The halt was engineered. They "hacked" the LULD / VWAP by controlled pump'n'dump straight from opening bell. Obvious manipulation. Crime is served on a shining platter for regulators, if they don't react to this they are 100% complicit.

  1. I just sent Morgan & Morgan an email. Maybe since they are the big dogs on the block, will take this on. They took on Big Oil and Tobacco.

  2. Man, I can’t believe the options traders still submit to the current crooked market structure and don’t decide to drs. This was a very direct attack on the options chain and those guys sit there and take it up the rear. We need to all get on the same page and lock the float asap

  3. I was so did you know? Saw it before but hard to keep track of so many acronyms being new to all this. Thanx.

  4. Someone should make an SEC rule Rule 11Ac1-5 rule request for the counterparties involved, as well as a request to preserver records.

  5. I have no idea how to begin describing my complaint without making it obvious that I have no idea what happened.

  6. I'm convinced that even if, in some half-way decent timeline, the feddies in navy-blue blazers walked right into Citadel HQ and started putting people in cuffs, their greasy little fingers would be manipulating the stock even as they're pulled away from their keyboards, right down to the very last click.

  7. Everything they can for "one more day" as financial terrorist Kenneth Cordele Griffin bragged in a speech about how they "survived" the market crash in 2008.

  8. I've been rewatching breaking bad recently, and when I see Walter White, I see Kenneth Griffin, the criminal who committed perjury and other countless acts. Exponential greed is a hell of a thing.

  9. Very true, burning buildings and doing illegal things in broad daylight in public eyes.... But who are they really afraid of? I think the cell isn't their biggest fear.

  10. I mean, how often do they do this though? I am assuming pretty often. DOJ watching or not, I don't think they really give a fuck, and won't until some of them start getting locked up. They sit in their tower and think they are untouchable.

  11. Im convinced the sec and the doj are in on it, they just care about the “american economy” ie not the little guys, they are anti retail attempting to uncluster fuck the nuke going off. I only trust gamestop

  12. this is disgusting! how come its not on any front page is beyond me? it's like the foundation of the world economy is a pile of shit in front of us and everyone is acting like it's just someone who farted.

  13. IMO, today was one of two things: either, these fucks did what they did KNOWING big brother keeps a blind eye on them, like they've done for decades. Or these fucks did what they did not caring what governmental acronym body was watching. Bc the alternative was moonshotmonkeytime, and they would've been bleeding green till empty.

  14. They were obviously with zero doubt in anyone's minds totally fucking complicit. You don't get all of these bullshit events happening with the NYSE refusing to halt trades and correct the attack on shareholders and the company without complicity

  15. they started the plan at 3pm yesterday. You'll noticed they let it drift up more than it already was. This was to generate fomo overnight.

  16. Is it maybe more than that though? I mean the positive sentiment on BallSackSweats sub in the last few days unnerved me. Definitely felt like someone was greenlighting to take the foot off the brake and create FOMO for an event like this.

  17. Yep, and they've been flooding Market Watch with positive news about GME for the last couple of days to hook in the boomers.

  18. Tomorrow is T+35 on a massive bag if FTDs. The hedgie fuk avoidance today just gets hedgie moar fuk tomorrow.

  19. If I'm remembering correctly, FTD's are cumulative, so the numbers due tomorrow would be 197,885. The rest would have been from previous days stacking, and yesterday should have been cleared.

  20. This may be true, but it’s their job to fail at. Not submitting complaints to the SEC prevents them from doing their job and doesn’t solve anything.

  21. This is FUD. Retail not making noise with the SEC and other 3 letter agencies because it’s “fruitless” is exactly what the criminals on Wall Street want us to think.

  22. So, I just filed a complaint on the SEC website. It's not fun or straightforward. Perhaps a wrinkle brain can draft a template we can reference from as a basis and bombard them with a variety of complaints....

  23. If there's a template, they'll just use it as an excuse to say it's an "automated abuse of the system" and ignore them. The SEC is good at finding ways to ignore things.

  24. If this happens, make sure that each individual filing is different enough from the others so that it does not look in any way "organized."

  25. I knew we pushed through 180 way too easy yesterday. It was all according to plan. They got some degens to bail outta their calls. I took the opportunity to buy more because I'm dead inside and feel nothing when this kinda shit happens anymore.

  26. Right? I held up to 480 last year and down again. Then to high 300's then down again. Same with popcorn's June run with $40 calls bought cheap. I'm now dead to anything without at least four zeroes behind it.

  27. This is shorts running around in front of the police station, and stabbing people to rob their wallets. Meanwhile the police (SEC) are staring directly at it all, but choose to look away, or go after the dude jaywalking instead of the actual problem

  28. Suspend MM Citadel account, put DTCC, banks and SHF « persons of interests » on a grand jury trial, then let it rip.

  29. Ok so how did that last all day? When they lifted there foot off the neck why didn’t the stock start shooting up again?

  30. Because sentiment. At this point, you can hardly call it a neck anymore to be fair because it's being squashed by 100 feet and deliberality held at bay by everyone involved.

  31. Has anyone thought to report to the Secret Service? They deal with counterfeit money, but at this point, there is no difference.

  32. Actually I'm soo angry. How can they be allowed to countinue doing this, and then 2 times in a day. SEC are doing shit DOJ are doing shit, but we are getting fucked. Can they really prevent MOASS? I don't care. If the authorities won't do the justice. Then these lowlife scumbags, deserve to feel real justice, when people have had enough of the crime they have done for decades. They really deserve what is coming for them

  33. This is where the DRS theorem comes into play, where if the public float is 100% registered then there’s no more BS; everything after that is FAKE (WE ALL KNOW NOW ITS ALL FAKE), I’m not sure who submits what but I’m pretty sure the process is as; computershare says hey Ryan, just wanna let you know there’s no more public shares available, Ryan goes ahead and confirms, and then as we see everyday, more shares are traded, and Ryan goes hmm that’s odd. And says to the SEC, hey Gary here’s black and white proof of the fuckery you’ve been avoiding, you either eat what’s on your plate or I take the whole fucking kitchen elsewhere and well; by the looks of things we could be our own bank starting by Q3 2022…

  34. They will manipulate the stock as much as possible until one day they can't. I don't know when that day is, what would cause that to happen or how it will happen. The trigger could be the DOJ Investigation, apes 100% DRSing the float or something else entirely but I'll be holding till that day comes.

  35. The most important factor here is a runaway train effect. Once the momentum builds, they can only mask their tricks for so long. We had, like what, a 10 minute halt today? Soon they'll do an hour halt. Then they do a few hour halt. Then they shut down the stock for a day. People that don't even care about the stock market are gonna see what is happening. There will be immense pressure on the SEC, by people outside of stocks and further delegitimization of the stock market. And once it reaches that point, there is no amount of gaslighting that can occur by hedgefunds and the SEC that can sway the public's minds. Everybody will be aware of the fuckery. Any investigation that does not lead to "hedgefunds were doing illegal activity and we've known about it" EVEN FURTHER DELEGITIMIZES the stock market and the government.

  36. I fully expect a government payout on "meme stocks" at a set price per share that is voted/determined by themselves. Hope that's not the case and we see phone numbers but to me, it's the most logical way for them to do it.

  37. Because DRS and greed. When almost all the shares are proven to be locked officially then Wall Street sharks will cannibalize. That's how VW squeeze happened.

  38. I don’t think you know how LULD halts work. It has to be offered at the LD or bid at the LU for 10 seconds without a single trade going through that level. So if for one single second it trades off of the LULD price, it doesn’t trigger a halt. Every marketable order just takes the offer and it can’t trade through there - it will trade at the LULD price

  39. Ok so we know its fucked. Now what? What can be done going forward so they are in the same situation again. They wanna continue to use the same tricks over and over they gonna piss the wrong people off. They need to get creative, which this was pretty fucking creative, but we can stay simple.

  40. I thought that maybe a shelf of important financial documents fell on the ticker and halted it. But your researches seems legit 👊🏼😺

  41. I applaud everyone submitting all of today to the FBI DOJ SEC, but If anyone thinks these perverted agencies or the SEC is gonna fuckin do anything then I’m sorry. I didn’t buy my first share until august of last year because I was skeptical and now I have 100 DRSd. Fuck this zen bull shit I’m fuckin mad.

  42. But why? If they have as much control as you make out, why wouldn't they keep lowering the price at a consistent pace and avoid luld?

  43. Yep, we got screwed by Wall Street today . AGAIN 🙄. I’m not leaving!!!!!! Mine (most) will be the last shares holding. I have a major grudge against crime.

  44. I looked at the livestream, and just a few seconds before this happened(9:37:25AM), for exactly 1 second, EDGEA posted a 10,000 share sell order at 186.56, then (9:37:41) another 5,000 share sell order from DRCTEDGE at 183.89 to bridge the gap to 182. Each shows up on the Stocks Big Plays stream for exactly 1 second. I almost missed it until I reviewed the footage just now.

  45. If we can't put our trust in our financial system then how can we put any trust in our money? The dollar means nothing.

  46. Get this to the front page. Crime is crime, but unfortunately if you have enough money crime is nonexistent. That has to change.

  47. I've got the NYSE quoted at 4pm stating the halt took place from: 9:37.xx-9:42.xx Over 26,000 shares executed (Buys and Sells) executed right when halt ended. Halt of GME took place 35 seconds before halt of other stock

  48. I'm so disgusted by this fake market, fake economy, fake politicians. I will continue to BUY HOLD DRS because I see it as the only hope against all the evil.

  49. I remember for MONTHS I gave Gary G the benefit of the doubt. I’m throughly convinced he and the others in the SEC are complicit. I expect nothing from them.

  50. Slowly but surely many of you are waking up to how deep institutional and government has become.. you don’t make it to these levels without some soul selling!

  51. So, what’s the point of them doing that ? It’s a serious question ? The aim of such move is only to cause fear ? (If so we’ll, as you rightly said : we’re immune so lmao! - but is there another point ??)

  52. I can’t help but think if Jon Stewart were to signal-boost this, the odds of actual regulatory action (or at least some sort of direct public statement to address the situation) would vastly increase.

  53. This is getting old…at this point it’s a slap in all our faces. Ohh and whenever I explain MOASS most people just reply “They’ll find a way out of it” or “The Government will come in and change the rules”. The longer this goes on and the more people are accepting of the fact that they do this blatantly in our faces makes me think they’ll find a way to limit their loss.

  54. When are these people going to understand that they are up against an immovable object? I seriously don't care if they drop the price to a penny and neither do my associates. Regardless of what they do all we do is point, giggle and say "awe...isn't that cute. Look what they did there". We just like the stock.

  55. Yea this type of stuff just pisses me off. I'm not a paper-handed pussy bitch so, I'm just going to get even. I guess, I'll just buy the dip and DRS more, if they want to continue playing this game.

  56. They aren’t dumb, they are a part of the equation. They know exactly what is going on. We can’t even entertain the notion that they’re too dumb to understand this. Hold them fully accountable for the positions they have in society — they know exactly what is going on and they are either too involved or too afraid to do anything about it.

  57. With this being the case do you see this as being a bullish or bearish sentiment towards the stock?

  58. Adressing your points one by one. No I don't think they can just do this everyday. IMO this was an act of desperation. They know everyone is watching including several named and unnamed regulatory and justice departments. If they do it too often then patterns emerge and patterns will get people convicted.

  59. Is it possible they picked up the limit buys just under 199.xx where the volume was probably much lower than going to $200. Used the forced halt to take those same limit buys down to their limit sells to increase the sell pressure. Basically straight up robbing retail through PFOF?

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