Clever Trap, But Not Clever Enough

  1. It’s a casino and they want to keep u at the table with options hype. Only way to win is take ur shares off the table through DRS and quit gambling

  2. How many people got high on options yesterday, saw the AH price last night, bought weeklies that expire today, and had them expire worthless?

  3. Pathetic to say the least. A lot of people made money on options. They pushed that idea when IV was low and then it spiked. There was some serious money made, even as the share price fell at/below the purchase price.

  4. Video was clever and to bring it up after if’s 2 months old then….Have it heavily upvoted then….have it suppressed and and then upcry from the sub….then the sub to not be named Fomo hype with options and yolo’s then….tank it in market only to allow it to rise afterwards on a well known rumor then….Go to work on reshorting it even in the German market (how is this allowed) then….Tank it by short ladder today to live another day.. got to give it to these crooks, crafty.

  5. That video was posted multiple times by different accounts, all sharing the same narrative OP is talking about here.

  6. I agree with the liquidation part. No one is talking about how 5 million volume in a 15 minute candle for LRC was immediately sold/shorted back down within 2 hours. Makes no sense.

  7. I do agree that the options are safe in the long term—I think that like every other time this has happened, whoever is orchestrating this is making the same mistake; hubris. They are assuming that they know exactly what is going to happen

  8. Thank you for this! OP sends a really harmful sentiment and is fueling the opinion that shills are pushing options, and it has to do with todays coordinated media attack

  9. The only thing they cleverly trapped me into doing was buying more when the price dropped today. And at a great price too, so I'm happy as an ape in shit right now.

  10. You may be right, I may be right—no one will know until this is all over 😊 until then, I want to encourage open discussion because I think that’s what this sub excels at (and everyone benefits from the sharing and discussion of ideas)

  11. NFA but actually options seems like the thing that's scaring the hedges the most short term. Their algos can't keep up with trying to hedge against ITM/OTM calls if the volume is too high and just a small increase in the price percentage could theoretically initiate MOASS because they can't control the algos NOT to cover the calls. Then they'll have to do something extreme like a SECOND buy button fiasco to gain control of the price.

  12. If you bought call options in the last 2 days you are almost definitely up. You either sold first thing this morning at a pretty big profit, or you held believing that was a fake out and not a real run up (which is what I did personally). I bought calls several days ago @ 160 strike and they are still slightly green because IV is higher.

  13. been thinking about this all night. i think whatever the cause, the story is a "pre-cover", IMO, for the uninitiated. so when the real announcement comes, non-apes will see the news of an NFT marketplace, and be all "last time it was hyped it dropped" and by the time they realize it's for real, they are priced out.

  14. Nah, I think it was actually the SHF's who bought a shed a load in AH, they planted the news with WSJ to dampen the effect of any future news. Then in main market all they needed to do was short and keep on shorting on gap fill. Net effect is any future NFT news from GME will not see as big a run up.

  15. Hedgies are just trying to shake us, cuz they feel the grip, then with pretend calmness they return in their known state acting like nothing happened. When the frequency of those tricks become very high, close to "no pause", this is the moment they say "can't take it anymore!".

  16. My apette partner said it "we're in a fucking war right now." And I couldn't have said it better. This is a psyops war for the financial future of the middle and lower classes. No way in hell am I buying options today or tomorrow. But the price will settle and options will get cheaper and then I'll buy me some long term calls. Or they can keep the price jumping 30% day by day. That's cool with me too. Either way, I'm fucking winning. Buy & hold, DRS, buy long itm calls and exercise. Nothing they can do to stop me. I'm not selling until the markets are reset.

  17. The news came out before the run. 58 seconds before, so I really doubt it was liquidation. More likely a pump and dump.

  18. I think this is FUD by you. I agree with the liquidation but I'm sick of posters like you being so fucking scared of options you have to play chicken little every damned time it comes up. If you don't understand them don't paly them. Otherwise STFU and stop.using your ignorance to spread fear.


  20. Yeah I saw that post—could be it, my bias is towards options (in this timeframe) being a distraction personally. Interesting to see how things shake out… that sudden surge of options posts was very strange after a year of being on the boards though

  21. This is just more options FUD. If you bought far dated options then you're actually in the green today because of the increase in volatility.

  22. I would hope that the people who bought them, bought them far enough out (for their own sakes). I don’t get into options myself, but I did want to comment on how quickly this whole options push came as a narrative. If people made money on them hey, all good in my eyes 🚀 plenty of success to go around

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