The Jungle Beat- Friday 06-18-2021 FLAIR FRIDAY 🦍🌴🥁🔥🚀🚀

  1. That is the best fucking flair I've ever seen! I want to award you but I spent all my disposable income on GME sorry

  2. Amazing as always. I almost never comment, but I read EVERYTHING in this sub, and I’m all in. Therefore, I would love the flair: “Lurking to the Moon 🌙”

  3. Can I get the Melissa lee part removed from my flair? It was a bit and people think I actually like her. She’s really nasty to my man Dave

  4. Can I have a flair with “LOTTERY WINNER, WENT ALL IN” with fucking rockets and bananas😍😍😍 just won 12.000$ and going all in when I get the monerrhhh

  5. I don’t need a flair, I’m just here to say take a break and have a great weekend. I’ll see you in here tomorrow.

  6. Ok I don’t watch news, so no influence there.. don’t listen to any noise surrounding gme, but I’ve noticed it doesn’t move like it did a month ago. A beta of -31 or whatever should mean it is inverse or let’s say SPY, but it doesn’t. Obv still up? Sure, but there’s selling pressure whether it be from rc’s money grab or more likely institutions selling. Although I’m retarded, I’ve done the maf and something doesn’t add up. Why was the vote count not announced? Some apes had to literally pay to have their vote counted, yet GameStop cannot release the results?? That’s fucked, I’m pissed. All this fiddle farting around memeing about dumb shit isn’t helping, I want data. U hear me RC? As a stockholder I feel betrayed by having pertinent information withheld. Downvote me all you want, I like the stock as much as any other ape. Make some more memes and fiddle fart around with media bullshit some more eh, it won’t help. I demand a vote count from the shareholder meeting. The company’s future is all good, now spill the beans and let an 🦍 know the truth! Or don’t, and get fucked

  7. Feeling the Beat at last! :) I was hitting refresh like it was a banana bongo! :) Thanks Beat team!

  8. Can I get "GME 4 U and Me" as flair please. I've asked before and only got half of it as flair and was hoping to get the whole thing

  9. Flair me please I’m always late to these things!!! “Drinking wine with diamond hands 💎🍷

  10. It's finally here! Thank you for all the work you put into this <3. Also i am going to try again. Please could i get a 'Hairy Banana' flair? Happy Friday!

  11. Hi Pink!! May I please have the flair 💪🏼🦍 Lance Apestrong 🦍💪🏼 ? Thank you 😊

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