Waiting for the media articles to tell boomers why we’ve all sold

  1. You’re welcome… I bought more though computershare this week so obviously the dip happened after my purchase went through

  2. Yeah I got up especially early and woke my broker up with an early call because I had a dream that this would happen.

  3. You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy the SHF, not join them. bring balance to the stonks, not leave it in darkness.

  4. Wait, so you called and woke up your Lil brother too?? I woke my Lil bro up in premarket so we could both sell. Randomly. All the other apes must have seen my texts, cuz they sold too. At least we're all on the same page.

  5. Kenny G and company dropped the price today because they know that on Monday when all the CS buys come in from over the weekend they wouldn’t be able to contain the giant buy sweep orders that will invariably come.

  6. yep. it was my plan all along. buying the tops for 10 months straight to dump it all at this very moment. - pro gamer move.

  7. Every day is a good day for GME. It's just that our bank accounts haven't caught up.....something like that.

  8. If I knew there would be a weekend sale I would have waited a bit, could have bought one more share and brought my share count to a round number 🥲

  9. Shit like this used to freak me out. Then I realized most of us don’t have access to pre market and after hours. Then I see GME not the only one being targeted all “meme” stocks taken a pre market beating. Good try Kenny, I’m going back to sleep until the market opens, but before I do I’m throwing some money in my account, and it’ll be ready to buy some shares on market open. It’s pay day dumb fuck hedges so I’m sure all of us are saying thanks for the discount.

  10. March 10th made me immune to fuckery. Seeing my portfolio balance plummet 50%+ in 10 minutes will do that to you. This ain’t shit.

  11. It’s not just $GME, some other heavily shorted stocks are down over 12%. Something is going on but it’s not just to create a $GME narrative

  12. less collateral = algo has to get more violent... gonna be some interesting days before moass. we're close. i can feel it

  13. And PHUN and DWAC are up like 1000% in two days. Is it possible hedgies pushed these two in order to raise cash to short everything else? Just seems highly sketch to me.

  14. Ooh.. I was hoping I could average down a bit more on one of my brokerage accounts... Just went to check and stocks have almost recovered from sell off premarket. You apes are fantastic.

  15. Well at least I know what this thread is talking about. I'm looking at 181.71 close yesterday and 177.75 pre-market and people are talking like there is some shenanigans going on. 3-4 points in premarket is nothing.... but that makes sense if it's already recovered lol.

  16. That's the amazing thing about our hive mind, it's 3:20 am here but I just knew I had to wake up and sell for no fucking reason.

  17. Is some whale being forced to liquidate or wtf is happening? OK SNAP had bad earnings but a 24% drop from this? Intel 10% drop pre-market, the list goes on... random and severe

  18. Apple lawsuit I think about potential ad problems/less revenue from ads along with Apple car being suspended all together I think (?). But if you were short on cash it would probably be the first position you’d exit lmao. Then again when b i t firmly ranks that should be the last of their big short term ammo. They’ve been closing credit lines and all types of shit. They had to close their blockbuster / circuit city / RadioShack endless short position because of one single stock in their personalized etf (hmmm). Which gave them unrealized gains they used for even more credit lines. They’re so overleveraged and no one is paying them shit. Also they’re a HEDGE fund, I don’t think GME will immediately skyrocket when market crashes. It will help from smaller firms but they’re literally paid to hedge. They know we know that they know we know

  19. Premarket and after hours are way more volatile due to fewer participants and less volume.

  20. The great thing about this is we know now how near our enemies are to being absolutely screwed. They have lost between 4% & 30% in some of their positions (FB, SNAP, etc) that make up at max 1% of their portfolios and they are having to push as hard as possible against the meme prices to stay alive. They were on a knife edge and this put them nearer to our good friend marge.

  21. This is the stuff that grinds my gears. The SEC confirm price movement in Jan was caused by new buyers, not shortsellers closing their positions, yet this week every time we hit 190 it drops down and now today I am meant to believe this price movement is due to retail selling and not unethical short selling?

  22. for new investors that got worried or had a stop loss - the price isnt real & nobody is selling. they just want to make gme look as volatile & risky as possible to keep new $ out & shake u from ur pos.

  23. Yep. All apes know that the price movements ar artificial. You can't reduce the supply (via DRS), with damand so high and have the price go down, it doesn't make mathematical sense. The whole thing is rigged.

  24. i just love how magically the options contracts are 9600 in favour of puts, and only like 360 calls are ITM right now.

  25. Oh snap ! I must have missed pulling out of GME for silver - was that supposed to be today at 5 am Eastern ?! 😂

  26. I've said it 100 times.....if they drop it to $40 again,they would be absolutely crushed with buy pressure.

  27. I think what they actually hope for is for retail to move to DWAC and PHUN, by pumping that shit and tanking GME. But people who move now would only burn themselves.

  28. Do you think Hedgies are really afraid when ALL government institutions are on their side because they already paid them and will continue to pay them going forward, with their illegally gained profits! I think I’ll watch football.

  29. They will say we’re all a bunch of MAGA conspiracy theorists who dumped GME to yolo “former president’s” stock DWAC

  30. Oh shit a sale. I've been moving funds around just waiting for another sale. Also, LOL at the volume. It dropped 5 bucks on what 1000 volume? LMAYO.

  31. Since i haven't gotten my Mail from CS yet every dip they create will be another punch in the face later when i transfer the bought dip to CS

  32. They respectfully lowered the price to give my limit buy of 3 more shares the chance of being executed this morning. So heartwarming

  33. This is bc they follow these posts and know a lot of ppl expected a change to the GME twitter page. It didn’t happen so they think it’s believable to make it seem like we sold

  34. Anybody think it will actually stay down or drop more and why? I’ve got $9k I’m ready to toss into gme, but put it off this whole week because people said it will dip again, but getting worried it won’t because of everyone doing drs/computershare

  35. My experience thus far. I wait for a dip, no dip comes. I say fuck it and buy, 5 minutes later the price dips. Every. Single. Time.

  36. Serious question: if game stop makes no money and the real life business can no longer function what happens then?

  37. This is the perfect storm, the price can’t go too high because then margin calls, if the price dips too low new money comes in, plus the apes are buying and DRS everyday anyways! Tick tock….

  38. Stop buying shares from your broker....cut out the middle man and buy direct from Computer SHARE...Every share you buy from the middle man creates a synthetic share to short with...

  39. They clearly read the posts on MOASS in premarket so they rubbed some brain cells together and said to dump it.

  40. Man, what a great time for me to finally get in. I've been watching this sub for months and this has finally spurred me to become an ape. Thanks Hedgies for getting me in the game.

  41. My only guess that isn't crime, is daytraders YOLOing into Trump's stupid ass stock thing which is up almost 200% today, and was 300% yesterday, now that's a dump about to happen anytime though lol

  42. Guys I need advice. I still have an iPhone 7+ but it’s almost on its last legs. My speaker doesn’t work unless I have BT headphones connected, I’ve practically run out of memory due to all the iOS upgrades, and I’ve had to already pay to have the battery changed 2 years ago(looks to be dying quicker again). I’m torn between a new iPhone 13 pro or more GME. First world problems here...

  43. The hell are you all on about? The current price is 178 which is around the price it's been for MONTHS. Boy it doesn't take much to get all of you excited.

  44. The dip didn’t even happen premarket but ok. Holding regardless but if someone would explain what I’m missing that would be cool.

  45. Shill post - when do they learn it’s old news. Kinda like caramer : use Criad copy paste - put headline as if retail all sold then bottom say hegies are scared as fuck. Sounds like a fake news propaganda article. Shilly Willy

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