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  1. Hello fellow apes, I've been gone for a while from this sub just hodling, can someone ELi5 what's going on with DRS and what I should do? Even a link to an explanation post would be greatly appreciated thanks apes!

  2. I strongly urge those with crappy brokerages for their IRA and ROTH IRA accounts to transfer to a reputable broker. I’m not sure who the best is, but Fidelity appears to be better than TD Ameritrade, Schwab, and ETrade.

  3. I haven't gone on this sub for quite a while but I've seen that DRS with CS is the way. How does one living in Australia do this? my shares are in eToro and Stake though I believe this is impossible with eToro.

  4. I had heard Australia Apes are looking for a better broker then etoro, and trying to get out of them.. but not certain if there is much truth to that sir ape, read the above DD and the Stickied post.. I think there is a section for overseas apes.

  5. I'mma make my own NFT of pictures of my doodoo. The best part is the extra bonus patreon level where I make poopie in a jelly jar and mail it to premium subscribers.

  6. From now on Im only buying thru IBKR. Getting 5k friday to buy with. Wouldnt mind a discount. But it could squeeeze before If it wants too

  7. Could you explain how to buy through IBKR? I opened an account and funded it, but I’m too smoothbrained to trade on there. What do I do and fill in?

  8. I think the more level headed apes have sort of gone away since there's not much more to be said about any DD. The remaining apes are looking for confirmation bias where ever they can find them.

  9. Since my transfer was successfully done from ibkr on september 13th, and I haven't received anything from computershare yet, I decided to make that phone call.

  10. Well that was LaME, hope they realise they just alienated a lot people ah. So how about them bank earnings do we miss any or all start today?


  12. All of the DRSing posts has made me concerned if I will be able to sell (on the way down) during Moass.. My broker is Etoro with a handful on Degiro and they haven't don't alot of fuckery I think. I'm a UK Ape and don't really have funds to buy more elsewhere.

  13. I have emailed drive wealth about moving my freetrade stocks I will keep apes informed on any progress I make to help UK/EU apes who may be stuck on freetrade 👍

  14. Being apolitical is important and the messages on the board are great. However, i want to see more of those purple circles apes 👉

  15. Are we talking when you're at the game in the stadium or just watching it on TV. Because I've seen the former actually happen a whole bunch.

  16. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/q7sad6/computershare_new_high_score_winner_1013/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  17. Remember the days when DFV would rain awards in the daily thread for hours at night. So awesome, I still have Reddit premium till November case of all that madness.

  18. Someone help a smooth brain, I'm still waiting on my DRS letter, can I begin to transfer more shares in from IBKR or do I need the account number first?

  19. What a dumpster fire that NFTCON was. It does make you think whether we really are apes flinging shit at each other 🤣

  20. You can’t DRS directly from degiro as they have custodian setup. So you need to transfer from degiro to IBKR then DRS. Or just set up an account with IBKR and DRS from there

  21. When I called Fidelity to transfer shares to Computershare, they asked without prompting if I wanted to DRS. It took 4 minutes to get the first agent, 2 min on hold, and 2.5 min with the last agent who initiated the transfer.

  22. Holy moly. In the year 741, Japanese authorities decreed that Buddhist temples should be established throughout the country. Ryan is saying that we have to be zen.

  23. Is it bad for the MOASS to sell DRS shares? I’ve already DRS’d 60% of my shares, 12% are in a Roth IRA so I can’t easily transfer those, and the rest I have in my brokerage for selling during MOASS… but would it be better to transfer those into CS?

  24. So for the last ~8 months before DRS when apes bought shares, ape were pretty much not affecting the price because apes received IOUs.

  25. Im sorry but if MSM says debt and lack of vision is sexy, im back on the menu. ::alludes to gme being debt free and forward looking, tries to MJ spivot spin, slips on poop, snaps fingers, forehead hits table counter, loud bang, gobbles more crayons::

  26. CS send a letter with your registration details. This takes 4 weeks. When it comes you can register and they will then post you an activation code. This takes another 4 weeks.

  27. Apes what would I say to the Fidelity rep if I want to make an additional DRS transfer to the same account on CS? Like i heard some people have transferred and there shares ended in two diff accounts on CS

  28. Nah I’ve called multiple times in a row saying “I want to direct register XX to ComputerShare” and it always gets added to my same account. It’s tied to your SSN

  29. "I hope your entire team gets apocalyptic diarrhea" how the fuck is that abuse or harassment, you piece of shit? Heh?? Say that again???! Like i hope when they go get a plate of cookies and milk at midnight, then go back to bed, and snore, and go, a-mimimimimimimi, they diarrhea themselves until the world drowns. That isnt a threat thats cartoon genius

  30. Well. At least we still have Evergrandes formal default on Oct. 23rd if the don’t figure out how to pay that first missed bond…

  31. Yeesh wear your business suits, apes. I got hwunjged on twitter for wishing diarrhea upon robbinhood. I appealed it, i said i hope they melt a dungberg to their chagrin. They're grabbing at straws and being Karens. Scamper, scurry, fling poop, do what you will, but wear business casual. From here on out we should be well groomed. Even the shitposts should have the fleas picked out. Lol im still playing metal gear

  32. The dirty secret of economic success within market capitalism is it's almost always rooted in unethical behavior and abuse of those with less economic power, and only in rare circumstances like these is that dynamic flipped.

  33. You get a letter in the mail with your account number. Or once you see the shares leave your broker you can try to log into CS with your SSN and a few security questions.

  34. So... how about that special guest? It was us, y’all. We were the “special” guests retarded enough to think Gamestop was associating themselves with the amateur-hour con. 😄

  35. One thing to consider is the rate of return on investment for petroleum started to decline in the early 1970s, where petroleum energy started becoming costlier and costlier to extract from an inputs-required-to-outputs-generated perspective.

  36. serious question, why was today being hyped up for gamestop at nftcon? it specifically said "play-to-earn" gaming which maybe gamestop is going to do but i think their first priority would be the marketplace if that's truly what they are doing. maybe play to earn can come later. but tomorrow the nftcon is talking about marketplaces 🤷🏻‍♂️

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