$GME Daily Discussion - June 09, 2021

  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/o32f2i/whats_happening_with_the_options_on_july_16th/

  2. Nice little bump in the last 5 minutes of open market that kept going after close, bringing us up a full 20 points since the day low.

  3. Since it rips in AH I assume someone offered shares to the market on regular hours. I see a regular T+21 pattern forming afterwards.

  4. I know you’re all gonna hate me but I texted my dad last Friday and said, “if I didn’t like the stock so much I’d buy 220 puts for next week”

  5. Man, the Russell1000 discussions are getting me jacked! Since reconstitution happens after market close on 6/25... seems like a done deal that there'll be fireworks on 7/4!!!

  6. Yea man we’re all gona paper hand coz of this shock dip following earnings. Oh my it must’ve been bad then. Except it was positive? Last ditch effort to shake paper hands out before the 8K filing etc and all its details/share count comes out, I think so.

  7. Indexes are random lists of stocks, that lots of people follow. If you get into a new list, lots of people will want to buy your stock. Brrrrr.

  8. Coordinated. Cash raised by pnd. Gamestop offers new shelf from time to time. Paperhands sell in lit market dragging price down, shorts buy in FINRA dark pool. Net effect, we go back to the beginning and start over.

  9. Mr Cohen cmon man we know your in here. One of these accounts is you, it has to be. What if he’s a Mod and we just haven’t figured it out yet? My tits are jacked bring me to the moon daddy Cohen.

  10. So 55 million shares voted? But the float is 73 million. Why are we saying that 100% of the shares were voted then? Can insiders not vote? I would appreciate an explanation. Thanks, apes :)

  11. Many good news. And even if you don't have a tinfoil hat you can't ignore this and even official short % at 20 which makes this primed for a squeeze.


  13. I managed to do some portfolio reshuffling to free up 5k, shall I yolo it into GME? At least the premarket is looking good ;-)

  14. Whoever they hired to pop in with the FUD makes it too obvious! Can’t pretend to be an ape while trying to point fingers at other apes.

  15. I've literally seen blue-collar workers get in fist-fights at bars then sit at the same table the next week drinking like they're best friends. There is a level of camaraderie down here that they cannot even fucking begin to understand. This group is unbreakable. Scrolly could spank my ass until it bleeds and I'll be back tomorrow.

  16. “Automated procedures have been in place for years to eliminate virtually all instances of over-reporting so that does not carry though to a final vote tally. In this respect, at least, over-voting is arguably no longer a problem.” Wtf did u expect?

  17. So I have t checked out Twitter yet. Should I be afraid? Lol. Doesn’t matter cause the price is wrong!

  18. I’m gonna go with today. Then tomorrow. And then everyday until it actually happens. Tits are jacked and nothings gonna bring me down!

  19. Why does nobody talk about Larry Cheng being brought on board ? He will bring in money as well right ?with his VC.

  20. Please help me understand, is it true that every share was voted that was eligible? How can that be when 25% of my XX shares were in a broker that didn't let me vote, a situation which I'm probably not alone?

  21. Every vote was counted that was submitted and eligible. Votes that weren't submitted are not in the vote count. If your broker didn't allow you to vote, your votes were simply not included.

  22. I found this read helpful. Basically it doesn’t matter what count is in the 8-k because synthetic shares aren’t included in the count. It’s adjusted at the broker level. I find 55mil to be super bullish considering this and that it was April and that so many apes couldn’t vote. 🚀🌖

  23. So is it normal, that announcement of a new CEO and better quarterly results than expected result in a significant drop of the stock price? Asking for a friend...

  24. Only if the general consensus is that it's a truly exceptional quarter and they are going to be absolute trash again going forward.

  25. It IS already "DoUbLe cHeCked", Wes said it is a common practice for the proxy to trim the count

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