Yes, those patterns y'all keep posting are real! The similarity in meme stock price movement is statistically significant and differs significantly from a control group of boomer stocks (answer to u/HomeDepotHank69).

  1. I agree! Doing this took me a day when I was supposed to be working. But it is something that any data scientist or someone curious and able to code could do.

  2. Agreed. When I get my tendies I’m supporting Krstal and Saager from The Hill I’m whatever they do next. They always tell the truth and aren’t afraid to stand up to the elites.

  3. Take our new found millions -> buy msn -> fire everyone -> install journalists working to expose financial corruption -> ??? -> educated populace

  4. I think the issue is (outside of news networks being paid shills) if any news network put this on the broadcast, the average viewer would feel dumb and turn the channel. This is the kind of quality deep dive people have to pay for, and is probably being distributed behind the scenes at high level financial subscription services.

  5. cannot agree more on ANN. I imagine SATORI will be upgraded as the AI responsible for yeeting any shills trying to work at our new era of untainted journalism...

  6. I'm here a lot so my world is in fact filled with data and knowledge. More people get tired of propaganda every day and come to reddit for crowd sourced, peer-reviewed empirical information and dank memes.

  7. Not the worst idea at all. Sounds like a good way to give back to the community. Let me know if you want help building that, when this all shakes out.

  8. Correct, and thus 100% chance the prices are manipulated, but with so much porn content coming out at any given second, i can't quite fault them for not keeping track.

  9. Yeah, I've been watching the "meme" stocks and the patterns have been uncanny. There's been a lot of divergence today though, and there are some that behave similarly, but not as a whole group.

  10. Yes, it’s not possible in my opinion, because any given time throughout the past several months you have varying levels of attention on these in regards to retail. Obviously the most attention has been on GME and recently shifted to AMC due to the squeezing and news push, not to say that more overall is still with GME. Despite this though, you have statistically significant correlation in price movements. If retail interest controlled them, you’d have variance in the charting theoretically.

  11. This is a false interpretation of these data. I made a lengthier comment below but the reality is that the p-values here are a test of whether or not the stock prices compared are unrelated. The low p-values indicate that the hypothesis is rejected, so we have to accept the alternative hypothesis that the stock prices are related. There's nothing about natural vs. un-natural. Stocks don't trade in a vacuum.

  12. Highlights, hypothesis testing, conclusions, and descriptions of p value and effect size, clearly a scientist! Well done ape 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  13. HOLY FUCKING SHIT good work ape!!!!! You went above and beyond!! You can have my wife! TAKE HER 🦍🚀🤝 (will be posting DD Monday for those interested).

  14. Fuck yeah Hank, wife's still at my place but I'll be sure to tell her she can drop by OP's house tomorrow💎🙌

  15. This means, statistically, that the price movements over these shorted stocks isn't random chance. The null hypothesis here, I assume, is that this is just random chance by retail purchase behavior.

  16. The null hypothesis would be that any perceived similarity was just random chance. It doesn't say why the stock has moved. Everyone who buys or sells stock affects the system, and this data can't reveal what effect the individual actors (i.e. hedge funds or retail) might have.

  17. Back when this all started in January, I asked people who are knowledgeable on investing as to why all these “meme” stocks trade similarly. I’ve always been told that stocks in the same sector trade very similarly due to algos. Seeing the numbers definitely helps me visualize the extent of the similarity. However, according to your data it looks like just as how correlated GME and AMC is....IBM and Wendy’s is also very correlated? Wonder what’s going on with that.

  18. Awesome. I think the more of us that analyse the data and get the same answer,bthe more we can trust the conclusions. it's the scientific way!

  19. I agree with you. Although the stats cannot say why they are correlated, merely that they are. Although I think it's quite obvious that the current AMC coverage is a distraction.

  20. I thought of this when i checked the volume for GME and the other stocks. They been very similar however GME's volume is still shit compared to jan, but all the other stocks are beating Jan numbers. GME with 15 mill volume and AMC with 500 mill volume still finds a way to move along, def using HFT to make it move the same. GME with 15 mill could still be natural movement, while AMC is very unnatural.

  21. I have no idea what you just said once we hit the data portion. TLDR: Yes Meme stocks are being controlled by the same algo. Especially GME, AMC, KOSS, BBBY?

  22. Not necessarily the same algo... I think the Jan movement could be from the press coverage. But atm there is no press on gme, so now yes, AMC and gme might be moving the same cos of an algo. But they are definitely moving similarly

  23. full speculation ahead.... don't think free popcorns are exactly the same - different outlook, exec team, way of handing apes. other meme's price action does relate to GME due to shorting ( overly simplified) but what they do within this ecosystem will set them apart?

  24. Great analysis! I've recently been posting some DD into the daily trading action with AMC and GME and the impacts it's had an VaR (Value at Risk) that institutions are seeing, and some theories on what it means for SHF that are short GME and using AMC as a hedge. Here's some links if you or other 🦍's haven't seen -

  25. I am working on putting together a new DD that brings in all the meme stonks into the analysis, and want to get it posted before the shareholder meeting. Thank you for sharing this DD, it's added some more motivation to get this done because this analysis signifies there likely additional value hidden in the data. After I make some progress in the analysis I'd love to share things with you and

  26. It seems that your comment contains 1 or more links that are hard to tap for mobile users. I will extend those so they're easier for our sausage fingers to click!

  27. Now we can focus on not insulting the other -meme- value stocks and work together, maybe they get a smaller batch of tendies but at least their all dinosaur shaped

  28. Thanks for putting in the effort you have! A lot of work has gone into this and it shows. These stonks are most definitely not moving through the natural ups and downs of "the market"

  29. Nice one. Can I ask, where did you learn data science? Are there any courses/books/videos you'd recommend?

  30. Take classes on econometrics to learn this stuff. Often it is a core of a solid economics department, but many math departments cover this as well in statistics classes.

  31. Good work! If you've normalized the data, you could also look at correlation of the variances. If they are as correlated as expected, I think we would also see similar intraday spreads.

  32. Yeh good ideas. My wife's boyfriend already said I should do spreads, I thought better to post what I had so far tho (is pub time here in the UK)

  33. Jesus Christ I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open! When apes are called to answer they don't mess around! I got to tell you, I've been a nurse for 30 plus years and it still impresses the hell out of me when somebody has a mind that works like this and can figure this kind of stuff out! Even though I understood maybe 1/4 of this, I understood enough to get the idea of what is being said. Thank you fellow ape for all of the work you put into this and for answering the call of Hank!

  34. The volume difference is due to the difference in float. AMC has a huge float compared to GME so we expect much higher volume. Perhaps OP can add correlation of volume normalized to total float as well.

  35. Up with you, this is quality research I understand, and I can only approve of how you ensured to make this scientifically valid! <3

  36. Great job! It would be interesting to compare the other companies with “reported” high short interest to see if there is a correlation.

  37. For the correlation to exist this close, it would appear GME/AMC we both being traded by algorithmic trading.

  38. Awesome. Thank you. Now, can this please be shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists? Here’s a link:

  39. This is great work. “Statistically significant” is a HUGELY important term to use. I’ve been loosely tracking the movies and games lines for a couple months and while not always in perfect step, they’re definitely dancing to the same tune. I appreciate your efforts in putting this all together. It’s not even confirmation bias, it’s just fact.

  40. I've been watching a number of securities that were all buy-halted by RH in Jan. I've just been range color coding in sheets but it has always felt like they're all playing to the same metronome. Thanks a heap for running the real math for this music ape!

  41. Great correlation study!!! I'm sure the Apes on superstonk are an adequate peer review. (no kappa) Thanks fellow scientist!

  42. Scientist here: scientific significance is statistical significance, we use the same stats. R2 is how you annotate it as well if superscript isn’t available.

  43. Holy shit thats a statistical analysis that looks juicy. Top work doing the work, this sub has amazing members - Retail are uneducated morons that need hand holding....really?

  44. A few of us have been pointing this out for a while. Although I'm not clever enough to know what it means it truly shows market manipulation. Plain and simple.

  45. Good job with all the data, numbers, correlations etc. Appreciate the effort, it's good to have what we know backed by science and opens up other avenues of study :)

  46. Dead on. Look at volumes today. Higher than their average yet they still go down. Submit this to the SEC and get your whistleblower reward. Fucking hate short hedge funds. Market making, my ass.

  47. Upvoting for truth/facts, and also for daring to mention stocks other than GME on a forum that seems to have become hostile towards anyone mentioning them (regardless that many of us hold 2 or more).

  48. Is this not expected though? They are afterall called memestocks for a reason? I would at least think they all follow similar patterns based on who and how much they are shorted for example, apes of different classes buy and sell them in similar patterns although with slight variations. I might be oversimplifying here though? Great DD though!

  49. Yes, this isn’t surprising information, and the OP even mentions that he wasn’t trying to make any claims about why the stocks are correlated. So he’s not saying anything new.

  50. I'm gonna play devil's advocate a bit here. Is it possible that the meme stocks are correlated because they're mostly in the same sector (consumer discretionary)? You'd generally expect stocks in the same sector to move similarly. I think you partially answered this question by comparing the pre-January movements but I'd be interested in looking at some non-meme consumer discretionary stocks as another control group

  51. Of course there is. The hedgefucks have been running the SAME SHORT ALGO on these stocks from their data centers for over a year.


  53. I don’t know about you but I have a lot of trouble simultaneously trading 6 stocks in identical ways.

  54. Im starting to think that hank is theorizing all those meme stocks are all together in ETFs and thats why their moves on the market are too similar or maybe this is already stated and i didnt know, whatever.

  55. Once again speechless at the intelligence and dedication of apes on this sub. Thank you my brother.

  56. You know this DD is top tier when it has numbers and charts and you don’t understand a thing but trust that it was written by a wrinkled brain ape

  57. My working hypothesis is that "meme" stocks are simply heavily naked shorted stocks, that large trading groups were working to bankrupt together.

  58. Man wtf does this mean for stupid apes ok ok we see the stocks got a correlation, but we already knew they going a little bit similar and got a correlation because hfs did shit in all of them.

  59. R .83 holy Ken’s mayonnaise. These two stonks are joined at the tits. Can’t wait to hear why from Ol Hank.

  60. Theyre about to pump it and tell folks theyre in the wrong squeeze! Look at the borrow fee! Shorts havent covered! All this media hype smelled REAL fkn fishy and folks really should not have underestimated the hedgies ability. The margin call shall set the truth free.

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