The Jungle Beat- Monday 06-28-2021- Important Sub Updates! 🦍🤝💪

  1. I was just reading a post on another stock sub which said there are a lot of people here on Superstonk who talk down their stock (on this sub). The poster and many of the commentors felt this was a shill FUD tactic to sow division amongst the apes. They also stated (not sure if this is true) that in spite of Superstonk's policy of not mentioning other stocks by name, posts bashing Stock X were being allowed to slide.

  2. I will likely be unable to comment (again) after the increase in karma requirements due to brigading. It's okay, I didn't comment much anyway.

  3. I was thinking the same thing would happen to me but we are apes and apes help apes, look at that karma now! 💎🤲🦍🚀🌑

  4. I will continue to buy and hold even if I can’t post. I can’t meme for shit anyways and my DD is reading wrinkling brains.

  5. We know you are with us. But the way I look at you is that you are definitely, and I repeated definitely, not a little nobody. You are mighty APE standing with us. We will all see our bananas.

  6. Hear Hear. I just started being able to comment, but back to creepin in the shadows for me. Love you all. Farewell Apes

  7. We have a few in the works but some other things are requiring more pressing attention atm, and we want to deliver quality. So they have been temporarily postponed.

  8. January ape here. Just needed to vent and say I had a shite day and am extremely annoyed with how long they can kick this can. That said I will continue to hold but DAMN LETS FUCKING GO ALREADY

  9. Ride ain't over yet bb. Just gotta sit tight and enjoy life in the meantime. This won't seem like a long time in hindsight.

  10. It's okay Superstonk. I'm a one-sub man bb. I don't need to shit on any of the other investors. Ook ook motherfucker.

  11. My thoughts exactly! I just barely hit the newest requirements, but I'll lurk quietly if necessary for the benefit of the many. Can anyone tell me how to switch my "voted" to "Buckle up"?

  12. Every time I reach the new karma limits, the karma limits increases. But that is for the best of the community and I understand

  13. Dear Mods and Apes - thank you for all having faith in this space of ours. Superstonk has come to mean a LOT to many of us, for both education and comraderie.

  14. Anyone else not able to load the daily thread? All other posts load for me but I just keep getting a reddit error on the daily

  15. U/pinkcatsonacid the “paid shill” link references a 20+ year old story that’s circulated forums forever. This 2007 post was modified a bit from the original, posted in the late 90’s. The point being, the article referenced here as fact is, in fact,

  16. I swear to BANANYA you sexy af mods are the true heros keeping our GME playground a safe space -- thank you for all you do!

  17. On one hand it's a shame that there have to be ever stricter measures of defense...on the other hand that shows the growing desperation to break the ape spirit by any means.

  18. Just got outta an operation they had me hooked up to a BP monitor. Soo many green spikes. Had some PTSD PTGMED. Glad to see squeeze decided not to take off while I was under. 🍻🦍

  19. Not feisty. Just trying to keep the space protected when the enemy is trying to beat down our gates! You guys do an awesome job!

  20. My tits are jacked that Satori is on brigade evidence duty as well as shill stopping! I fully expect there to be no damning evidence. It's just a fud spreader and convenient way to isolate us all in one.

  21. This is the first jungle beat I’ve read and man, it hits hard. Do whatever you need to mods. You’re on the front lines, I’m on my couch.

  22. proud to be in this jungle with you mods and fellow apes, may we all find our own banana grove to dwell in.

  23. I like the stock. I don't like the shills. I believe in free speech. I don't think money should buy speech. I don't agree with the Supreme Court Citizens United ruling. Citidel does not deserve personhood or a shill army to do its bidding

  24. Feistiness utterly justified, and appreciated :D This was a great JB, and I am really impressed to see how on top of things you mods stay. I am all but certain that the brigading problem is a shill campaign. Well spotted, and thank you for your service!

  25. Can Satori (or another bot like it) be coded to search all of reddit for people mentioning SuperStonk then have the bot reply to it along the lines of they aren't affiliated with the sub/gme etc

  26. I have enjoyed your writing style since day 1 - thanks for everything you and the mods do here!

  27. I know I'm not alone, and don't have to do it alone, but damn do I need more energy. Trying to keep the shills at bay and keep the party rooling is downright exhausting sometimes.

  28. Omg I genuinely love you all. The fact that you’re getting Satori to get data for us 😍😍 apes stand together! No claims without facts to back it up

  29. A toast to GameStop who, on first day in the Russell 1000 index, outperformed the index by 13.77x. GME went up 1.79% while the index only went up 0.13%.

  30. Hi Pink, just in case you're in the mood to hand out flairs today, here's my Flair request pretty *please (with the ∞ like shown): ♾️ Infinity P∞l Lifeguard 💎

  31. Instead of the line two truths and a lie, I’m going to say two things you’ll like and one thing you’ll see differently. 😅 1) Thanks for doing what you’re doing keeping this sub thriving 2) I’m impressed by Satori and that it’s gonna help to bring out the truth (you don’t just accept accusations, you want the truth and know if shills are pretending be stonkers) And now what you might not agree with, if I interpreted your words corrextly. In the past month - the last two weeks not so much - I’ve seen a lot of mocking of “that” stock. The fact that this is the way we refer to it says a lot. Although I agree that MSM is nothing but a hypocrite moneymaking propaganda machine, I think their “that stock” statement was right. I’m curious, knowing that those hand-puppets don’t study us that well, why they said it, and what the real play behind it is. For many comments I’ve seen , were way harsher and inciting than “mwah, I don’t care about that stock; I won’t let that distract me”. I think they wanted a divide and are baiting us again, but I have seen some dubious activity here too (maybe by shills)

  32. Don’t think I’m approved and don’t think I can post but that’s cool. Been in this since Jan, respect what you’ve all taught me with the DD I read every morning (my new norm/ritual). Do what you need to and thanks for keeping us informed. Post squeeze I want to come to the US and met you crazy apes. UK ape signing out and going to sleep. Catch you tomorrow!

  33. Doing great PCOA and the whole mod team. It would be impressive if you were being paid full time for this, but the fact that yall are volunteers in nothing short of amazing.

  34. Aw man, I love the shield wall pic, it really made me realise what's happening in a physical sense. I'd say we're more roman though, the ultimate defense strat 💎💎

  35. What a crazy journey we’re on. Once we reach the moon, imagine the drama filled documentary we get to watch. All the laughter and crying reminiscing about the great MOASS war of 2021.

  36. Shoutout to our incredible Mods! You do a fantastic job behind the scenes dealing with unimaginable bullshit and I appreciate it so much! You’ve given us all a community to freely talk about what will be the biggest event in financial history and that is invaluable.

  37. We love the sub! I was just informed of a Playlist on Spotify and I gotta say, the apes who made the original songs, that's quality content you only get here! I'll probably be a lurker again with the new requirements so never forget

  38. Despite the negative votes and ridicule received previously for my views on the Brigading matter (I assume from shills/trolls/uninformed apes) this approach to Brigading's accusations is what I've been waiting for, and I find it simply perfect. My sincere congratulations to

  39. !aperove! I too am a lurker that likes to put his two cents in from time to time. This sub is our last bastion of defense from the house of mirrors they try to put us in every day. My deepest thanks to our mods for doing all they do to keep this sub solid. I have been through both great migrations and been a hodler since Jan. This sub is the absolute best of what being an ape truly is....let's keep it going by supporting in every way we can!

  40. I'm just commenting because I want satori to give me a ruddy good shake down so I know I'm not a shill. 🥺 Ive been holding so long I don't know which way is up any more!

  41. Hello pink, you seriously do amazing work and I have come to appreciate your style of writing like I would that of an old friend. Keep up the amazing work and keep taking good care of yourself✊🦍 the JB is a highlight of my day everyday and I know I’m not the only one!🚀🚀🚀

  42. There are apes in other subs lurking but still apes. Apes don’t fight apes. We know own goals and purpose. I’m pretty sure we who’ve been here a while just roll eyes 🙄 and jeep on scrolling. Thanks Pink and Mods for all you do! I love this sub.

  43. I can't even imagine how tough and tiring it must be to mod this sub on a daily basis. Just wanted to let you know that there's probably thousands of lurkers around here that quietly but GREATLY appreciate the amazing content you and many other provide for us.

  44. "This is a stock forum post from 2007 from a paid shill. It clearly details how it works to be a paid actor in online forums, sent to bash a stock to the long positions in the community. This activity is as old as the internet chat room (a/s/l? :P).

  45. You rock pinkcat, I’m thankful every day for you and the incredible mod team. You have all done and continue to provide such an incredible service. Having been an immigrant first from the original bets sub to other ticker named sub.. finally to here. What you have done is so important to this community. Thank you 🙏

  46. Pink I hope nobody on the mod team has been doxxed in anyway. You guys really are sticking your necks out there and I wholeheartedly appreciate it. That said I would gladly contribute for lawyer fees if anyone needs to go that route. I hope they do, this fight has many fronts.

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