Guess who recently increased their position by over 280% in the company responsible for our Reddit outage today? Hint: Kenny Boy

  1. This. 700k shares is nothing and you have to be crazy if you think they can shut down the internet because of 700k shares...

  2. Jumping on a top comment to say my tinfoil theories were yelling at me telling me this was not a coincidence.

  3. Na, prolly marked their shorts long on accident again. Perhaps they buy a smaller long position to use as buffers/walls like we see with gamestop. Perhaps they have tons of undeclared shorts on it. Just saying that they seem to have one game (naked shorting) and they do almost exclusively that.

  4. As someone who works in tech, I can't believe Fastly took down all their customers because one of their investors told them to. If word of this ever leaked, Fastly would lose all their customers and go out of business real quick. Enough people would have been involved that it would not stay quiet.

  5. Then as someone who works in tech you would of course understand that only a few key people need to be paid off at fastly to accomplish this.

  6. This. IF (and that‘s a very big if) a hedge fund wanted to screw with people‘s internet access, they‘d just pay a hacker group to do it, but in a way that‘s completely deniable through multiple intermediaries.

  7. So, as someone who works in tech, you really wouldn’t consider the possibility of a DDoS attack considering the CDN is said to be the culprit? Come on now.

  8. An investor with less than 1% of shares outstanding no less. I feel like people are wanting there to be a connection here. Citadel owns shares in a lot of companies, that's what HFs do. They don't own enough shares to have what's considered significant influence over the company.

  9. Yeah agreed, they'd have to have ownership/hostile takeover type level of shares to have that kind of clout I would think. What I think is far more likely is they bought some of their IT people out and had them fuck things up and make it look like an accident

  10. I can't really tell if this is a tinfoil hat theory or if it is legit. 👆 Up with you to the wrinklies

  11. Saw another post which had data of all big shareholders and blackrock for example hat a significantly bigger portion of shares, so I wouldn’t think too much about it atm until there are other connections made Edit:

  12. Haha! I bet they considered it. But could you imagine the apes response? Not just here either, the other investing subs would go nuts. The game would be well an truly up.

  13. Is this for real?? LOL. I haven't seen a movie with such an interesting story line in recent times.

  14. I have used daily Fastly in my last role and this happens at times. They use a Reverse Proxy to serve content, via Varnish (caching service).

  15. Wow they really don’t mess around do they? Too bad for them. Throwing everything they got at us, we’ll just make sure to keep catching those bananas. 🦍💎

  16. As we know in the past Fintel hasn’t been honest on SI so best take this filing with a grain of salt.

  17. Currently going through all of Fastly's performance outage history to see if it coincides with any big GME dates, buildings with lights on dates or any other assorted flavors of fuckery.

  18. Remember, there are no coincidences. This was an attack, plain and simple, and nothing so far has changed my mind otherwise. We are winning. Fuck Kenny. Fuck Kyle. Fuck ‘em all.

  19. I don't really see what this means or what the actual benefit they would have derived from this would be.. But i still don't like it! 💎👐🏽

  20. 😂 Kenny: well if they won’t stop bullying me thru the internet, I’m gonna buy their stupid internet and turn it off!

  21. Me who went from 1 share during some random time to over 28 during some other random time (looks away)

  22. For some reason the company I work for had many system issues as well. Same thing happened when Kenny dropped the price.

  23. Eh I think the fastly call/put position is nothing as they essentially have the power to dictate price. The call/put ratio is nearly similar and the shares they own are typical of what a normal market maker should have. They can then use the shares to adjust the price of their calls or puts to profitability or flash their position online and then take advantage of volatility. They profit both ways in situations like this, and it’s usually smart to stay hedged. Watch an Anton kreil youtube video on hedging and interest rates, then you might understand the call/put straddle using derivatives. The market makers still shouldn’t be allowed to hold calls or puts as they are supposed to be selling calls or puts until someone else opens a similar position in a sell to open fashion.

  24. I'm not saying no but... I don't think they need to buy shares to make them do things. Money would be enough. Also keep in mind, when you buy shares you buy from the market, nothing goes to the company (unless specific cases we know)

  25. If you look at the 1 week chart for Fastly and the 1 week chart for GME they are correlating strongly. Looks like more CSO's. (Collaterized Synthetic Obligations) or some sort of total return swap is going on recently.

  26. Initially, I thought, “OK, here we go, tinfoil hat time”. However, having worked in IT for close to 30yrs, my mind was changed after I read this. The amount of investment Citadel has in Fastly really isn’t important. The important part is that they are both connected financially. For this reason, and knowing how totally corrupt these dirtbags are, I find it absolutely believable that a DDoS attack would originate from Fastly’s network (as the BBC has stated), in order to impede the inescapable MOASS that’s coming. If they did impact network traffic, it’s a very, very good bet they will be doing it again as needed. Who cares if it’s illegal? What’s anyone going to do? Litigate? Maybe. If so, that will take time, something these criminals are in dire need of. This could be very important and I hope gets more attention.

  27. While it could be connected, I think it may be a bit of a reach to think that any company citadel has financial ties to is linked to their scheme... they manage a vast portion of trading nationwide and own shares in thousands or more of companies.

  28. I'm from the UK. As soon as the BBC was mentioned I was done. If they told me the Pope was a Catholic I wouldn't believe them.

  29. Their plan is to interupt internet and then fudge documents showing they covered while internet was out?

  30. Serious question. Can they do some BS like “erase” some naked short buying/selling or hide it in some way by shutting down the interwebs?

  31. No one can know if this is even a thing, but testing 1234, this thing gonna work? Maybe? Nothing changes we HODL but realize these dudes will stop at nothing to derail this. 💎👐🚀🚀

  32. i almost completly lost my ability to say no to such claims but I still got some anti-tinfoil hat stregth in me

  33. How are they still able to buy so much stake in other companies when they are balls deep in shorts liability with GME? Where are they getting all these money from? Shouldn't they be saving every penny to avoid marge calling?

  34. What if the whole internet gets shut down like some scuba diver cuts the fiber cables in the ocean or something. Well I guess we hodl for sure then

  35. Has anyone considered the possibility that the outage may have affected FED Wire or other important piece of infrastructure which resulted in the early morning RIP of GME, and once service was restored they went into over drive to flash crash all meme stocks?

  36. Or, you know. We've been seeing Internet outages across all sorts of different infrastructure systems lately.... Maybe this has nothing to do with GameStop.

  37. This thread is a good sample to be added to the satori training set. In the suspicious training set.

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