New developments, Ryan Kagy is a national treasure of info. Is Ryan hinting at a Metaverse? Also, Finestone liking my tweet too

  1. Good luck with that. We can't even get a significant minority of our country to accept documented facts and reality, let alone abandon partisan thinking. Sure, many of us here can do it but our country is incredibly polarized.

  2. Thank you for this. I am not a great wordsmith, so this basically expresses my exact thoughts of the issues we face today.

  3. Someone mint an NFT that says "I work for GameStop and was part of it's NFT Dividend creation". Then ask him if he wants to buy it. If he agrees, bias confirmed.

  4. You seen this guy's twitter banner? Fortnite, he also tweeted that hes going as deadpool to Halloween, which is in about a fortnite? Now you throw on a little tin foil hat and then I get, NFT announcement on Halloween?

  5. To be fair that is proper on his part and his job is to talk about what he can and not what he can't. We have known for half a year that GME was openly developing and hiring for this NFT project and seen all these centers and new hires more for the front end as though backend and development are spooling down.

  6. Metaverse is indeed the next big thing, the evolution of the internet. GameStop is hopping on the train to become one of the leaders. “Players need to enter the Metaverse from somewhere in the real, physical world. Yes, they will often do so from home, but if I am right about human nature, they will also do it occasionally in a public, social setting.

  7. Well he just said on twitter that he only knows as much as us on the whole wu-tang thing so calm down, but keep them titties jacked!🚀🚀🚀

  8. I was content ignoring the price, being zen and comfortable waiting. But I guess I could get a lil hype. But only a sip because I’m driving

  9. I’m not gonna lie, apes harassing CS and GS employees and affliates nonstop for karma is so cringe and the worst part about this community

  10. So cringe that even Ryan Kagy states how he is an ape and how he loves us. Man, a community of like minded people with the same goals is so cringe. 🙄/s

  11. I've been edging since Jan sneeze. When the news drops I'm prob gonna cum so hard I'll pass out.

  12. Broooo it's confirmed they really are diving into nfts. Everything before this was logical hype and optimism. This is proof 😂

  13. "Omg, finestone liked my tweet." Wtf? So what? Wow, just wow. Just lick his ass already ffs! This is why wallstreet is laughing at stupid retail. Fainting over fucking rc tweets and hollering about all this other nonsense is just a distraction and what a waste of energy.

  14. Wow, i figured the slogan they use for their NFT graphic was a good thing he liked it. Even when the tweet was unrelated to him. Love your positivity you douche

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