UK Apes: ISA vs DRS thoughts?

  1. We all need to do our part homie. I'm in your position too and whilst I obviously cant recommend you do anything, I can tell you what I have done.

  2. Yeah I think this is definitely the best way to go too. I also have a handful of shares in etoro so they're definitely getting sold and rebought in IBKR, then any new I'll buy through there.

  3. From my understanding they are held in CREST, my understanding is that these are then held within the CREST account at the DTC, not the DTCC.

  4. I don't really care about the tax hit in any case. I personally believe that protection offered from CS as the transfer agent (guaranteed dividend, less chance of fuckery) offsets any loss to tax.

  5. This is a really interesting point and one that did cross my mind. I saw a previous post around SIPC (or something to that effect) where positions can just be closed at the market price if the brokers go tits up.

  6. I’m being driven nuts at the moment - I’m with T212 and interactive investor. Ive left the T212 where they are because they’re in an ISA - I’ve contacted Interactive Investor to DRS my shares and it appears that they’re dumber than me - I spent 2 hours Wednesday explaining what I needed - they told me to contact computershare! I got hold of computershare- they told me to contact broker - I’ve been back and forward for 3 bloody days - I’m at my wits end - my brokers as much use as a pair of tits on a goldfish! DEEP BREATHS - I managed to get hold of a manager today - but they won’t let me speak directly with the transfers team!!! They’ve assured me that I’ll get a reply today - but I’m not holding my breath!

  7. Is there a way to just open a CS account and just start buying from there? I have an ISA in T212 and HL but want to continue buying more through CS.

  8. I saw on another thread that here in the UK you can buy via . you even get a replica certificate (because they don't actually issue paper anymore). You pay a bit over the odds, but they will open a Computershare account for you and then send you your DRS confirmation when it's done. I'm thinking that this is what I will do, because once it's set up then I can just buy via the CS account.

  9. I _believe_ you can't directly open a CS account if you're not in the US. As I understand it going through IBKR allows you to bypass this?

  10. Ive not tried the transfer yet - got to get the cash together to make the purchase of new shares through IBKR. But everything so far is fine.

  11. Yea it’s a really difficult call, for USA apes they can drs 100% because the tax implications are the same either way, for us it’s a balancing act. I’m DRS-ing 20% fully in the knowledge that I’ll be paying 20 % capital gains (I’ll pay that with a smile on my face)

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