Zombie stock, HGGGQ, is up 1,789,900.00% currently. GameStop and Sears are listed as their competitors. Would love to have some wrinkles check this out. 2 MILLION PERCENT! wtf is happening in our free market? This could be nothing but I thought I would give this info to the community.

  1. If you're able to see the price, then it is not a security on the Expert Market. The Expert Market does not make quotes publicly available.

  2. Even if it was, for this stock to go up 3 million %, would only cost a few thousand dollars in shares. It's interesting to see, but really not a big deal

  3. First and foremost, you need to research OTC stocks. This shit happens every.single.day. $HGGG and Sears Holdings are listed OTC to extract money from idiots.

  4. Can confirm. OTC is the Wild West, corruption everywhere. I used to think biotech had some of the worst corruption, nah OTC has it by a long shot and that’s really saying something

  5. I doubt youll find a buyer. Unless the criminals are stupid enough to buy your sell instead of whatever the fuck they’re doing between themselves

  6. “Yes sir, Mr. SEC, sir, we have plenty of liquidity to back up our bonkers short positions, sir. No need to worry about a thing.”

  7. Be careful about reading too much into the degree of movement. A million % increase means the price moved 2 decimal places from its minimum possible price of .0001, sometimes referred to as "triple zero one".

  8. The best thing is confirmation that these websites are ready to display percentages on stocks up a couple million percent. They know it’s coming

  9. can anyone in usa Ask a representer why bankrupt companys like sears goes up 50% every day? Lol would love the answer

  10. It's been happening with ALL kinds of penny stocks. How do I know? I'm bag holding a bunch of them. I see 60000% and greater increases at market open every day and then no trading activity. If I put in a sell, it doesn't fill.

  11. Maybe SHFs manipulate dead company tickers to use as collateral? Like if they have literally 10s of millions of shares and somehow package that as a surprise grab-bag of equities they could just prop the price up when needed to meet margin requirements right?

  12. If they cellar boxed these companies via naked shorting and never had to close their positions, they hold these profits / short sold shares as collateral and should - in theory - loose collateral once these shares surge. Maybe they sometimes are forced to close a few of these positions - I don’t know. The whole endgame of cellar boxes companies and them surging from time to time has , as far as I know, not been solved as how it happens and how it would benefit them. I could imagine that, since buy / sell ratio needs to be balanced as when u naked short sell something you need a buyer - not did they only short sold it but that the buyer was actually on their team and if the buyer from back then needs collateral they just let it rip as much as needed and later press it back down again - just like a switch depending on who of both parties needs the collateral.

  13. OTC stocks were deemed invalid collateral (along with crypto) like 6-8 months ago. I wish I had the source for this...but it was definitely discussed on this sub.

  14. My understanding is that this is a result of SHFs having to CLOSE their position in these stocks, in response to margin pressure on $GME.

  15. I’ve had a few like that on my watchlist for quite a while I see it every day, it is infuriating. If we were to try and buy it the bid/ask spread is so high we would get our heads taken off. But somehow these criminals can robot trade this all day long and make thousands of percent profit? It’s just all part of the disgusting, criminal situation that is the “free market“. What a joke 🤬

  16. Here’s a hypothetical question… could someone technically dig up a list of all these bankrupt, delisted stocks that have been cellar boxed to death and go buy all of it outright (since it is worth essentially nothing) and then hodl to infinity once these mini-squeezes happen?

  17. Circuit breakers and halts are on major exchanges like the NYSE. Those are not rules under the SEC that would apply to all trading venues.

  18. My Sears holdings have went up from $.03 to $.10 this week, it's been $.03 since they baited some of us in at $.30, but I'm using it to track the zombie stocks & basket swap theories

  19. Actually it should be an infinite percentage increase since the previous price was zero, but it’s probably more accurate to state that the percentage increase is undefined. Regardless, this is fucking ridiculous.

  20. Sears, the long defunct retailer, continues to have stock trading extra wonky for multiple years after Sears, the long defunct retailer, went defunct.

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