When you wish upon a star - a complete guide to Computershare

  1. good thing no one is in robin hood anymore, that might have been the idea. everyone is now in big boy brokers lol

  2. Hijacking this for vis, because I just spoke with a rep at one of the large boomer brokerages. This rep was a supervisor in the actual DRS department.

  3. Pardon me for trying to hi-jacking top comment, I got news of a fellow ape that doesn't have enough karma to post but may have gotten a BIG, BIG piece of info:

  4. If I have 1 share at my broker (TDA) and I request to register (with CS) when the current share price is $10, do I risk losing money (or owning fewer shares after the registration) if the share price goes to $20 before the registration is complete?

  5. If I’m not mistaken, fidelity gives out 1 million or something like that. If anyone wants to correct me, it’d be a great help

  6. Thanks for the amazing consolidation of info! You're amazing. I think I'll eat the $304 fee on WS for convrnience's sake. It won't matter once MOASS happens anyway.

  7. Its a great attitude but we aren't rich yet. Theres a lot of apes who dont have the cash laying around and its super fucking lame WS is charging so much.

  8. This is a great return to form for this sub: educational, factual, and most of all, helpful, to those who are trying to make their best individual financial decisions. Thank you for this.

  9. Something to add, there is a $250k yearly limit to purchasing GME through Computershare. However, if you transfer in $250k worth of stock to be directly registered it does not count toward that amount. Even if it was purchased that year. Only the amount purchased through CS goes toward the year max.

  10. One thing I think is funny is that this is the first attempt at DRS from RH we've seen, and the only american broker not knowing how to DRS.

  11. I like to think of it as a math problem, if everyone registers x percent of their shares if they can, the float is locked up in the infinity pool, Now all shares are worth infinity. Even the apes who could only afford 1 share or a partial, they will have their dreams come true too. As long as no one sells from the infinity pool.

  12. This the the uncharted territory stuff I was talking about. I hope people don't think i am saying you SHOULD sell through CS. I just wanted to address the fud and prove you CAN sell with CS and its super easy.

  13. Once 1 person sells from CS the hedge funds have "x" number of shares to start decreasing velocity. CS is, in my opinion, the place where forever shares need to go and stay. The people who transfer 100% to CS are missing the point. Only sell from a broker and the SHF's will be tied up for months

  14. If the float is locked up and we would have an infinite MOASS you can bet what you want the government will intervene ;)

  15. I completely understand peoples nervousness about this and I think we can all appreciate your post.

  16. I liquidated the 🍿 shares that I’m going to part with today, dumped the funds back into GME and transferred them over to computershare. This is going to be absolutely nutty once it finally pops.

  17. I bought my first share on CS! Excited for it to go through, still says its "Awaiting Price." I am thinking about transferring some shares though, but am wondering if I should wait for the purchase to confirm, or just call TD to transfer now. Would transferring now end up making 2 CS accounts?

  18. That I cant be 100% certain of. I don't think there is much harm in waiting. When i transferred from fidelity to CS over the phone they didn't even need a CS account number. I would assume that all the shares would find there way to your account but you could always call CS and just ask.

  19. I think its a good thought but it hinges on uncertainty. We dont know if CS will cut off DRS once the float or the outstanding shares have all been registered.

  20. Thanks doom for putting countless hours into this! I hope this puts all the FUD to rest regarding ComputerShare!

  21. This is great, thank you! And thank you for remembering how to hit the sell button for the greater good of this mission 🚀 Super helpful!

  22. Just a little heads up about the sell limits we're continuously seeing : support staff keeps telling us that whatever the limit is, we're gonna get the price the stock is currently trading for. Imho they are referring to the NBBO, the national best bid offer, and all retail orders have to be executed within this window.

  23. god damn, this question seems to be a bastard to answer. i wanna see more than a $1 million sell limit (as do many others) but there doesnt really seem to be any definitive answer. Have you called computer share to specifically ask " if the value of GME is over $3 million per share, will i be able to 'limit sell' GME for $2 million dollars or $3 million dollars?"

  24. If I were you I would wait. But its also worth just calling them to make sure everything is going smoothly. They dont have fantastic customer service but with a trade of this magnitude its silly to sit back and hope everything is going ok.

  25. In the same boat as you but have been told that once the purchase settles, you will be able to create an account. The money was taken out of my account as well but won't settle until Monday.

  26. Lol I have spent hours on the phone with CS trying to get them to release a total DRS count. So far they are unwilling to. They have an internal policy not to. I have requested a copy of that policy but they would only send it via snail mail.

  27. full disclaimer I’m a smooth brained moron, not a financial adviser. There’s a few paragraphs below that are marked as speculation. I’m not a bad actor spreading fud, but we as a whole need to have these conversations. I’ve been active as fuck in this sub for several months since I went down the rabbit hole that is our beloved stonk. I need the community to help me understand how I’m wrong and pick this apart if so

  28. You have very good points and I agree with you to an extent. My argument is that if retail does not meet the float because everyone is only doing 16% shares drs. We will never have to worry about the infinity pool or uninsured shares because the MOASS will never trigger. Keep in mind that many europoors or ants cannot DRS (easily although there are ways). And even among Americans we have people that aren’t buying the drs narrative or think someone else will cover for them. Even among super stonk where you have like 50k moass believers active at most times, you will only see around 18k up votes max on a stickied DRS instruction post. I think that’s why some people have been pushing for at least 80% for those that are willing to take action. Again I want to emphasize that your points are good ( I upvoted you) but your problems only become issues when the moass triggers and not before. This is not investment advice I’m hella dumb and smooth.

  29. First of all I absolutely HATE that you felt the need to include such a detailed disclaimer. You should be able to ask questions like this without the fear of downvotes or being called a shill. I tried to address that in my post but I want to just apologize on behalf of the community here.

  30. Glad to see someone else out here trying to get the real information through the noise of the runaway hype train. I just put a lot of this same info into another comment, with links to sources, in case you'd find it helpful:

  31. Just registered xxx (80% of my xxx) with Computershare through Fidelity. That was the most painless customer service call ever. Thanks for this post!

  32. I'm so happy this is the answer. I posted a question months ago asking about liquidity, the SIPC, et cetera and how the hell do get out of "street name" shares. 25 upvotes and lots of "don't worry" in that post. Now it's nice to see that CS is the answer and in less than two months, the question was not invalid:

  33. everyone! So anyone who is too busy during the week to call...just know you're able to call in Fidelity during the weekend and initiate your transfer.

  34. Today, I found out wife has 8.5k built up in a 401k under ADP. It’s 100% in some dumb mutual fund. I’m trying to help her and I don’t see any options to invest in gme, just a limited selection of mutual funds.

  35. Great post! So many resources for everyone to go through themselves! I love that you encourage critical thinking and break it all down. Thanks for putting in the time to put this together

  36. Very well written. I haven't tranfered any yet, but still considering. You have answered many of my questions though.

  37. All I wanted to do with this post was to provide the information you need to make that decision. If I have done that I am a happy ape.

  38. I am sure its technically possible but i havent seen anyone personally report they have done it. If it were me I would transfer from RH to a legit broker first and go from there.

  39. It's so RIDICULOUS that retail investors have to go to such extreme lengths to avoid their shares being criminally duplicated by hedge scum. Why the hell wont the SEC stop looking at pornhub for 5 mins and deal with these utter criminals?

  40. Question: does my dollar cost averaging change when direct registering my shares? I've seen screenshots of DRS and it looks like the shares when transferred take on the current share price.

  41. This is in my opinion the most important post here and should always have a pin at the top no matter what! The game changes once we load up the float on CS.

  42. You do not need to wait for the letter in the mail to create an account at computershare, you only need to wait until the shares are transferred from your broker, and then create an account as "investor" following intructions given on CS website.

  43. I'm very retarded and have a question. Once shares have settled into the CS account, do you need to change to Book Entry? Or are they by default Book Entry when transferred from a brokerage? I'm terrified to click any buttons right now.

  44. According to CS you don't "need" to. I switched to book entry for my bought shares because the language is a little weird. With cash dividends on the default plan they just reinvest the dividend into more shares. With book entry they deliver the dividend to you. This language is based on cash dividends but in the event of an NFT dividend I want to be clear. That shit is MINE

  45. Just made my first transfer from Fidelity today. Thank you for making this post, without it I likely wouldn’t have gone thru with it

  46. Just got my first share on computershare via giveashare. Opening a usd account so I can continue to buy once my account is open. Don’t want to move my TFSA shares and expose myself to cap gains taxes yet. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🦍

  47. I submitted a request to transfer my entire portfolio from Etrade to Fidelity this morning. Once complete, I'll then be in a position to DRS my GME shares without the bullshit 4-6 week wait/$500 Etrade is trying to claim. Estimated completion date is 10/18, hoping they show up in Fidelity sooner.

  48. Yooooo this is exactly what I have been looking for. This is the information a lot of us needed. Thank you.

  49. I have a question: if direct registering the entire float makes it harder to short a share, does it make it hard/impossible to buy anymore shares?

  50. This post was the one that got me to change my mind on CS. XX shares registered today. I don't plan on ever selling these, yo-fucking-lo, retards

  51. This ape just sacrificed a stonk for us ❤️ I feel better about the transfer. Thanks for your service. here’s an award 💜

  52. Don’t have enough Karma to actually post, but transferred 1/3 my holdings so XXX went to Computershare last Wednesday as of yet I have not heard from CS. After close on Friday my shares disappeared so I should hear by today! It’s the way! CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP, GAMESTOP!!!!

  53. I don’t want to be a Debbie downer and what I’m about to say isn’t my own personal view. If you know who Marc Cohedes is he’s a famed short seller but is against the short sellers attacking us as they are predatory( he was interviewed by Lucy Comisar- you can find that interview on her Twitter page). He claims to be an ethical short seller calling out true fraud only and not trying to bankrupt companies for dollars. Marc partook in a space call the other night and said CS is a waste of time and not going to do anything for us. This space call was recorded by BossBlunts and its on his YouTube channel if you wanted to hear Marc say that for yourself. I don’t know if he’s right but he knows more than I do related to stock market so I’m just leaving it here to open dialogue.

  54. We are pretty sure they are GME specific. Live chat has said this and I even bought 25$ worth of shares in another company to check. The number I got with that company was like 1.7 mil.

  55. For 🇨🇦 apes. Shares took 2 weeks to transfer out of trading account 🇨🇦, but I have to wait for physical mail before creating a second account. Years ago I created a CS account for a private company that IPO’d.

  56. Thank you for this post! I decided to stop being lazy today and transferred my 4 little shares from fidelity. The girldidn't even need to ask what I was after lol I was on hold for about ten minutes and on thephone with her for less than 5. Fucking jacked right now! My tits are jacked!

  57. I finally may have figured out a way to correctly update my cost basis from my RH transfer to Fidelity over 5 months ago. I had to use their secure e-mail tool to attach a spreadsheet detailing every GME transaction including date, amount, and cost basis. Once they update my cost basis, I will start transferring lots of 20 or so shares at a time to CS so I don't get caught without access to my shares. The problem was Fidelity only allows you to enter up to 4 decimal places manually and RH provides 6, so I ended up with a massive discrepancy in shares.

  58. I would recommend transferring to Fidelity first by calling them and initiating the move. Then you can transfer from there

  59. New to the sub, hello everyone! I followed the instructions to DR new shares using Computershare my bank account shows the following as of November 1st.

  60. I have 42 DRS and 22 in Fidelity… I figure if Fidelity pulls any bs at least I’ll have more than enough in DRS. Otherwise I’ll not sell any DRS shares.

  61. CS is now sending Verification code by e-mail. Only took 5 hours since I made the call to pay for express delivery to receive the e-mail. LFG 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  62. Is there a simple, step-by-step guide to getting my Vanguard Roth-IRA and/or SEP-IRA DRSed with Computershare? Been looking all morning but can't really find anything.

  63. Believe it or not, DIP, haha. But to an ape who held through 38 I'm going to keep my powder dry and my attitude calm. 💎🤚 everyone

  64. The FUD is pumping so hard I heard Gary on National Public Radio this morning talking about protecting new investors and in the interview they talked about Reddit and GME and how investors banded together blah blah blah

  65. Lil sister turned 18 a few days ago and asked me a few days ago to clue her in on GME. We got her Computershare account started today and she should be able to buy her first share by the 12th!

  66. Everyone making fun of Kenny all the time. But Steven Cohen is the one that actually interacted with us and showed that he is involved.

  67. when you put in a computershare order to sell 1 share for $10M, where does it log this info? nothing shows up in the activities tab for me, anyone else?

  68. Not sure if anyone monitors this post anymore, but you mention using a trusted broker if you don't DRS your shares. Is there a list of trusted brokers somewhere? On the earnings call discussion yesterday someone mentioned that if your shares aren't DRS'd then you might not get the stock value at moass, just a refund for what you paid. Is that accurate or did I hear them wrong? If it's true then that would talk everyone into DRSing I would think.

  69. So if i want to drs my shares do i create an account with computershare first? Or can i just tell my fidelity agent to drs some for me and an account will be made? Help!

  70. Its not what everyone is saying I disagree with about the concept. Its what everyone leaves out that scares me.

  71. Well shit then, lets talk about it. The way I built this DD was by asking people what their concerns were and I tried my best to address them. What are yours?

  72. Did it today on my lunch break. Sent 66% of my holdings over. Agent from Fidelity said the same "harder to sell, etc etc" then asked why I was moving them.

  73. Probably this has been answered before but isn't it possible for the SHF to register a few 100k shares themselves that they can use to continue their illegal activities with?

  74. Yea this was the best coverage of CS I’ve read to date. Way to be a lighthouse in the fog.

  75. We’re always talking about the moass, but perhaps the true benefit of DRS lies elsewhere. Perhaps moass may be some byproduct of the DRS process, should enough of us follow through with it, but personally I think that enabling GME management to more accurately quantify share ownership is the real win. They will be able to quantify when the outstanding shares are accounted for, and then turn to the DTCC to enquire about how shares are still trading beyond this figure and bolstering any legal case they may be building. This is what I really want to see. I don’t want a moass and then for everyone to bugger off and forget about the underlying problem. We need to fix the system.

  76. Transferred a decent amount of shares (for me at least) today! and also was able to open my account after my purchase went through :) :) :) Fidelity said it would take 2-3 weeks for my shares to transfer though :/ idk what's up with that

  77. Look at this absolute legend answering all my questions in one post. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this!

  78. Thanks for this, my smooth brain almost fucked with me and I had the urge to cancel my transfer. This has put my mind at ease and I will keep going!🦍❤️

  79. I’m actually smooth brained at this point, after scouring all the links and resources, I still have no clue if I can DRS my IRA or Roth IRA shares. I apologize, if anyone has insight on this, appreciate it.

  80. Not a lot of options with IRAs right now. Best lead so far is that company I linked. Camaplan. I would wait until

  81. So, this incredible well researched post has only 5.5 thousands likes while the Repo guy gets 20 thousands?! We are brain fucked!

  82. Nothing wrong with RRP guy but yes we have a problem with easy upvote content in general. Ive seen a lot of great DD get drowned in a wave of shitposts and memes.

  83. Posting this here as well to see if anyone can help. Every time I read about DRS it's a very simple approach to securing your shares, but what about European and Mexican Apes and others around the globe who own GameStop Class A shares (exactly same as GME) in GameStop Corp

  84. Help me out please: transferred almost half my shares to computershare from Fidelity. I have no account set up or any idea how to get to my shares. I think they said something about getting a letter in the mail from Computershare.

  85. It just clicked with me hard. These guys are going to fight on this one stock so hard, because as soon as we register the entire float…other companies shareholders will see and quickly follow suit. This is the beginning of the end of their absolute control of the markets. The scam is up. No more billions upon billions to stuff into numbered cayman island accounts. The robbery of a generation has been pulled over right in front of everyone’s faces. I hope one day the masses understand what’s been done to them and get furious enough to act. Find every bastard that’s intentionally stolen our dreams…and take that shit back with zero hesitation.

  86. Thank you SO much for this! As someone currently sick from concussion, my ability to focus on research and finding DD myself has been limited for months at this point. Thanks to you, I'll finally be able to get my shares registered as a European ape. So thank you for this pin, and to anyone who wrote these amazing guide. You da real mvps

  87. question.. in the future, gme shares in computershare registry involved in any splits will go directly to compshare or have to register them as well..

  88. That I don't know. It's probably worth googling if you are curious. Most of us, myself included didn't even know what shorting a stock was a year ago. We have very select knowledge and if it hasn't happened with GME a lot of us are clueless until we put in some more research time.

  89. Registered 100% of my shares last week (how long does it take?). Debating on continuing purchases through Vanguard or CS and can't make my mind up.

  90. No matter what anyone says diversification is always going to be the best play. You would be crazy not to have some shares in a broker.

  91. Has anyone had success with creating a CS account and gaining access to their transferred shares before receiving a letter in the mail?

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