You see this bullshit? Synthetic FUD to the Max. What a bunch of dumb assholes.

  1. Isn’t spreading false information to affect a stocks price considered market manipulation? If that is true, this article breaks the law. Is this libel? Could GameStop sue these companies that? On the filing it says “with” “working with the sec”.

  2. While paying to foment is technically illegal, it's hard to prove.... certainly the MSM isn't going to admit to being complicit but they 100% are as much to blame for taking bribes to print this sort of shit. In some cases the very same HFs who are publishing are profiting from these falsehoods, which is also illegal, but rarely if ever prosecuted

  3. Every article they post is market manipulation. "Forget about GME, check this hot meme stocks" "Wendy´s is soaring, buy before it is too late", etc ,etc. How isnt that market manipulation?

  4. On the file gamestop said the investigation won’t “adversely affect” them AKA it can’t hurt them. This is 100% lying by fortune

  5. So sick and tired of the blatant goddamn lies, manipulation, and full out propaganda against GameStop as well as the stock itself. Sue these cocksuckers to the ground.

  6. I mean technically GameStop price dropped and they did announce that GameStop is being investigated by the sec. they didn’t “lie” they just said it in a way that would make you believe that the stock price dropped because the sec is looking into GameStop for violations in their company rather than the stock drops after every fucking shareholder meeting and gme etfs were shorted to shit, and the sec asked for help to investigate naked shorts and over voting on GameStop and the violators are the naked Shorter’s.

  7. Consider it a gift to buy more at a lower than fair market value. Eventually the fuckery gets owned if we persist.

  8. I used to work for a fortune 100 financial institution. There's is absolutely no way I'd have been able to even internally publish a document with red pedestrian crossing sign in it prominenalty next to a a companies name.

  9. Yeah that "stop" and "one way" implies that the run up will stop and go down in one direction. It's purposeful FUD.

  10. Fear based clickbait headlines that twist the truth to get clicks to generate ad revenue. They don’t care at all about people, companies, or reality - they are vampires and they only care about revenue.

  11. It’s misleading but probably not legally actionable. There’s a high bar for suing the press for libel (in “print” is libel not slander)—which is a good thing. Just because GME says “working with” doesn’t mean the press can’t interpret it differently… thus the headline isn’t demonstrably false. Is it despicable? Yes. Actionable? Pretty much no.

  12. The sec is investigating gme, not because gme has done wrong but because of all the naked shorts. Here comes the BOOM!

  13. Unreal. Sometimes I feel like I'm part of a conspiracy theory or literally am living in a simulation. It's seriously depressing to see this shit and know the blindfold is over so many regular people

  14. Some people like to be spoon fed crap. 🦍🦍🦍 go looking for answers as to ‘why’. Well, most apes. 🧠🦍

  15. It's certainly daunting, mate. Even worse if you think about just how long this has been going on. Money controls the narrative.

  16. Welcome to the big leagues, where every adult is a lying cocksock and only care about their interests. Now read som politics and be evem more crazed

  17. my friends (who are also invested in GME, by the way, due to my recommendations are now 100% ahead on their returns) still call me a conspiracy theorist, despite everything I've been sharing from this community for the last few months coming true. so so frustrating

  18. Yeah, it's a bit disheartening, but I try to see the greener side. The people being blindfolded are most likely to paper hand. Rocket's going places regardless. Better to stock it full of diamonds instead.

  19. This GME experience has shown me how fucked up all this media crap is. Not too long ago I was using them as my source for info. I knew there was some deception but never realized it was this bad. They’ll twist anything to push it in their direction. I guess just do opposite of what they say.

  20. right? people who know and speak the truth are the dumbies, and MSM, which originally should uncover shit, now acts as a lid for the ton of shit

  21. But I just really curious, why GameStop and other long big whales just fight back or talk positive on the MSM? It’s time to do it now, right? I mean you don’t need to break stock market rule to do it. But talk positively about the company.

  22. Totally. And look at the image and how they use semiotics to deter buying. One way sign pointed left (back) and the crosswalk tells you to ”stop” or don’t enter the crosswalk. It’s freaking evil. Lies and manipulation.

  23. Well. Give it a few minutes. Looks like the price is on its way back up, so this is gonna age as well as room temperature milk.

  24. The Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect - most of us know this inherently by now, but it’s nice to know it’s recognised as a phenomenon.

  25. Lol, clearly Katrina Lewis and Kristine Owram don't have much of a future in journalism since they don't do any research prior to gossiping. Either incompetence or attempted manipulation, neither sounds ethical.

  26. Their target audience for this post doesn’t hold gme anyway. This is actually to prevent any new people to come in. Apes own the current float anyway, and this is just confirmation bias. My favorite part of this saga has been watching the msm FUD cannon.

  27. Love the way they twisted the story. Can RC sue them? Gme helping sec investigate the manipulation naked short, somehow turn into BEING investigate???

  28. 😂😂😂 next it’s going to say that GameStop is selling more shares than it had available lmao ! Headline “ GameStop Ran by Greed ! Sells 10x the amount of shares available “ Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 just laugh and nod boys , laugh and nod . 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  29. Lol apparently willingly cooperating with the SEC who is looking into a myriad of meme stocks and the strange sell action around them amounts to “being investigated”.

  30. The FUD from these mainstream websites. I always knew the media is full of shit. But if this whole ordeal has taught me anything, anything coming from the media is false. They have 0 integrity.

  31. It's dropping because idiots are investing in the stocks that Shitadel is pump and dumping. They're allowing Shitadel to momentarily cover some of their asses and making the squeeze take LONGER.

  32. Yep. Just got an alert for an article saying “Gme is dropping Bc investors are getting tired of waiting...analyst says”. Massive fud campaign rn to try to target the ppl not on Reddit or discord. It’s to prevent a buying rush and more ppl jumping on after positive earnings

  33. LMAO. Just got a notification from yahoo finance that “GameStop shares fall as investors are getting tired of waiting”. What fucking planet do they live on?

  34. You are so right OP. I made a post the other day about this exact the sneaky twisting of language to fit an alternate narrative.

  35. I was so bothered by this, that I felt compelled to send a nice letter to Gamestop Investor relations....feel free to use this as you wish.

  36. my neighbor who goes to the store everyday to buy a newspaper,, stopped by and said ..your fucked now. your stock is going down. because of the investigation.. UNBELIEVABLE

  37. How is this actually allowed to be printed? It's a out-and-out lie! Cohen should consider suing them for purposely trying to damage GameStop's brand

  38. These dips are definitely caused by the mass shorting of ETFs and you can see a massive increase in their short volume and borrow rates

  39. It’s lame, but I had just enough in my account to buy one more share thanks to these tactics… although I also would have been happy with the shares I already had but who can turn down a black Friday sale?

  40. Let's correct that Past trading of its shares is being investigated and will not affect GME in any way and they are fully copreating with the SEC in the investigation

  41. Amazing how they frame these stories ! If you have no idea what’s going on and see this article you would think “GameStop did something illegal, the sec is after them, this is bad news”

  42. This is what msm is allowed to do. They can title their stories to be as misleading as possible and then 5-infinity days later they can make a retraction telling the truth about the actual situation knowing nobody will care or read that part.

  43. Don't worry, they'll print a retraction next month, buried in the section people place in their bird cage without reading. Totally legit. Not sure why people think journalism is a joke...

  44. Can we open a counter publisher that just debunks this shit. Like literally just exists to attack motley fool and tools like them

  45. We should file a class action suit against every media outlet that is intentionally spreading misleading information. It’s a slam dunk.

  46. THIS IS A GOOD THING!! It doesn’t change the DD, Float, board members or math for that matter. IT DOES lower the already undervalued price so we can BUY, HODL, and BUCKEL in for more

  47. Is it worth trying to contact Fortune editors? I'm not sure to what end, but to have a lot of people calling out this blatant bullshit would have to have some positive effect. I could just be naive though.

  48. This is like the police asking you to testify against the person that robbed your house and the news writes an article implying that YOU are being investigated for robbery instead

  49. Yea but just know this. We all know who is being investigated for the fraud and it isn't the company. This just makes your purchase today of shares provide a greater return in the near future.

  50. Cnbc is also claiming Reddit has New Meme stocks according to Bank of America. Like first of all who gives a s*** about Bank of America II off that's not how that works


  52. Wow! Unbelievable! Hedgies crimes are being investigated into how they victimized Gamestop and they attempt to spin that into FUD.

  53. Hoping lots of people stop using MSM as a news source soon. They did the same thing in 07-08. Reassure people their real estate and market investments were going to do great while their masters were selling nearly everything they could behind the scenes.

  54. Bloomberg used the phrase: GameStop, a money-losing company - in the middle of an article talking about their good financial statement.

  55. This looks like it would be worth suing, not to win, just to expose why they would twist this or who pays them. To the DOJ, this is not just. Just saying. SEC, let's see more enforcing. FBI, operation Bermuda Shorts was great! Hint hint Mr. President, pretty much anything you do to clean up the markets would boost your approval rating. DEA, an awful lot of hyperactive hedge fund managers floating around. Senators, your cash cow is sick and it needs to be legitimized. Secret service, one word. Counterfeit. IRS, how do you tax, counterfeit shares? Come on! I know you are all reading this.

  56. Request for information for an investigation is not the same as being investigated. My bet is the SEC wants to build a strong case against hedgies and MM's and maybe even the DTCC to cover the SEC ass. Someone has to fall on their sword. SEC has to show that GME is innocent and collect data on the actors that are not so innocent.

  57. I saw all kinds of bogus articles being put out as if they were coordinating the articles with the drop to get everyone to shake. They just didn't count on me being retarded. Whenever they write something bad about GME I'm compelled to buy more. I think I have a GME problem. I'm glad I have this great group of apes to help me through my buying problems. Cheers.

  58. GameStop should sue Fortune. That is not simply a misleading headline. That is a headline that will cost them money, and it’s not true.

  59. Lmao, yea investigates because it’s the victim of naked short selling. Fuck the media jfc

  60. OP make sure to include in the picture the author’s name if possible. At a minimum the author should be publicly reprimanded.

  61. Available on Twitter, the author of the article is Katrina Lewis and she welcomes you to email her at

  62. If they were being investigated by the SEC (vs. voluntarily asking the SEC to look at something, aka reality) the SEC is so toothless it doesn’t even matter. Look at Google, France fines them, the SEC says “move along”.

  63. I bought at 280, 270 and 250 so we should keep buying the deeps and hit hard the is a real Armageddon

  64. This is just unreal. That headline is such BS, I think Gamestop needs a full legal team to go after all these shill media outlets. My smooth brain believes this drop in price is due to large institutional investors relending out the shares they had recalled to vote with yesterday.

  65. For any wrinkly brained lawyers in here. Can you set up one of those gofundme accounts? If each super stonk ape donated a dollar, we could start fighting back.

  66. In times of trouble, I turn to the wise words of LG: “It’s unbelievable that this big banks has still employ this type of people, you should resign for your lack of knowledge of things, it’s not like that you don’t understand, you are very one of the best, it’s not like you don’t understand our business , you don’t understand your own business. You are a disaster. You are an embarrassment to your parents. With this being said, we are going to use money to reward the long-term shareholders. So, if the stock continues to go down based on these kids that play with computers and somebody else’s money, we are going to buy back stock. We are going to screw this guy so badly that I don’t believe that they will be able to only resign. They will have to commit suicide.”

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