Is it just me or there’s no GME pre-market data being updated. 🤔

  1. Don’t you all feel enough is enough? Since 2008 to now, the companies that are shorted to the ground, the taxpayers, and the retail investors have been putting up the bills while Citadel, Hedge group, and even the SEC are getting rich by looking the other ways pretending nothing really is going on. The damage since 2008 to now alone should equate no less than $10 trillions US dollars? What we want is accountability, prosecution’s, and mostly a fair and free market. However, I realized the roots of such problems and corruptions start at the SEC.

  2. Something is in the air apes. I really do think this is our last possible sideways week at worst and break out at best. But the tables are most definitely turned and the world has its ear to RC and GS awaiting to hear the rocket heard round the world

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