Why is XRT (notorious ETF short GME) doing 4.4M vol in an AH trade? That's almost half their market cap. In 2 trades.

  1. I just can not fathom their sheer arrogance. They act like they are above the law. Gary do your fucking job already. I cant wait for our Q4 announcement.

  2. Maybe a couple of funds colluding to reset their respective FTD clocks. How else would millions of shares trade without affecting the price? You would need to verify the availability of those shares beforehand at a predetermined price, or risk running the price up.

  3. People need to stop memeing this as sometimes it's not and makes people look stupid. If you don't know educate yourself or make room for people are trying to figure things out

  4. All to drop the price by $2 after hours. Fuk u hedgies. Karma is coming for you and it’s shaped like a massive banana headed straight for your billion dollar tushies. Better lube up—this banana ain’t gonna be gentle.

  5. not jut that but their shorts kill momentum in runs with actual volume, they time them and use their ammo to kill natural price discovery. Sickening.

  6. Operational shorting isn't that much more expensive than normal shorting. You can just use the proceeds from the short sale to immediately go long on the proper amount of every asset but the one you want to be short on.

  7. The sec report covered it a bit, XRT got redeemed for about 5 mil shares of GME almost, plus we saw the same thing in about every etf holding gme

  8. So one thing I never cared to look into. Everyone shorts ETFs, that's practically the reason of their creation, to help be malicious, hiding si. It's another short vehicle. But if shorts are dissecting and returning the "useless" parts what I would assume is near instantaneously, does that si include those already returned parts, or as I assume, is the si JUST the short fractional, say gme.

  9. You don't understand. They fucking unpack the etf to pick out the gme. It's crime. not normal, but not needed basic market knowledge. they don't play by those rules

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