I've held onto this DD for months because I submitted it to the SEC. Fuck em. I present, CTC.

  1. TLDR: Chicago based fund ate shit for the last year, needed to raise money because that shit was steamy, appears to be on the verge of closure and SEC filings get more and more sus as the shit eating continues.

  2. My question to you is: do you think there is any hedge fund, based out of Chicago, that doesn’t have any sort of ties to Citadel. The city can fit only so much crime, citadel is the shark with all these smaller firms being the small fish. Tight circles everywhere, favour for favour, eye for an eye.

  3. So my smooth brain is thinking (always a dangerous activity so correct me if I err) that what has been happening is big MM hedgies spawn some devil offspring mini-hedgies that they fund with their money printer and pump and dumps. Then when they go heavy naked shorting they use their mini-hedgies to scoop up all the naked shorts every 10 days to prevent daddy hedge from having too many FTDs. So the mini-hedgies take all the risk and are the front lines to the exposure if anything goes wrong. So as we approach MOASS we should see these little hedge funds fail prior to going after the end boss MM hedgies. Or am I totally not understanding the situation?

  4. This is complete speculation on my part, but what if these guys were / are using swaps, which DON'T need to be reported on the books. These swaps gave them a lot of leverage and nearly broke them like they did Archegos.

  5. I was going through 13F as you went through. I noticed 3 ammended after skimming through previous 13Fs. I opened all 3 amended forms in separate tab, was initially expecting all3 to be the same. I opened all up simultaneously to find out differencr before your dd got there. I couldnt believe my eyes. I thought it was a joke. Thank you so much for bringing this to an attention, i really had a blast and feeling like a detective ape 🙈

  6. I wonder how they justify losing almost the whole portfolio in a year when a random passive ETF on S&P 500 made around 25% returns from January till today...🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Lmao love the INDIVIDUAL investors here that really consists of a few wrinkly brains putting together all the research and DD while the rest of us make dumb memes and stupid jokes. What a time to be alive!

  8. If CTC still has an open short position then maybe it's interesting to know who their prime broker/bagholder is.

  9. I was thinking this all along as I was reading the post. Inconsistencies between filings are fairly easy to explain - companies change software/in-house practices and external contracts all the time so for me the formatting is a non issue and the filings alone are not evidence of wrong doing.

  10. Honest question. What WOULD get the attention of the SEC? What kind of DD/filings SHOULD we be looking for to submit as retail investors? I’m not a super wrinkly ape however (if pointed in the right direction) I can find North! Any sources you could provide to apes willing to investigate would be appreciated IMO.

  11. They didn’t lose it. They just gained minus 27 hundred hundred hundred hundred dollars. It’s very simple mathematics.

  12. Absolutely great work ! Getting February vibes ,DDs discovering financial hanky-panky and educate the public.

  13. This is Fucken beautiful Kinda like satring into a butthole profile pic! The funniest part: Minimum investment accepted from any outside investor $200,000 USD. 200k for a bag of dogshit!

  14. These 13F Filings get sent to an SEC shared mailbox which nobody frequently accesses or reads any of the contents of. Every so often they’ll get an Admin Team Member to delete the old ones.

  15. Over 700K in SuperStonk, I wonder if Disgruntled quant is a member. It wouldn't surprise me, considering GME could have been the reason for the incompetent management remark. If your here we would LOVE to hear your story.

  16. Don’t forget that citadel is a MM and can create synthetics out of thin air. Nothing compares to the crimes that they have been committing

  17. I was looking through the Citadel Kensington Form D a couple months back (made a mostly unnoticed post about it), but due to crayon related injuries was unable to connect any dots. It always felt like something was there, though..

  18. Is there a chance this has to do anything with the 100s of shell companies Citadel was copy paste making few months ago?

  19. I wonder if Kenny boy trickled down the plan to short them to shit through the rumor chain or directly. All these small hf jumped in as extra steam including Melvin and when the thing blew up they came to citadel for money. I wonder if the Melvin situation wasn’t an isolated issue but only got media attention because people found out and they were the sacrificial lamb. What if Ken had to do the cash infusion for all of these companies? Or if the fed did? Look where the presidents of the fed invested. Maybe it wasn’t just them that got the inside scoop maybe it was these mm and shf got told too so they could buy in positions and wait for the fed to pump in money to stay afloat. I wonder if the timing of jpow and the fed presidents investments matched with similar positions of these shf and mm. It’d be pretty odd if fed presidents and the head of the fed made trades that seemed to be off of insider information and these hf and mm happened to make the same trades on the same day.

  20. Imagine choosing Gary Shill over your fellow apes first and only finally release it because you are sick of being ignored.... not gonna bother with this one folks.

  21. Question that raises here: I assume that short positions don’t have to be reported in the 13F. Could it be that the missing billions are non-reported short positions?

  22. I mean it’s obvious….former quant was clearly the one who made the Word template to make the forms pretty and when management tried to screw up all their design work to hide shenanigans or whatever they were all “bitch I worked really hard on that and now it looks ugly. IM OUT ✌️”

  23. Those same names are listed as Directors and Executives of a fund called, "Real Estate Opportunities Fund III, LLC", too. They raised $21M in May of 2021.

  24. TLDR: hedgies r fukt, and have been dead men walking for months. I think I’m going to just go hodl and drs… maybe shove some crayons up my ass

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