Thought this comment deserved its own post. 'How do you deal with that?'

  1. When I was a kid playing in my neighborhood, the bigger kids would always start cheering “we win!” even when they lost. It was infuriating.

  2. My friend group had this shit where if anyone but me won they would say "We all win because Amaterasu lost!" And would cheer and it always pissed me off. Or playing something like Smash bros and having a good free for all but the moment one would start losing they would all group up on me and only me. But then I learned to take it as I was just too good at video games and they had to team up to take me down.

  3. I got stabbed in the neck with a pencil in middle school for pointing out to a kid that his team in fact lost badly at volleyball during gym class after he was lying to everyone. I visualize him as Kenny.

  4. Yes but op was so poor that he lived in a dead end street without cul de sac, I guess they pawned it to pay rent or something. Even his donuts didnt have holes! The poor child

  5. Honestly shills trying to attack our ideology if we already won it’s just waiting was the s loudest shit. Sure many new folks might end up paper handing but many of us have already been holding for close to a year. The same thoughts have been echoed daily, weekly, monthly; if not today, tomorrow. If everyone had that sentiment already this is a clear last ditch effort to try and shake this ideology off of seasoned apes and hope we sell. Little do they know, I can be retarded longer then they can be solvent.

  6. She was introducing herself, her name was First. Op was just a retard on the short bus and didn’t understand…

  7. Anyone who's short Gamestop has to be extremely frustrated with their current financial situation and our "MOASS IS TOMORROW" or "ALWAYS WINNING" attitude, no matter what stunt they pull, has to be infuriating.

  8. Coincidentally, this just revealed to me the one true title of The Superstonk Movie: ladies and gentlemen, presenting.... The Big Short Bus

  9. I seriously thought it ends with twenty years later we’re happily married. She still says “i’m first”

  10. Good story, but it’s not the same. You actually lost the perceived race to the bus because the girl believed it.

  11. I think he’s trying to say that by us saying moass tomorrow everyday even though it’s not tomorrow enrages the shf’s becasuse even if moass isn’t tomorrow we still act like it’s tomorrow… I’ve now gone cross eyed and don’t know where I am.. purple circles everywhere

  12. Shower thought: angst from some about the hype train, but it's the phrase itself we're misunderstanding. MOASS is tomorrow. Statement or question?

  13. I think the best part, is that no matter how many days we wait, it'll never be "tomorrow", only ever today. This means if somebody were to ask "yesterday, you said tomorrow, so where is it?" You could easily respond "I said it was tomorrow, it's still today fam."

  14. So what you're saying is that 'MOASS Tomorrow!' Is the new 'GG EZ'. But that must mean we've been wrong all along and it's MOASS today!

  15. Can you imagine the frustration of shorters? 😂 Bought the dip. Juicy sale. DRS Is the way. MOASS tomorrow. You can’t break that mantra. Every strategy is useless. You are working at least 80 hours a week for a year now to break the cycle and it’s does nothing. Even more worse it intensifies 😂

  16. Poor OP, after all these years and he is still in denial about why he was riding the short bud.

  17. Just look at all the negative media against us. Are they stupid enough to think we read. All I have been taught by my daddy apes back in February is buy and hold 😀. So guess what my fellow Apes WE WON Moass is coming and there isn't a thing they can do about it.

  18. After the MOASS happens, you're damn right I'm going to walk around saying "MOASS tomorrow" just to see who loses their sanity, and so I know who "The new poor" is.

  19. Ride or die. MOASS or death. Gamestop surpasses AAPL market cap or death. Nuclear pasta hands even after my body is in a coffin or cremated.

  20. I guarantee you the first day of MOASS that Kenneth Griffin and his colleagues will be forced to watch as the price rockets only to find out later that day from market info that almost no one sold. That’s when reality will kick in and they’ll say, “wtf they were being serious? The stock is $5k and no one’s selling. Our model shows that these idiots would’ve sold at least as 10x gains from the previous ath!!!!! WTF!!!!!!”

  21. u gotta believe sky is the limit it is just a matter of time before going to the moon we all have time to spare hodl apes this is the sweetest joy next to getting pussies

  22. That was my little sister! She has Down syndrome amd would always confuse first with here. She was saying “I’m here”. I’m sorry she made you cry

  23. I read this 7 times before i got the point. I'm always excited, some days more than others. I'm sure excited about the next 30 days!

  24. To be honest, I think it feels like the popcorn stock doing their daily hashtag that ends up on trending. Downvote me all you want but it wreaks of desperation and insecurity in my opinion. Just disconnect from here, it will happen eventually and worrying about it daily won't do anything except wear you mentally.

  25. No it's FUD to fuck with those playing options and make the majority appear like childish idiots who don't know what theyre talking about .... the complete opposide to DD

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