Why DRSing 100% of your shares is the way and encouragement to DRS 90-95% is misguided

  1. My shares in CS are there forever, now the ones in Fidelity, I’ll be selling limits on fractionals on the way down

  2. Yes, people make their own decisions but I also think that they should be based on facts. How many X holders won't register because they don't think they'd be able to sell or selling would stop the squeeze? There's a fundamental misunderstanding in general in here over what actually happens when the squeeze starts.

  3. Risk Tolerance goes both ways. I am willing to risk keeping some in my cash account, most in my IRA for tax implications, and some on computershare. That's my risk tolerance mix.

  4. Ok, so why are direct registered shares a risk? Why are there added financial requirements to holding in CS vs a broker?

  5. But you're missing the point. The constantly repeated comments are that you can't sell from CS because it'll unlock the float, what I'm saying is that's completely wrong and there isn't a reason to not register all shares. When it squeezes, it doesn't matter where shares are sold from, DRS has helped trigger the MOASS but the firms have failed margin and are liquidating, that's the point at which they have to buy to close shorts regardless of where they're buying them from.

  6. Agree 100% about DRS 100%. However, there is no “mid transfer/limbo”. Your shares are in your brokerage account until they’re in CS.

  7. I think his point was that if they are in the process of transferring any account action (such as selling during moass or buying during a juicy dip) could leave things in the acct unsettled and can stop or delay the transfer, there have been reports of transfers failing to go through because other positions totally unrelated to held gme were in an unsettled state. If you do it in multiple transfers you would always have some level of flexibility, or at least piece of mind if anxious...

  8. Maybe I'm wrong and you may call me paper-hands or dumb or whatever, but I have almost all my free money (not that I have a ton of money anyways) in GME and it doesn't feel safe to go that high in case there's an emergency where I need to call on my savings account, which is in GME shares.

  9. Nope, this is fair enough. Whilst I'd hope you wouldn't be in a position where you need to sell early, quick access to the money when necessary is a completely different ballgame to the idea of unlocking the float, which is just a complete misunderstanding of the dynamics actually at play here.

  10. I will never underestimate the DTCC, SHFs, MMs, and brokerages after what has transpired over the last year. If the float doesn't remain locked, I expect more fukery. One APEs opinion....

  11. In my opinion, by selling from CS you are giving back shares to DTC. HF which are not short now ... will short from MOASS peaks! That is the point ... if valid shares are in DTC, HF can take them and sell short after the peak and suppress share price. This might result in lower price peaks and quicker downwards pressure. That is my understanding.

  12. 1.4 billion shares short. The cost to cover will be trillions and trillions of dollars. They will never cover. Not because they don’t want to but because they just can’t. They’ll all get liquidated before they get to smell a real share.

  13. This is awful advice. It puts undue pressure on a small subset of shareholders to DRS their full portfolio and hold the float while everyone on the other side take profit on the MOASS since the DRS folks have to hold to protect the float from fuckery.

  14. Not the way. The idea of moving to CS it to NOT sell from there but keep one or two tucked away to sell from a brokerage to keep the float locked in CS

  15. This is more in line with my reasoning. Also, if this thing is actually shorted even more than 200% at this point (edit: I personally believe it’s much higher), I’d only have to registered 50% of my shares to be proportionate to locking the float. But not everyone is going to DRS even though it’s 100% definitely the key to more than MOASS. It’s key to protecting companies from abusive practices. If CS ever gets to a point where they can process trades faster, with better UI, and higher/limitless order price, it’s lights out for the dark pools and shady brokers.

  16. The hand written letter is fud, and so is the technical difficulties/fuckery. If they're liquidating and need to close, how can they close if no-one can sell?

  17. OP, I agree with you. And I just posted something similar today and got slammed for it. People just do not understand how this all works. "Locking the float" is simply a means to an end--starting MOASS. As you say, as long as people don't start selling at ridiculously low levels and allow SHFs who haven't been margin called yet a way to get out, then the MOASS will be fine. Nobody's talking about selling for a few measly hundred or even thousand dollars, yet somewhere in there is the likely upper limit for what any of the SHFs can expect to hold out to in terms of answering their margin calls, beyond which they fail and get liquidated. At that point, it will no longer matter whether the float is "locked" or not.

  18. It's reassuring that at least someone gets it! I didn't see your post earlier otherwise I probably wouldn't have made this one, but it speaks volumes when I ask for a single actual counter and the only response is 90-95% is the right way.

  19. People don’t want to get paid on here and they wonder why GS or RC doesn’t finally do something. News flash, they aren’t going to do shit. That’s a massive litigation waiting to happen.

  20. I’m 100% in CS. PLEASE all apes DRS is the way. Close to 100% is what it will take. Even if our average DRS is 150, it would take 426,000 people to lock the float of 63.9M. We can do it, but it is going to take all hands on deck. Every X level will have to DRS very high %. Do your part NOW please. Let’s not give them “one more day” !! 🧨🚀🧨🚀

  21. Shouldn’t be 100% in CS you’ll be giving real shares back to the same people retail is taking them back from… looks like you’re buying one or two and holding in a brokerage 🤷‍♂️

  22. You mean ‘it would take 420,000 people to lock the float of 69M shares’. You’re welcome 😉

  23. Honestly, i bought 2 shares through TD 6 months or so back. I've bought considerable more through CS. Haven't bothered with the switch for the 2

  24. A locked float is a sure bet that the MOASS ends when apes decide it ends. Hedgies want the float unlocked so they can escape. If every ape 100% DRSed their shares , that gets you the MOASS faster, but it also GUARNTEES the float unlocks faster as well because no ape has been waiting 10+ months with no thought of moving up in life. This is either straight up shilling or a complete misunderstanding of cause and effect as it pertains to DRS. Hedgies want apes to DRS 100% because in a shitty scenario with all shitty outcomes for them, an ape that 100% DRS all their shares offers the least worst outcome for them because they are GUARANTEED to sell at some point. Me personally, what is locked in CS will never be sold. Ever. I can guarantee that.

  25. If every single holder DRS’d 100% of their shares, the MOASS would have happened like a month ago lol seems no one wants to get paid.

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