Friday June 10th documentation, I'm behind on my edits with about 25hrs of footage to work through still.

  1. I know when I'm completely comfortable with a situation I pace around like an absolute lunatic for hours too.

  2. It's a 37 floor building making that the 33rd level. Anyone got a directory. What does that floor manage?

  3. FINALLY! All I wanted this entire saga was for someone to visually confirm that there indeed were people working into the night.

  4. As much as I wish that was him, I promise you our boy Kenny has not seen anything but the top floor of any Citadel building in years.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised to find out Kenny G hasnt been in the US since Feb or Mar and has done any communication from one of his yachts or mansions from many several thousands of miles away.

  6. This the new Pokémon Snap DLC? Because I will head to my local gamestop to pick up this DLC

  7. If you plan to improve your material and buy a camera with better zoom or better night quality, create a gofundme and I will pay for it.

  8. I watched the full 7 minutes you bet your ass that if we fund a better setup, it WILL be the opening scene to the movie

  9. I can't afford to do much of anything but I've got some. If a bunch of apes got together and crowdfunded even just a buck a piece this guy would have HQ 4k footage of the pacing man in no time.

  10. Let's get this person a 400mm lens and a doubler. Should be able to get clear facial detail from that distance. I'll send them a Photographic Intelligence Capture PP from Naval Special Warfare

  11. A long time ago, when my business wasn’t doing well, I drove a “black car” basically an expensive cab service during the evening shifts.

  12. Its strange to think these massive financial institutions are just populated with humans at the end of the day, no matter how corrupt they might be.

  13. The phone guy has a GF in Asia and is ending the relationship on the Phone because he FTD her a birthday present. Pretty normal thing I guess.

  14. I used to work in finance and knew I was gonna be losing my job soon. Believe me, I know that late night anxious pacing anytime I see it.

  15. Are you sure they haven't took inspiration from home alone where Kevin fakes the party and it's not Michael Jordan's cutout on a toy train

  16. Why would you be on a phone call for hours in the middle of the night at the financial institution where you work. What’s so important that it can’t wait until regular business hours?

  17. That was a look of desperation. I'm assuming he is in upper leadership. that room he was pacing around in for hours my have important information in it. Like a private office since it's the center of the building and seems closed off . But that doesn't explain why he was messing with the terminal in the other room. Just brain storming while eating crayons.

  18. Execs would be on the top floor. It might be a good idea to look up the standard floor layout for a hedgefund. I imagine they put admin on the bottom, the trading pit in the middle, and management at the top, but it would be interesting to actually get granular and decipher who is doing what and when just from movement in the building.

  19. We have gained the upper hand on our oppressors and can now work as directors, editors, and any other 'studio-media roles' as deemed fit following the war of the planet of the apes

  20. Do we have any footage or pictures from 2020 or so? I'd imagine they have workers during evenings/nights too, since timezones and such.

  21. He's probably calling his wealthy investors to let them know their investments are all gone. I know I'd be pacing around like that too...

  22. That’s a great point to consider. Which office is this, or what is this zone typically used for? I’d be really curious to see if anyone can find out!

  23. Dam what I’d give to hear what they are talking about, I’m pretty sure it would involve getting a large container of mayo 😂

  24. Plot twist: That one guy moving back and forth is non-stop checking superstonk and he can't wait for MOASS to quit his job.

  25. David Attenborough Voice - and here we have a nearly extinct species, doing his utmost to kick the Margin can, before he, himself, kicks the can (financial bucket)

  26. And this is exactly what hedge funds do to see which way to go on stocks, they do deep searches like parking lots, and I’m sure there are many questionable other tactics they pursue. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do exactly this to see which companies they are looking to bankrupt next by shorting into the ground.

  27. This is like a clip from Margin Call that didn't make the cut in the movie. Love the scene with the pacing guy.

  28. It appears floors 29-31 are being gutted and renovated per recent permits pulled for 131 Dearborn per

  29. Every light in the building is on. The top floor looks like the crack of dawn. The hallways look like runway lights. It's kinda like dawn in the dead of night.

  30. Same, was more concerned for OP's safety. Not really the conspiracy type, but they could easily figure out his stakeout location, and considering the lengths they go to for their wealth...

  31. TIL losing billions because a bunch of apes on reddit can cause you restless leg syndrome, insomnia and hyper anxiety

  32. So that guy is in charge of fixing it? He doesn't seem like he's doing ok so maybe it's a good thing that apes are watching as we could call 911 when he is done trying.

  33. I was so convinced there would be a jump scare the more you zoomed in 😂 please make this into a meme with Ken’s face at the end 😂😂

  34. Since you live/work/are right there,any chance you would hang out front during a busy time- lunch or in the morning- and hand out flyers about the whistleblower program ?

  35. "Dio can you hear me, I'm lost and so alone. Marge keeps on calling, while I'm talking on my phone."

  36. When you're stuck in the office and your smart watch keeps reminding you need more steps for the day. ;D

  37. Monday Memo: All windows are being outfitted with blinds effective today. They are managed by building security and cannot be opened by any employee ranked C7 or lower other than authorized security personnel.

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