$GME Daily Discussion Thread

  1. Morning apes, I opened an IBKR account yesterday and wired funds to get the DRS ball rolling but it's saying today I don't have settled cash to buy securities - is this because i've opted for a cash account instead of margin and I need to wait a few days for funds to clear?

  2. I'm reading some rumors about brokers not being safe when everything falls apart. Unfortunately, I am with DeGiro so DRS my existing shares is near impossible. All the new share I'm buying will be through IBKR -> Computershare. Since I have a custody account with DeGiro, my shares should be kept under my name and they are kept in a other entity than DeGiro. So when DeGiro defaults, my shares should be safe. So I'm wondering what the potential dangers are in keeping my existing shares with DeGiro?

  3. On the stock market it's possible to do something called "shorting". What this means is that you sell a stock and collect money for the sale immediately. However, unlike a normal sale, you don't actually own the stock that you just sold. Instead, you borrow it from another entity.

  4. Ooft I don’t think there is a eli5 for this. We buy 100% of float, register to our names via computer share This becomes known to RC / GameStop who then knows there are far to many shares in existence, has the ability to issue NFT meaning hedgies must cover shorts, but the supply is limited so the price increases dramatically . This is about as basic as I can put it

  5. I dreamed about Moass this night, holy shit that was so real, that was insane. It went so fast in a matter of seconds from 200 to 400 to like 7000 to like xxx.xxxx. I sold at something like 2.000.000 a share 🤣. Then I watched my broker account, I had 155.000.000, I couldn't believe it ! holy shit the feelings, that was great ! I hope it's premonitory.

  6. So there are many OTM puts expiring today at 150 ? I remember I saw a post saying it but I am not so sure, if so, we're seeing 340 again today?

  7. I think I got shadowbanned from the street-betting-wall sub for commenting on the post trying to bait them into buying options for tomorrow, lol.

  8. Not been able to DRS, so I had a lot of jalapeños last night and now I have created my own purple circle

  9. If I want to make another DRS transfer from ibkr to CS, will the shares be transfered to the same account or will they create a new account for me? i need to know

  10. If all our Theories came true, wouldn’t we get two MOSS? GME and then the NFT? Too many HF would have to buy the NFT cryptos as dividend but would have to wait for retail to sell theirs = another ownage of the float. I think I peed a little. stoner thought

  11. There would not be as many NFT dividends issued as there are synthetic shares, at least that is the theoretical framework that allows the NFT dividend to rebut the problem of synthetic shares. This is the backbone of the DRS effort, though it is legit in many other ways, that if all shares that are supposed to exist can be accurately located then hose would be issued NFT dividends alone. This is all speculation but follows the overstock model, their interest in a crypto dividend

  12. My share finally dissapeared from IKBR. I wish you only the best and a nice flight my lil share 🥺 see you soon on the other side, daddy misses you

  13. So uuhh...can we return to the entire "new" and "best" streams being CS screenshots? I'm jonesing to see purple rings...

  14. If they are in a custodian agent in the US, by FINRA rules they are obliged to allow transfers. Contact your local Finance regulator and slap those Bolero asses up to the moon.

  15. Bedankt voor uw bericht. Het is via Bolero niet mogelijk om Amerikaanse aandelen te laten registreren bij Computershare of op naam te laten stellen.   De aandelen bij Bolero worden bij onze bewaarnemer in Amerika aangehouden op klantenrekeningen. Deze effecten zijn bijgevolg in bezit van onze klanten en worden niet ontleend. Bij onze custodian is er echter geen mogelijkheid om deze op naam van elke klant te plaatsen. Ingeval van een stemming bijvoorbeeld kunnen we u dus geen controlenummer geven. Stemmingen kunnen wel globaal doorgegeven worden.    Hebt u nog verdere vragen? Kijk dan even in ons Bolero Helpcenter, Matti Helpcenter of contacteer ons op het nummer 02 303 33 00. U kunt ons elke beursdag bereiken van 8 tot 22 uur. Met vriendelijke groeten

  16. im a dumb idoit that is in the process of transferring my account out of margin... will i have enough time to DRS my shares by next week... feels like things are getting dire.

  17. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-reddit-crowd-has-found-a-new-tactic-in-the-war-against-wall-street-cutting-brokers-out-altogether-11634250783?mod=home-page

  18. if the float is registered, then theoretically they can’t naked short anymore? Not sure what happens with dark pool usage. If DRS affects dark pool % then if the float was registered we wouldn’t see any dark pool volume i assume? Price would increase via buying pressure alone since not many are selling. It should trigger margin calls organically and eventually they’ll fail to meet them. So DRS would be a 100% path to MOASS if nobody else steps in to help (GG where tf are you at family 🤡). I have no clue what happens when the entire float is registered. Or about anything. I bought a bidet yesterday and found out my house has really good water pressure

  19. Very smooth brained thinking maybe but if these brokerages are lending shares everyday for almost free, then have all these customers DRS their shares making the brokers that never bought shares have to possibly buy shares at today’s price, well wouldn’t that be umm not good for them? Or am I fully retarded? I did just smoke some really good weed so could be way off?

  20. hey hey !! my my !! gme can never die !!! there’s more to the picture , than meets the eye !! holy fuck , i am high!!!!!🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 out of the blue and into the black ! they gave us this but we paid for that !!! and once we blast off we can never come back !! when your outa the blue and into the BLack !!! DFV isngone but he’s not forgotten !!!this is the story Of Kenny Rotten !! i’m gonna burn out. not fade away. the king hasn’t left us. fuck you kenny rotten.

  21. Soo I’m still trying to wrap my head around the new 741 Dreyfus connection. Is Elaine from Seinfeld’s dad Kenny’s partner in crime? Is he the man behind the curtain that’s pushing the narrative on CNBC because he owns it? Seinfeld originally aired on NBC and they just sold the Seinfeld series to Netflix for 500 million…. Sounds like someone needs money.. it all fits

  22. Do any of you wonderful Apes have a link to Charlie Gasparino on Cavuto? When he was talking about the investigation into Citadel this week? Thank you very kindly in advance. 🦧

  23. 🎶do you got a fast rocket ship ! i want a ticket to anywhere! maybe we can make a deal ..me myself i got nothin to prove 🎶 except i’m a little high right now.

  24. Yeah, kids paintings are the best. I have the whole wall in my office full of them and it's always relaxing looking at them.

  25. I know this is going to get downvoted, but I don't understand why we are posting CS tranfers. What's the purpose? Is someone going to add up all the shares posted or something? It's reallllly flooding the sub and making it difficult to find important posts. The account numbers I can understand, but seeing CS posts completely overrunning the sub is a bit much

  26. Surprisingly the answer to your question is yes. Someone is adding up the shares. It's a bot. It's given us insight as to the average size of our holdings as well.

  27. I'll save you the headache. There is no important post. Much of what is posted here is bullshit. Unless the SEC or RC does something then there won't be any MOASS. This has turned into a long-term investment now.

  28. I am always amazed by the fucking simplicity of this, buy a stock and hold it for long term, this is basics of investing and the fact just doing this is causing so much grief for shorters is so funny

  29. After complaining about the first woman to stick something up her ass on Superstonk, because cucumber woman gave me the shivers. Shouted down by men saying she wanted it anyway - hey here’s the video it’s ok. Fucking community this is a shit show

  30. When I posted wasn’t sure whether cucumber girl was shilling or doxxing. Glad it wasn’t doxxing but you all look like fucking losers no matter how it pans out 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  31. Probly smoother than the wind, but I just watched the AMAs from Trimbath, Wes Christian and Dlau. Dr. Trimbath said to drs. Wes Christian said you're a fool in the market if you don't have your shares in your name( even on cash accounts) and

  32. 741 is really a number RC wanted out. But people are not sure what it is. He "talked" about it via Timestamp, fallowed people and the gamestop photo set-up.

  33. So those two Brazilian funds that came up as holding the put contracts for GME have a combined balance of 3,000,000 shares of what they label “other liabilities”. For both the funds these “other liabilities” ballooned in February of 2021 from a previous of 200,000 combined. If you go a little further down the rabbit hole these two fund hold another fund within a fund called “JIVE DISSTRESSED III ONSHORE FICI MULTIMERCADO CP”. This new fund, within a fund has a “other liabilities” net short position worth 1.2 billion shares -139% of its total assets. At this point I don’t even know what to think but it seems like someone is tryna burry something. *Credit Suisse is the admin for the base layer of funds and their CDS have been popping off lately.

  34. Better to know now and not waste any more time (and money). Honesty, though sometimes painful is a blessing in disguise. It is called life brother!!🤙🏽 Plenty of fish in the sea!

  35. you could ask her straight up what she means with that statement. Maybe she's not attracted/not interested or maybe she thinks you're not that interested in her? At this point you got nothing to lose. just ask

  36. Chalk it up as a good time and move on. She didn't feel a connection and that's ok. It'll hurt a little but you met someone new and got to share an experience and learn. You'll find a good one.

  37. Why do you think half the people on here have bananas and cucumbers? People don't make sense and we're all lonely, bro.

  38. Best thing you can do is just brush it off and tell her that’s okay and that you had fun anyway. Then move on. I’m single for the first time in 8 years and I absolutely love it. Now imagine being a single GORIILIANARE! This is gonna be the best time to be single.

  39. Anyone notice a drastic chang in the positions cost distribution on webull today? Started changing on the top and bottom of the whole range since the start of the last price suppression slope and today like, 60% of everything just disappeared. Not sure what to make.of it. DRS? Options expiry prep? Fuckery? Anyone got any ideas?

  40. A thought occurred to me. Don’t think of your shares in terms of count or whatever. Your shares are unique. However many you have is that spot in the line of 75 ish million (or whatever the number is) of shares. Once enough shares are registered then no one will be able to get more even if they are Jeff Bezos/legislators/etc. The shares are going to be the most sought after “asset”. Wow

  41. Canada ape here.. Can I go and buy shares directly with Computer share or do I need to buy some shares at a broker then transfer? Thanks in advance.

  42. I watched a movie (didn't listen because I only had wireless buds) called Moon on my flight today and there was only one date that appeared at any point in the movie that I noticed. It was October 15th.

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