to do and is essentially siding with hedgies. That's FUD in my book.

  82. I honestly don’t think any of the DRS posts are targeted at people that literally CAN’T DRS. You may interpret it that way, but it should be understood that by default, the message is for people holding out for their own rEaSOnS. To those people, I’d highly encourage you to DRS 50% or more. But for those that can’t, it’s OK. No one is mad at you except people that aren’t worth worrying about.

  83. Sadly, this sub has become a pro-DRS-only sub. Any other thoughts are downvoted to oblivion and silenced. If you choose not to DRS, or even if you don't have a choice, you will be shamed and downvoted.

  84. I want to say this to the most sincere way to my fellow GME holders - I am just not comfortable with CS. I have xx shares with them but I also hold XXX shares in Fidelity. I find their website difficult to use, their login methods outdated, and I am not sure how they will function during a MOASS event.

  85. It's the transfer agent for Gamestop. This is like saying you don't want to buy car insurance because your car has seatbelts. You are more comfortable with Fidelity, I totally understand this mindset, I am as well. But the reality is (IF) they are going to screw you over before the transfer agent is.

  86. Lol. You don’t trust the transfer agent for GameStop, Microsoft and Apple, but have confidence in a broker. That is really rich.

  87. Really glad to see this discussion making it to hot! You will be interested in my analysis here. At the end I quantify the extent of the problem and it may surprise you how small this group of people actually is.

  88. Well, your wrong on a fundamental basis man. If you don’t DRS then you HAVE THE RIGHTS OF A BENEFICIAL SHAREHOLDER, IE you don’t deserve the rights of a registered shareholder by the rules of the MARKET. Not sorry.

  89. Frankly I'm tired of folks trying to defend their use of brokers by trying to shame those who are pushing for DRS. If you don't know about the uselessness of brokers in this play by now then can't help ya. My personal battle is with finding a good alternative to my commercial bank (Chase). I have zero problems using Computershare for my GME investment.

  90. No one is trying to shame those pushing for DRS, at least no one with any credibility, and I'm certainly not. Push all you want, but don't blame or shit on those of us who have no choice in the matter, and tell us we deserve to lose out because of it. That's all I'm saying. It's divisive.

  91. Well, I’m from Poland and DRSing from here is a horrible pain in the ass. Today started the process by creating an IBKR account (because it’s supposedly easisest and fastest to drs from there). I just hope that mail from CS won’t take three months…

  92. I agree, everyone SHOULD receive the full benefits of being a shareholder but I don’t think they WILL in the real world. Aside from directly registered shares. I think there will be “good” brokers and bad brokers in this and some people will unfortunately miss out as a result due to the bad brokers. I think there will be street name shares that are fine and will sell for top prices so I think the fear mongering around this is unnecessary but pick your broker wisely. I would never shun anyone for not DRSing if they are literally unable to for some reason nor would I categorically tell anyone to do something with THEIR money but I would politely ask if people haven’t yet DRSd the majority of their shares and they are able to, why not?

  93. I think we need to make a very important distinction; i doubt most people “bashing” non-DRSers mean the ones that cant. I imagine it just get tiring having to put a whole disclaimer every time, or it is bad players trying to stir things. A good compromise is to say “those that can but havent”.

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