It is time to talk about Market Maker signals. I made a python script that logs them, and I put it on a graph

  1. You know, it's total BS that everyone can't access L2. Why doesn't some group create an app that takes in L2 however it comes in, reformat to an open format and spew it out in realtime out to a public feed (darkweb if necessary, since of course they'll want to stamp it out). At this point it should be considered a moral imperative, civil disobedience to make this more detailed, realtime data public for the common good.

  2. If you want a real answer, it's because stock exchanges are private for-profit entities. Selling access and priority lanes is how they make money. Doing what you described would likely get you sued into oblivion.

  3. The level of fucked these old ass boomer hedge fuck managers are is incomprehensible. They used to live in a world where they made the rules. Nobody checked their rules. And they did whatever they wanted in broad daylight. Now they have millions of fucking retards (I mean that with love OP) that dissect every god damn aspect of their being. They are so fucked lol. Good work ape. Updoots for you

  4. They are trying to change the rules so they can’t lose. Apes, please read this post and make a comment on the SEC filings to be heard and not let them weasel out!

  5. Fucking boomers hire the top talent from all STEM fields for these algos, can’t even blame them they probably get a shit ton of bonuses and more bonuses

  6. Thank you so much for doing this. I’ve been wanting to keep an eye on L2 myself for this but just haven’t had that time. Again, thank you so much.

  7. This makes a lot of sense since at least 80% of trading is through software algorithms, and you can watch the L2 Depth Chart all day to see stock price being affected by limit prices near Bid/Ask that never get executed.

  8. Nice work on the script but since encrypted instant messaging there’s no need for signals anymore, and I don’t see any relationship between the signals and price action in your analysis. The reason it is mostly 100s is because this is an option contract size, the most commonly used trading instrument.

  9. Wrong. These signals are still being used. Agree that some amounts can be misconstrued as signals, but I’ve been watching for over a year. They are still being used.

  10. You have to put in your webull account data on line 279, and pay the 2$ for L2 data then yeah. pip install all the things, and type in the ticker.

  11. I work in IT. Mostly in the Ops space, and have a lot of experience with websites and hosting shitty developer code. I'll dive into your comment a bit, and explain some things for you :) The content of my comment has no bearing on the truth or lies of the original post, just want to address internet fear mongering:

  12. That’s the kind of skepticism we need around here. Not claiming 0P is a hedgie plant, and not claiming you are a tinfoil jester, but everyone here needs to be weary and really try to grasp the gravity of this situation. When MOASS strikes, it has the potential to be so paradigm shifting - especially in its relation to wealth redistribution - that I don’t think people realize the the lengths these fucks would go. Wanna put a tinfoil hat on? Mercenaries are real, and these elite fucks have enough skrilla to buy an operation that halts the market, and upward socioeconomic-mobility completely. I pray to God that this is never the case, but the fact remains, apes are fucking with some of the most powerful people in the world.

  13. Agreed, this whole thing makes no sense. We live in the age of encrypted electronic communication. Why would anyone coordinate over a clear public channel?

  14. Why would market makers use this method of communication, which is known and right in the open for all eyes to see, instead of something private?

  15. After seeing these over a few days maybe we can pit the puzzle pieces together for their grand strategy. Likely the best things about this we might be able to see when they loose control, or if runs are on purpose

  16. Information should be free. If people want to give me money sure i have a kofi link, but I don't want to charge people.

  17. Regardless of validity of this data, thank you for sharing your thoughts and hard work. With openness and honesty, my naive belief is that justice and truth will prevail.

  18. Wait a minute.. who send these signals? As in what is their source? And also, can someone send spoof signals like spoofing orders?

  19. I had heard of a YouTuber, Astra or something, who long ago had a guest come on and say he noticed some of the same things with the lot sizes. He went on to mention that the size of the order along with the sequence of the orders were able to tell him what price a stock would go to. I remember him mentioning something like he could predict the movements 15 minutes before they actually happened because of this. I wish I wasn’t a sleepy lazy ape or I’d find it and link

  20. Anyone looking to fool around with this I’d ask you to look pay attention the PHLX exchange as this exchange is where the signals originate from what I’ve seen on GME

  21. You know, it occurs to me that we could lobby for the L2 data to be 'fuzzed' to prevent this sort of side-band signalling, like Reddit does with up/down vote counts on new posts. For a fair and open market, these are literally cheat codes.

  22. Remember the weird London stock exchange GME ticket that was only trading micro shares beginning last year? Seemed to be tied to robonhood sell only? Well that data when downloaded used a similar coding embedded in the timestamp. Shit you not. Computers use the timestamp of the trade to indicate the price movements. Don’t ask me for the source. I’m just an ape that likes to look at data and drop hints…

  23. This sub feels like a basketball team with unlimited rotations while the hedgies have the same 5 players playing full minutes. I love it.

  24. Keep in mind this goes for both sides of the trade. If you are trying to correctly chart a stock for its best long performance the same signals are used

  25. Would this apply across the board? I think we've all been trying to figure out how a serious run would correlate with the overall market. I've noticed in recent weeks from trying out a SPY strategy on my off days (Mondays+Tuesdays) that GME seems to frontrun the S&P. It would be interesting to see this information correlated

  26. This post just made me join. I come from business/economics and been browsing the history of posts and what we're uncovering is very well researched and backed up by facts and sources. Let's bring this house down and let the whole economy participate without manipulation!

  27. Market Makers clearly should NOT be allowed to trade... it's the biggest elephant in the room... it's like the people who are running the system and in charge of it running smootly are using it for their own profit... don't you see the conflict of interest here? >.>

  28. It is pretty fun, you just gotta start! Python is easy and an allarounder, there are great free tutorials on Youtube.

  29. Love this. Commenting to bring more eyes and apes. Very curious if can be continuously probed. Is clearly best bet to ask computer to translate computer...very big brain.

  30. I made a thing i am proud of, also the channel is not monitized as it only has 125 subs. The only thing i have is a kofi link if people want to give a donation i am not going to say no.

  31. And just like that, the MM's changed their signals again. Jk, solid research indeed and I applaud the number of wrinkles required to put together this analysis. I think much of the DD on superstonk is accurate as backwards looking investigations, but I'm sure wallstreet is monitoring these very public threads to adjust their strategies and create fake-outs to maximize profits.

  32. I think these signals are like a "lets do this" and they don't always seem to agree. Sometimes a lot of different signal come up right after each other.

  33. Market maker signals are not a thing ... this is so misguided. You can't use _mostly_ correct signals, this is confirmation bias at it's best. Please for the love of god can we not use baseless evidence?

  34. Thank you! They can cancel the orders in the L2 and make another, I see that once in a while but i can't really track it so i don't know if the order was filled or cancelled.

  35. It seems clear there is some sort of communication between MM, SHF and shady institutions who do not want this to explode...And using order flow seems a natural way to do it real time.

  36. Good work OP....As you keep collecting data and refine the code, stronger correlation and possibly a more accurate prediction tool may emerge....Wonder if RC has perfected this and hence knows when to tweet 💩 or dk....

  37. Most likely they use burner prepaid phones or use world of mouth directly in a secured meeting I would think or by proxy of a reliable person.

  38. Is the trading signal lot sizes or an actual messaging system. I am not following. It looks absolutely amazing and would love to help where I can. I am decent with R but pretty solid with stats in general.

  39. OP I don’t actually fancy myself a retard, but I am having trouble following. I expect that this will be the case for most of the apes and would like you to explain things a little more LI5 if you could. How are they used, when, and why. Thanks.

  40. Might not be a popular opinion, but would love to see how / if this has any correlation (or exact opposite) with any other stocks (robin of loxley would be a curious one)

  41. Lol imagine this got a takedown notice for infringing on intellectual property or copyright. Hey, these are our patented market manipulation algorithms!

  42. Well it is gap up or down depends on price direction, so during a candle it might just jump up and the candle hides it

  43. How exactly are these signals produced and is there any way for retail to interrupt these signals or insert signals of their own?

  44. Someone mentioned this long ago on the OG sub with how they communicate via the trading logs. It wasn’t always in multiples of 100 though and was far more intricate. Such as 67 shares, 130, 150, etc. I’ve been trying to find it for months but it was a comment not a post.

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