$GME Daily Discussion - July 14, 2021

  1. Check out Netflix pre-market. They have been manipulating that price (upwards) just to get it in the green before having the article released. Batches of 100 shares, just like we have been seeing with $GME. It’s pathetic, honestly.

  2. Hahaha now I'm getting the Netflix spam. Ffs. What a crock of shit. If Google stadia couldn't do it then hopefully Netflix will fail as well.

  3. Don't forget amazon... Stadia had a decent run but it just hasn't caught the needed attention. Amazon Luna seems to be dead in the water. Netflix might have a decent shot but these streaming services aren't gonna replace traditional downloadable games and consoles/pc hardware.

  4. I'm hyped by this dip! You know why? Because evidently their asses are on fire if they attack with such a fury. Dips, FUD, shills? Something is coming and they know it! More and more they resemble cornered animals and we are a big pack of wereapes getting nearer and nearer.

  5. Standard Bloomberg Bullshit - an "un-named source" has said Netflix will start doing video games next year, which is why GME shares fell today....

  6. Total non news. They are discussing an idea and have an exec consultant. And if he had anything to do with EA Access we’ll be quite safe!

  7. An unnamed source told me that bloomberg will be sold to disney. (hint: it was the voice in my head)

  8. Guten Morgen from Germany, my fellow apes. I Hope you are doing good and that you won't let the FUD get to you. These hedgy shenanigans will eventually stop. If you hold the stock, nothing can go wrong. GME is debt free, floating cash, and transforming in a good direction. There is no chance that the hedgies get out of their desastrous short positions by driving the value to zero. Hence, all shorts must cover, and tendies will come our way. Heck, after the squeeze play GME will become a boomer bluechip stock. I hodl, and even though I sometimes have to grit my teeth and need a few deep breaths to swallow the ridiculous price manipulations, I am certain that by hodling my and your bets are the right ones. I wish us all a fantastic day and good trading. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

  9. I'm going to donate Mayo (and other things too) to food banks all over to make sure everyone gets their share. Kenny can't have it all.

  10. Closest thing to news was some rehashed netflix going into gaming article thing, which shills made sure we were aware of AS SOON as the price started dropping. I think they just wanted to drop the price because of option expiries on Friday, and they pretended that was the reason for the drop (With very little volume might I add)

  11. well when 60% ish of all transactions were shorting, its not hard to figure out why price go down. Makes no difference. Hold.

  12. jokes that webull news reporting SPY as top rated reddit interest. partly coz we're talking about it so much yet also potentially encouraging the unaware to invest in it.

  13. Little do they know we are mentioning it because its constant pump is some clown stuff, and we get excited when it falls

  14. Not for nothing but DFV bought gamestop at 154.69....so I bet you dollars to donuts hes buying more

  15. Not sure how much extra capital he has left to invest from other investments, or from any other option trades he might have been doing since his last position update, but if I do know something is that he likes his round numbers and consistency, so he probably won't be buying more unless he can afford 50k/100k shares

  16. I'm excited post MOASS so that I can finally get some decent sleep. Reading all these titty jacking hype posts all day keeps me awake all night

  17. This thing better shoot up soon realtalk they cant be able to push it more that would be more then criminal.

  18. Didn’t pay attention to the price action yesterday. Looked. Got spooked. Read about the OTM and ITM puts. You know how someone gets offended when you tell them their story doesn’t add up? That’s because they’re lying.

  19. Big price drops bring doubt, doubt brings fear and fear makes paper hands of new apes; especially the thousands that buy into the Hype that is around particular days.

  20. Ugh so pissed I’m tapped out and have no money for this gorgeous dip. I’ve got my measly x shares and I’m gonna make them count, god dammit!

  21. As the US market opens I’ll be into my third dream with not a care in the world. This body is tired from working 12 hour shifts 12 nights straight. Diamond hands, more like diamond eye lids. 💎😴🦍🚀👩‍🚀🍌👊

  22. I don't understand how other executives can comment on the manipulation of their stock while ours only dish out cryptic tweets?

  23. New stupid idea to beat the hedgies. Let's post all the real DD under the Shit DD flair and vice versa so the HFs have less chance to know our general knowledge and thought process.

  24. Do you guys see how low the volume is in the German market? 400 shares drops the price by $2? LMAO! The hedge funds are fucked. Beyond fucked. There are no shares left. We're quite literally on the cusp of the MOASS.

  25. I'm not sure, the way I see it, if we start to head back up to 200, we probably won't stop around there! 🚀🍌🚀🚀

  26. I wonder how many people saw that dip in AH and couldn’t wait to buy more at market open? I know I just got more on the German exchange, the price is too fucking good.

  27. That moment when you watch your favorite podcaster and he talks with an etf expert and this guy literally called us useless and that DFV was stupid luck…

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