REVOLUT is restricing DRS and BUYING. Claiming Daytrading.

  1. Whilst transferring shares via DRS Revolut /Drivewealth restricted your buying and selling ability as to not interfere with the transfer process. The halt is removed after the transfer is completed.

  2. You sure it’s not because the trade isn’t settled? Even though it’s a DRS, I’d imagine you still have to let the transaction clear T+2 before you can do anything with that share on a non-margin account.

  3. Any way to sticky this so it stays on top? Feel like this should be the first thing people read, if the post is left up. Like, open anxiety, close anxiety.

  4. When you DRS from Revolut, DriveWealth state that they will freeze your account whilst the shares are transferred. My guess is you’re not banned because of pattern trading, it’s just Revolut and DriveWealth don’t communicate what’s happening and Revolut customer support only assume it’s because of pattern trading. I hope that makes sense :)

  5. Yes, I assume this is the reason. However, their Customer Service could (or wouldn't) answer my question and referred me to a day trading violation.

  6. It’s not day trading even though it says it is BUT it is standard procedure for Drivewealth to limit your account during DRS and for a while afterwards, I had to contact Drivewealth a few times before they lifted it

  7. Fuck them all ,DRS is the only way. We haven't even seen MOASS yet when I absolutely guarantee we will see a tidal wave of mega fuckery. 1 by 1 all brokers have shown their true colours. Dont fking wait and regret it when it's too late ..DRS YOUR SHARES.

  8. When you drs with drivewealth your ability to trade gets blocked while the transfer is being settled. Could it be this is the real reason and the support person is a dumbass?

  9. If you only bought then DRS your shares then you should not have been locked out of trading. Why are you still buying on that garbage broker? Everyone needs to stop being lazy and open an account with a reputable broker.

  10. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any such thing as a reputable broker a this point. Some are just less shitty then others.

  11. If you ever want an issue resolved with a company in a timely manner, DO NOT THREATEN LEGAL ACTION. Most places will immediately cease contact and work, and your only line to them will be their lawyer. Dont be stupid, retards

  12. Isn't there normally some leeway with day trading? Sounds pretty harsh for being flagged with out any additional information being sent to you. Atleast robinhood allows it a few times and gives you a status bar before it puts you into time out.

  13. My account was just restricted this week as well for same reason. Yet they didn’t bother to restrict the account all the other weeks in which I’ve day traded options, inconsistent and fishy. Schwab, and I can’t withdraw funds either

  14. Fuck brokers😡😡😡 I’m sorry you’re going through this op. Your broker literally stopped you from DRSing and took away your ability to sell shares on their platform too I would think you have legal standing. This is why you download your monthly statements. WTF 😳

  15. Based on the fact you said FCA, am guessing you are UK based, pattern day trading rule does not exist in the UK and is not applicable!

  16. Clearly pattern daytrading, you saw a verticle line down, indicating fuckery and crime, you bough that dip and are now just wating for the well known "errect bananna in Kennys Ass" pattern to sell.

  17. If there are any apes in here that still believe that ANY wallstreet FI is not always going to fuck then in the ass when it affects their bottom line, your beyond saving. Good luck collecting them tendies.

  18. Pattern day trading only restricts you from not buying with settled cash. Should have no problem buying with cash that is settled… If not something is really wrong there

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