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  1. The fact that it takes this many people to try and figure out if this rule is โ€œgood or badโ€ tells you everything you need to know about how fucked up things are

  2. Of all the 'experts' chiming in on this rule, I give Dr T the most credence. She's spent her career digging into this shit and uncovering the many levels of crime and how the hedgies abuse the system to their own ends.

  3. Yes, and that collateral amount is to be reduced because the rule wants to bypass Basel III leverage reforms (p4-5) that were originally implemented in response to the Global Financial Crisis.

  4. "Sooo essentially what we want is more ways to not pay what we owe even though we already have numerous ways of doing that, but those damn apes are DRSing and making it hard"

  5. There is no need for another FTD loophole when they are a clear plague on price discovery. There needs to be transparency. A free market should not operate in a way that overwhelmingly benefits the rich and corrupt at the expense of the common man.

  6. I posted this in a duplicate thread, but I'll put it here as well: They will continue to propose rules like these until one passes. There's nothing stopping them from re-hashing the same shitty proposals over and over, until it finally goes through. If this one fails, they'll just try again next year. And the year after that, and so on. And eventually they'll succeed after retail interest in these things dies down. The only way to avoid it is to either prevent it with a law (unlikely) or to fundamentally break the system (MOASS, blockchain finance, defi, etc) so that things like this become moot.

  7. Yeah, saw this - if that's accurate, then the last couple of days "MOASS killer" posts had SOME substance to them, just not necessarily what was being claimed?

  8. so much for rules not mattering when they keep trying to push stuff like this through, again and again

  9. Now that makes way more sense in terms of why they wanted declare special categorization for their sponsored members. I had a feeling they wanted to build their own parent-child groups to make it look like they have FTDs organized in a way to deliver the oldest first โ€” Without EVER intending to deliver. Iโ€™m glad I made the comment when I did. Fuck the rule.

  10. I was one of very few people who went against what Dave said yesterday and I got lots of downvotes. Fuck everyone who downvoted me, I knew I was right, this rule is not good and Dave should be ashamed for trying to tell us it's not as bad as we think so it gets passed. He's just a wolf in sheep's clothing to me from now on.

  11. The fact they're trying to push these sorts of rules proves they're absolute scumbags. If I fail to pay my bills, I get a bigger bill on top of it or I get stuff taken away/cancelled.

  12. I don't think the motives for each interpretation contradict or preclude one another. AFAIK a stock loan program is one of the ways of resetting settlement dates on lent securities. The warehouse that Queen Kong refers to isn't a physical place, it's essentially a spreadsheet of transaction obligations that are held in stasis via perpetually reset settlement dates and a pittance in admin fees and/or collateral.

  13. So, where does Joe Blow find one of these warehouses to put his mortgage and car loan obligations? Asking for a friend.

  14. So, according to Dr. T, come post dividend when brokers get far fewer GME shares from the DTC to distribute to retail customers than the number they have lent/sold to same customers, they can just pay cash-in-lieu to them & not bother the SHFs to return all those shares they borrowed as well as their photocopies.

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