The first thing RC has “liked” on bird app since October of 2020…something is up for real (not just my eew eew llams)

  1. Did no one from BCG even consider the fact that they would have an army of apes digging into every business interaction they’ve ever had? They fucked up.

  2. considering they consider themselves the way European monarchs considered themselves as being above the common citizen, no they didn't see this coming. Although all their lives they have a fear of a popular uprising against them, they never see it coming until it's too late. Let them eat cake/ own nothing.

  3. I think, they think, we are just lazy dumb dumbs. Some of us are, but the wrinkled ones, help the lazy ones pay more attention, and vice versa.

  4. i mean realistically what's going to happen to them? There will be so much illegal shit uncovered here and none of it will go anywhere, they'll just pull their connections, flash their cash, and the judges and congress will say gg no re and that will be the end of it.

  5. Think of it this way: they picture us to be retards. They don't think we can simultaneously have hedgies in a headlock AND pop BCG's head like a grape.

  6. I think it's rather amazing that nobody seems to have noticed that BCG has fallen right into RC's web... like they are totally fucked.

  7. GME will counter-sue with tons of evidence of BCG being financial terrorists. GameStop execs are probably sleeping sound as a pound, baby.

  8. I was about to give up when it finally hit me. Was struggling to figure out how am unusual whale related to a bird in any way

  9. The common reason that people don't like Unusual Whales is that they sent out a supportive tweet to Robin Hood shortly after the buy button was turned off. But honestly they've showed a lot of support for the retail movement and I think a lot of the hate is unjustified. There was a whole lot of confusion surrounding that time. Nevertheless I understand

  10. I don't think he's carefully following this or that drama and Twitter personalities. The guy is busy.

  11. I thought this sub hated UW, which always kinda stung because I remember when they guy was a shitposter in screetbets daily trying out his new coding idea with us as beta users.

  12. My neighbor hired me to do some work on his fence. I started breaking the fence down into pieces. He told me to gtfo. Can you believe that motherfucker won't pay me for the labor I did until that point?

  13. Unusual Whales has definitely chartered a better course since trying to kiss the ass of Vlad and Robin-the-hood. Good enough for RC good enough for me.

  14. I know we have had business against Unusual_Whales in the past, but a broken clock is always right twice a day. I shall attempt to make sure they don't make future shit statements, but at least with this one specific one, Ryan liked it enough to say that it is true and he firmly believes it. (Let us do a bunch of the DD, papa Cohen may not follow every trail we find on Superstonk).

  15. Maybe is like... guys focus on stonks that BCG is giving advice and change the board if do you think in diversification, because they can be the target of activist investors.

  16. If RC is so confident he will win the case (likely because he has inside info/ documents to win), why should BCG sue?? I can’t wrap my head around this.

  17. People still following unusual whale? Why? It's just Rensole, the dummy that had a power trip as a mod and got booted.

  18. This “whales” account has always been sus though. It was discussed here several times. There were even petitions to ban posts with their tweets.

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