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  1. If this price holds till tomorrow my computershare purchase will put me to xxx shares finally after buying all year since January.

  2. I’m as smooth as they come. But retail, at least in fidelity, seems to not be selling but BUYING in an order ratio of 85/15+ continuously. This is shorting though and though.

  3. Popcorn stock was #2 on my reddit earlier today, fucking bullshit. Superstonk is definitely being censored. I'm drunk. This is the way

  4. So what makes us so sure that I a case of liquidation they really buy back shares? I mean they were so much shit going on that delays the situation and even decades before … so why do we believe that this rule is going to be executed when nearly anything else is fraudulent

  5. Started a new TDA direct transfer request. My last two have taken well over a month. How long is it taking other TDA apes these days??

  6. I started one the Friday before this last and they said it would be 5-7 days and it was completed this last Saturday, so it shouldn't be as long.

  7. I've been priced out of buying more stonks for a while but now it's coming back down to levels I can afford and it's pay day next week.

  8. Fidelity is saying I can’t make a DRS request when I have a debit or unsettled trade on my account (bought more GME yesterday obvi!). So how do I DRS when I plan to buy GME daily (these are dips I cannot pass up)? There will be an unsettled trade always…

  9. Do you have a margin account? There are weird rules with them usually. You can buy and sell before the shares are settled (one of the benefits of a margin account), but something like DRS I would imagine they would not let you initiate until the shares settle.

  10. Yep. Complete bs. How can you not transfer previous paid for and settled shares just cuz you bought another one? When they told me this last month I just couldn't wrap my head around it it's so stupid.

  11. I don't check Superstonk/the ticker for ONE day because I have a headache, and it drops 20$??? Ffs. I'll make sure to be online today lol

  12. I'm a smoothbrain and failed my own online identity verification for ComputerShare, so now I have no choice but to diamondhand my DRSed shares until I get a code in the mail in like a week.

  13. Lol but it was so easy??!! What car did you have in 2008? What was your address in 2005? 🤣🤣🤣 True ape to fail it 🤪🤪🤪

  14. Why don't the government shut down the SEC and save some money? It's not like they are avoiding financial turmoil.

  15. It's a year after the MOASS, Kenny boy is throwing all the money he can at avoiding going to jail for a little while longer through lawyer bullshit. He's sitting at his favorite 5 star exclusive restaurant only the truly rich have access to, his one safe place to hide. Waiter brings over a small serving cup full of mayonnaise. "From the gentleman at the other table, Sir. He says "Tick tock."

  16. Ok. Serious question. Us smooth assed apes barely understand NFTs. Besides the dividend possibility, why does anyone think an NFT partnership will launch the stock? Almost no one I know even knows what NFT (Non Falsified Trades) stands for. I don’t think that will create FOMO.

  17. It’s all speculation. If you’re outside of superstonk on Reddit you mostly see negative stands regarding NFTs.

  18. NFT marketplace will most likely allow one to resell their digital assets thus solidifying GameStop’s future in the industry and also giving them an edge over the competition. Insanely bullish.

  19. The more gme dips, the more minimalist ppl become 'cause everybody starts selling shit on Craigslist until they‘re sitting at home like a monk in a cave. 100% zen. 😊

  20. You bought stock that was indebt and couldn't issue a dividend. Now they are close to a position where they can issue one and you are moaning about what your getting?

  21. Are there any creative writing apes that would write some kenny g fanfic we might be able to circulate around? I'm sure there are many people that would enjoy reading such script. Extra tendies if a citadel employee has to report it to their boss.

  22. The wave of low-karma, no-flair, FUD-laden shills I've seen in the last 24 hours is unlike anything I've seen on this sub. MOASS must be right around the corner...

  23. Was just thinking, I don't want the Moass to start just yet. We have made it halfway through December. All tax crap resets in 2 weeks. I would much rather not sell until after Jan 1 when I can have all of my tendies to reinvest and make a boatload more before I have to pay my taxes.

  24. I don't have any idea about how moass will take over, and you neither. "Moass during years" is something you invented RN.

  25. RC’s post of his father is a tribute to all that he’s about to witness…RC obviously wishes he was here to watch his success. RIP to a legend and dog lover. we will take it from here 🙏🚀

  26. Why isnt anyone understanding this runs MUTCH deeper than market manipulation, Citadel, the SEC? I know we have been branded conspiracy theorists a few times but I think its time to go down that forbidden rabbit hole, you will find more then you want to know....

  27. Contemplating living in a casino resort. Imagine having 24 hour room service. A spa, swimming pool, a gym and I don’t have to drive anywhere. Now it just has to be built here. Hurry up and dismiss the lawsuits and build.

  28. Isn't it crazy that we have to drs the entire float for the sec to maybe admit there's massive ongoing crime impoverishing 99% of the country? If we're proven to be right, why would you even want dollars?

  29. Holy shit one of the top posts over at the sticky floor subreddit is a guy who put his family's life savings in the stock and is way down. Everyone is telling him the stock is about to rip. Meanwhile their beloved CEO is selling everything he's got. Depressing AF.

  30. When a company was shorted over 100%, you’d think that’s enough evidence to persuade a company to go decentralized. Why participate in a system that was designed to originally put them out of business?

  31. If you are not sharpening your diamond tipped nipples by rubbing up against other diamond tipped nipples then what are you doing with your life? It’s THE TUESDAY of DReamS. Time to get in the cocktagon with your flacid tits immediately.

  32. Dear Lord, I pray that Kenny and his goons drop the price into the $100-$120 range. You know I’m lethal in that range, and I also want to see apes feast on the dip. Amen.

  33. Just initiated a transfer from Webull to fidelity , and then to CS. Feel like the loopring announcement coming tomorrow and Ima miss out if it’s transferring?

  34. Nah, gonna take days to leave the atmosphere, more days to reach the moon, more days orbit moon or decide go deep space, more days to return to earth

  35. It's been a crazy year. My adrenal glands have lately gotten some much needed rest tho. But i expect Ryan is going to start pouring gas on this fire soon. 🔥🔥🔥 Then it's on like DK. 🚀

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