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  1. Just told my 4 year old we might have to move soon (husband might have a new job) and she asked if we could move to a mansion…she knows what’s up

  2. Anyone else playing options? With the info available about Loopring and GME having a quiet period after October 31st until earnings call, seems like we should have our NFT somewhere around this month.

  3. Nah, if the DD is correct then shares are going to make me rich sooner or later. No point trying to time it and risk losing money.

  4. I checked the news on the debt ceiling, and while it is true it did pass the senate, the house still has to vote on the increase and the president still has to sign it. The house majority leader said they plan to vote for the bill on Tuesday.

  5. Apes I just want to say no matter what happens in these next few weeks we MOASS, Bail out, or China defaults becomes so desperate they declare war on every one around them for there resources apes will stand together and make this world a better place because no matter what I believe that’s what everyone wants most Everyone lend a person a hand when you see they need it and the way things look lately a lot of people are going to need an extra hand

  6. Europoor XXX holder with a dumb questions that’s probably been asked a million times… only US apes can DRS with CS? Any U.K. brokers I can move to that allow DRS? Currently with eToro and can’t transfer out, but will buy more elsewhere. Thanks!

  7. I believe etoro is the worst broker to be with. I think they participate in CFD trading where they trade against the difference in the cash value you “bought” at and the current share price. Without actually buying your share. I could be wrong but I think I’ve seen this many many times.

  8. It’s pinned at the top of the sub fella. Easiest way is open an interactive brokers account and then transfer to cs from there.

  9. I’ve told my family countless times for the past 10 months and all of them have a higher net worth than me

  10. 1 contract represents the ability to sell or purchase 100 shares. These shares sometimes have to be hedge with real shares in case they get exercised. But there’s the theory that Institutions are hiding their short positions through these options

  11. Caution Canadian Apes! Full out FUD shills in the wild, please double read everything and do not make any decisions while under the influence of anything other than water. no financial advice.

  12. So we are not obligated to pay our taxes if the SEC doesn't do it's job this year, right? I mean, I wouldn't expect to get paid if I weren't doing my job...

  13. So once ibkr tells me the transfer has been completed, i wait ard 2-3 weeks for the first letter right? Do i then wait for another 2-3 weeks for the second letter or can i expect the letter to come sooner?

  14. Just a reminder: if this whole thing was "over" then why is gme still all the way in the high 100s? Checkmate atheists

  15. Because literally thousands of retarded people keep buying without any reason lmao. Have you recently been in a GameStop? I've been since I used to love the place, it's fucking dead.

  16. Started working out more at work since I got some free time... This big ol korean ass is gonna get TOIGHT and ready for MOASS

  17. Well if that is true, it's crazy to see the impact that's already being made on the share price each day

  18. I have traveled many hours, through peaks, valleys, planes and forests. Through deserts, storms, Glacial Ice and Snow. I have seen excited waters, furious sun, raging beasts and the magic of the stars. But What I have come to love most, are the DRSd Shares that we know are now unquestionably Ours. Get Rekt Hedgie Fucs!! 🚀

  19. Almost got my backpack stolen in the train just now...I need the money so I don't have to use public transportation anymore x)

  20. Gotta watch your back out there ape. Glad you’re okay. I’m right there with you hope MOASS pops off soon

  21. Can anyone meme this for banks being liquidated/bailed out due to irresponsible leveraging? Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers.

  22. I got $ in a different stock in TDA. I want to sell all of it for GME. Is it faster for me to cash out of TDA and buy directly on CS or to buy GME on TDA and then transfer shares?

  23. Did you know it's okay to talk about topics other than the stock in late night chat? We're all just regular people. Go ahead and shitpost. I think you'll like the way it feels.

  24. There's a band from the UK that just finally released a single pressing on vinyl of 500 copies, that I really want to buy, but the shipping $45 (record is $28) and I know it's gonna get fucked up shipping overseas.

  25. well apes, paychecks didnt come out this week cuz bossman is away. Car payment due tomorrow. I have to sell a share. So sorry to all.

  26. Remember wen our the stonk jumped ~$46 in a day in August on the 23rd, a Monday. Pepperidge Farm Remembers Edit: the

  27. Fellow apes I am a mexican ape. Our main broker, called GBM doesn't want to help us to transfer to CS but we keep on adding pressure by sending emails and calls. In the meantime I would like someone to hand me a step-by-step guide to create an account on IBKR because I've read it is quite easy to transfer to CS from there, so I would like to buy a couple of fresh shares to DRS them from IBKR.

  28. After the MOASS, can we turn Citadel and other expropriated hedge-fund buildings into no-kill animal shelters?

  29. Heads up everyone, I’m buying more shares tomorrow so there is a 99% chance of a dip (sale) on GME after I buy for those of you looking to buy more.

  30. What % of your shares did u guys end up DRSING? Trying to decide if I should go balls deep or leave a good chunk in broker

  31. I did about a third, but honestly I was just clearing out my old shares from TDA. I had some just kind of all over the place and those were going to be my "hodl forever" anyways so yeah.

  32. 95%, but then I still buy through fidelity, so I know the price per share, then I transfer over to CS on a weekly basis. I buy more shares every paycheck, I’m all in on this.

  33. Would it be against any sub rules to have a simple yes/no poll pinned to the top of this sub "have you DRS your shares in computershare" would get a feel for how many apes have registered and shows the total people who have placed the votes. Just a thought

  34. Kek you know what's funny now if they want to blame the apes for moass they'll have to talk about drs and then everyone would know about it

  35. Hey friend. Just throwing my 2¢ at ya, even though I know you didn't ask for it! I've been off the nicotine for around 3 years now. I tried to quit many times.

  36. You know what’s not insane is that if billionaires with access to print fake shares would not use that to cheat the system.

  37. Possible NFT for purchasing video games, where you could trade in “used” digital games. Also the possibility of a NFT dividend from GME would mean any synthetic shares would have to deliver a NFT dividend for shares they don’t own.

  38. Haha the one guy is talking about grimace! What happened to him and the hamburgler? I think this warrants an investigation.

  39. With DRS, we never even needed popcorn. They're just here to ride our coat tails and skim off the top of our gains.

  40. Just got off the phone with etrade ! xxx shares are being transferred to CS ! the representative I was talking to said they’ve been flooded with requests haha good work apes !!

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