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  1. Remember don't set stop losses too early. They purposely crash the price to find your stop losses. Happened so many times the last squeezes.

  2. Imagine retail just applies more and more pressure just like how hedgies applied extreme pressure to take us from 250-$78 in less than 60 days.

  3. Pretty sure I managed to bumble my way through explaining to my other half who doesn't invest why I was happy about closing above 150 and options and I find a little tough to grasp, myself. She sort of gets it and I've got our savings on the line here. She trusts me completely but I'd like to settle her mind.

  4. anyone wanna suck big black GME cock? doing market research for my company Pornhub and was wondering if anyone would be interested in GME porn parodys

  5. Does anyone know if it’s true that GMEs twitter account out a red banner similar to what is up today last in Jan 2021? Saw some comments about that in the sub that shall not be named but not too sure If is true

  6. Guys I just went through the charts of $GME progressively and knowing what we know about the VW squeeze chart etc., going from the view of

  7. Maybe SHFs should cellar box Amazon tomgain liquidity to close GME shorts, after all it was all Jeff Bezooa idea.

  8. It's Friday night so I'm feeling fast and loose - but hear me out..Is there any connection between BCG and PetSmart.

  9. Chewy is doing amazing. Just an anecdote but I worked at FedEx shipping last year and man oh man I didn't know that chewy was a thing but I sure learned fast!

  10. A split neither ghosts nor dilutes shares. It simply lowers or increases the price per share, depending on the direction of the split. The value of your position remains the same.

  11. There’s an Instagram account called metaverse that has 1.2M followers. I just asked them if they’d ever post about GME/LRC and their NFT project and they said they might just have to cover it soon

  12. Something interesting to look at if you look at the numbers a year back on March 25, 2021: the opening price of $123.49 for that day was the lowest opening price for all of March post the infamous Mar10 day crash. Close was $187.50. Just an interesting tidbit of info if you wanted to see how that translated to recent talks of call options and the $150 point.

  13. If the other reply isn’t simple enough basically options are supposed to the make the market makers buy more shares as the share price approaches or passes the “strike” or bet price of the contracts. They do this because the people holding the contracts can exercise them and buy 100 shares at anytime and the market makers need to be able to deliver them. At least that’s what supposed to happen.

  14. As calls approach being itm, market makers (mm) must hedge by owning shares in case they need to cover their call. So if they sell a 150c and the stock is $100, they'll maybe own 50 shares per call (I made up 50 I dunno for real what %) (1 call is 100 shares). As the price approaches the strike of $150, they'll keep buying until they have 100 shares at ~$150. As you can guess, this can cause a chain reaction of buying if the stock quickly moves higher and higher.

  15. no, guys, we're not in the endgame yet, I didn't come this far, to only come this far, I came here to help Gamestop become the greatest company of all times, I came here to live off my dividends and loans against my shares value (which will be phone numbers), I came here to watch RC turn the actual stock markets into dust and to lead the Great Migration into a new and transparent and fair Blockchain Stock Market ruled by offer and demand, I came here to fight against the pigs of this world and to make a better world for my children.

  16. According to GMEDD, GameStop has hired over 400 executives/engineers/developers/managers to develop something fundamentally different from their historic business model.

  17. Has anyone connected their wallet to the nft beta website? Did it work? What was you experience like?

  18. Super smooth and easy on Android at least. Easy to connect my L1 wallet through the MetaMask app. I then created a Loopring wallet and funded it through the Wyre on ramp. Whole process from start to finish was probably the best experience I've had with something crypto related via my phone.

  19. Just coming here to tell someone thatll listen that I have nothing but contempt for gmemeltdown redditors…I usually just visit and laugh at their post titles(a lot of them seem very bland or bot like, unsurprisingly)

  20. I’ve got to ask - why go over there? You know what you’re getting. Plus there’s no way to know who’s real or not. There’s literally nothing to be gained 🤷

  21. Just a post that made me realise the gravity of the situation were in… (UK based). I am an engineer by trade and for some reason numbers interest me more than the average person (who’d guess!)

  22. i feel the best part of this all is honestly a lot more people are in on it than you think, but on the same coin, only those who have done their DD and understand whats truly going on that will have the knowledge to hold out until numbers are beyond comprehension

  23. I just can’t help and think about how GME is putting the competition on notice and how shitty the competition treats its workers. Imagine if GME has a Costco or Dan Price of Gravity Payments approach to treating workers. The masses would end those not so prime memberships in a hurry, especially when they all want to work there. GameStop can sell it all and treat people decently and I think this is the path to success and domination in the future, especially when the masses are starting to understand the negative of stark income inequality. Lets goooooo!

  24. Completely Agree. Though things are a bit tight now due to random macroeconomical matters (and illegal short attacks), once they really start thriving, as a Sharehodler would be happy to sacrifice dividends to see all staff compensated fairlygenerously for their efforts. 💎🙌🚀

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