I Think We Just Found Confirmation that the Fed is Manipulating GME via Reverse Repos

  1. Little do they know I get paid 1st business day of the month and they left me with a tasty discount for tuesday.

  2. i agree with your thought that they might be managing the market until they are prepared to handle MOASS as best they can. i know we don't talk about other stocks here so all i will say its i think you dumb apes blew the lid off some market wide manipulation that some very powerful people have been hiding for many years.

  3. I'm always pooping. They can go back to their little corruption computers and do whatever they want but sooner or later they're gonna have to talk about the apephant in the room

  4. Not just password update, please put two factor authentication on everything that means a damn. Even if a hacker can guess your password, they probably can't also steal your phone.

  5. Quite a number of those actually piloting the planes and tanks are with the people, not the rich.

  6. I had read comments on other post about the amount of overnight repo being directly linked to the over leveraging of citadel and other Hedges positions. The more GME (other Meme stocks) surge the more money that needs to be on the books for the night to keep MM from getting margin called

  7. I remember one day there was a 13:15 full server outage on the exchange and missing tape data but can't find the post, makes you wonder

  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/n5zt8k/here_is_what_we_know_about_the_volume_issue_today/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  9. I think your hypothesis is correct as far as correlation. But I think possibly causation is not there. Maybe when reverse repo is going up, it draws resources that cannot be used to suppress GME, and that is why the effect is present. 🦍💎🙌🏼🚀🌝

  10. The causation is loose as it is indirect so I see what you're saying. The Fed isn't trying to effect GME specifically, its more knocking two birds out with one stone as it is attempting to accomplish its goals and keep the economy better intact.

  11. So when the reverse repo ends, these hedge funds will have a lot more cash to suppress the price? Is that what you're saying?

  12. If I’m not mistaken, RRP is strengthening dollar value. Fed maybe inclined to continue RRP until US economy is back on track.

  13. Yep. Happened on the big crypto coin market a few minutes after GME started to dive today. Someone needed money. I’ve yet to see a non-correlated dip.

  14. It's possible the Fed don't know the implications of their moves and it's just a bank begging for their cash but I doubt it.

  15. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case as well. They could have been just controlling liquidity with a more macroeconomic idea in mind which makes complete sense. Doing this allows 2 birds to be hit with one stone(controlling liqudity as well as the price of GME indirectly) so I wouldn't see any reason for them to change from their usual behavior, so to speak.

  16. Well, learning has occurred for me reading all of these calm and collective discussions of info. Thanks for that guys.

  17. I was looking at the treasury bonds earlier today and made a comment on discord that they all seem to be following gme. For quick background I use the moomoo app which is free just for viewing my fav stonks on my comp (I still use Fidelity) and it has some really convenient features which I discovered for the first time today. There's a tab called Market's and in it you can sort by ETF's Options, Crypto, Bonds, etc... I was sorting through by %negative on the day for ETF's and didn't see much (usually spy drops and takes GME with it). I decided to check out bonds for the first time and noticed all the US treasury bonds are red and the graphs look like GME's - the dips start at 9:30 exactly when we saw the assault begin. The 6 month treasury is the hardest hit at 13.85%, but the bonds that have that 9:30 hard dip and mirror GME the most are 7 & 10 T note yield and 30 year T bond yield. Anyway, I don't know if any of this is helpful or not but just trying to help stimulate thought.

  18. Wow thank you for giving that take my fellow ape! I can definitely see the connection being there as hedgies like Citadel had shorted not only GME and some other stonks but the bonds market as well. Good stuff!

  19. They're just waiting for an opportune time to let it squeeze in my opinion. I read a DD that had pointed that out before, that they were just waiting for the rules the DTCC, OCC, and ICC want to set in place (the big ones being DTC-005 and NSCC-002. That and with the upcoming shareholders meeting, they definitely have a nice opportunity for it to squeeze. I think they're just controlling the price enough such that it doesn't get out of control.

  20. Occum’s Razor. They are correlated. But more simply, those heavy short on AMC/GME use RRPs. As the stocks rise, RRPs move in relation. Those heavy short on the stocks need collateral to prevent margin calls. Right now cash

  21. Totally 💯 it’s insane how much manipulation there is but it a last ditch effort to collapse the empire of the apes 🦍

  22. They can't, because liquidity also affects many other things in the market. With hyperinflation underway and the market due for a crash, controlling liquidity would have to come at the sacrifice of letting GME squeeze to help maintain market equilibrium. It's not in their best interest to try to continue to manipulate GME. They're probably waiting for more rules like NSCC-002 or DTC-005, or for an excuse to let it squeeze like the shareholder meeting so it makes sense instead of it just being blatant manipulation.

  23. Haven't some apes been tracking the total daily RRP values? I recall they said the limit was something like $80 billion per member for RRP. Can we see anything about individual member's daily RRP totals, or just the aggregate? If we could see Citadel's daily RRP total and track how close they are to the $80 billion limit, that might let us know when they've reached the end of the line on RRP and start to truly lose control, assuming they don't run out of cash first.

  24. If this is the case, I can honestly see them suppressing the price and delaying the MOASS so a market crash isn't associated with Memorial Day. People would create names like, "Memorial Day Massacre", "The Great Memorial Day Crash", etc, which would take away from an important American holiday meant to honor fallen military members.

  25. Makes sense. Thanks for pointing out to me fellow ape! I will edit this in and mention it because I do feel like this was one of my more speculative DD's and that it wasn't going to hold up as much.

  26. No, not a legal case in my opinion. The Fed is just doing its job here. If anything the legal case would be more against the hedgefunds for getting the Fed INTO this situation.

  27. My one and only fear is this becomes a matter of national security and actions are taken that are not in our best interests. Not fud just a real concern. When you dare to dream all things must be considered I guess. Nice work. Op look forward to more.

  28. AMC GME correlation was explained by dlauer. Both are part of the same tranche of quote stuffing. Posts by criand show repos aren’t directly impacting GME price, but are more so a symptom of everything going on.

  29. OP, I think you are right that the Fed could be complicit. Despite this post being "debunked" per your data, there are a few others who are coming to the same conclusion that the Fed is helping rig the system but through different signs such as the Fed + HFs + Banks + FIs effectively merging their balance sheets. I've made a comment over here, where a European market journalist has also seen the signs and George Gammons latest video:

  30. Wow I just read through your comments and I gotta say that the idea of their balance sheets "merging" definitely makes sense and WOULD most definitely show not only the Fed being complicit in the hedge funds behavior, but even endorsing it through increasing the amount that can be borrowed to 80 billion per counterparty, definitely crazy stuff and I'm glad you pointed it out.

  31. If this is true, and the feds can prevent the moass from triggering....why would they ever let it happen? I’m serious, how would it be in their best interest to let this happen when they can stop it? Is there some way to counteract it?

  32. It would be in their BEST interest to let this happen, as Citadel and co. are causing a real crisis in the market right not just with shorted stocks but with shorted bonds, having shit mortgage backed securities, etc. If they let this continue, treasuries can default, which is definitely something the Fed does NOT want to happen.

  33. If you consider all of the rule changes that have been implemented recently, it all hints to a controlled explosion of the financial system.

  34. All shorts must cover. There's only so much they can do here, the moment a share recall or a dividend is announced, it's on.

  35. Atobitt talked about this in one if his post. Citadel is heavy shorting everything, including treasury bonds. This is effecting the value the dollar value as the fed's want their money back. With the reverse repo less cash in the market and bonds go back.

  36. All they can do is try to release some pressure, so that the bubble can pop a time of their relative preference. It's not prevention, just staving, so long as there are many hodlers.

  37. The fed at some point has to realize it cant keep pumping the market. I would think hyperinflation would be enough for them to learn...

  38. We need the voting numbers. No institution will be able to stop it if even 300% of shares vote. It will be proven publicly that this is not a free market if the fuckery continues after we know the count. The curtain will be pulled back and THEN... Tic Tok.

  39. Also remember the feds stand to make a fortune from this too. I also believe they will miss it being this way....they are making alot of hush money from this from the hedge funds

  40. The general public won't care but when the rest of the financial world finds out that the chicanery goes all the way up to the Federal Reserve or that somehow the Federal Reserve along with the US Treasury and the SEC were complicit in covering for a handful of greedy hedge funds and tried to play down the games and make it disappear the chain reaction will cause an immense wave doubt across all of America's trading markets. Astronomical national withdrawals, domestic and international.

  41. Just learned that the fed’s balance sheet remains the same with these ON reverse repos, meaning that the only entity who’s balance sheet changes in this transaction is the commercial bank that is receiving the treasury bond (and whoever they sell it to, aka hedgies).

  42. So what can ape do to put the squeeze on the fed and these bonds or reverse repos. If they got moves we got moves right? Let’s play chess

  43. Our best move is buy, hodl and vote. Nothing more needs to be done in my opinion on our end, but thats just me.

  44. Ok, so, full disclosure, the rabbit hole journey I'm currently on began with herbs, but I think there is a fundamental flaw with what you are proposing.

  45. Is the FED forcing its participants to deposit ON RRP? No, I think the eligible participants do this quite willingly.

  46. Is there any chance that the correlation is caused by the Hedgies having more cash on their books when rrp decreases so they use that increased liquidity to further short etf and stocks ?

  47. Its most certainly a possibility, maybe even more than likely that this is the case if the Fed is enabling this type of behavior in the economy.

  48. I felt like this became obvious during the last liquidity test when we saw all those monster zero interest 1-day loans.

  49. How long have these reverse repo agreements been going on? I thought they have been happening only recently. Meaning how would this mean something now and not say back in March or Jan?

  50. No, they've only been happening recently now in my opinion, as they observed how out of hand it could get overtime and decided they should be making the squeezed a controlled phenomenon that doesn't destroy the economy, while also balancing the treasury bonds market being close to defaulting and other things on a more macroeconomic scale.

  51. It’s getting juicy! Wait it’s always been juicy 😉 when this gets released in 60 years like Kennedy’s assassination documents we are gonna need popcorn, few banana (not for our butts 😉) our history here on this sub. It’s gonna be epic if everyone is against us and we stomp them into the dirt!!! Stay strong you Apes! Love you All!!! 🦍💎🚀 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  52. My most tinfoily hat theory has been that the Jan 28th run up crashed the market (as in stack overflow computer crash style) or triggered national security tripwires. That was the day fractional shares were sold for $2600. Everything since then has been a bunch of desperate band aids to keep a lid on things until they can figure out a way to not blow up the entire system.

  53. I have no proof of this but I was just brainstorming while walking my dog: what if the price movement today was not hedgies but a different entity. The one I thought it could be is Chicago delta hedging calls for monday and possibly not being delta neutral? Selling some of those stocks for calls. I think max pain was around $200 today.

  54. Hello english is not my first language "almost like a Controlled squeeze" are they able to control the price ? like $10M is the floor right?? they cant control that right??? 🤣😂 sorry dumb ape here 💎🙌

  55. I should have rephrase that in all honesty 😭, right now the squeeze hasn't happened yet and I wouldn't be surprised if they were preventing it from happening until good reason. When the squeeze actually starts though, I don't think anyone can control it at that point. The sky's the limit.

  56. New regulations and rules go into effect while you control the price action of GameStop the best you can (even tho I feel it's just a connection between the two and not actually what they are doing) but mixed with t21 and t35 you have these different triggers all happening at once that are balancing each other out until all money is moved out of the system, and you've prepared your doomsday bunker for the fallout of the moass.

  57. This is a prime example of how the market is manipulated. By this point, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Yet, it’s still a fascinating look at how deep this rabbit hole holes...🤔

  58. I think it's more likely that treasury bonds are one of if not the best form of collateral. That's something short sellers desperately need to not get margin called.

  59. Well how else are they getting there cash? Definitely not from any American that’s been struggling

  60. I think with the position the Fed is in right now, there's too much to balance to try to try to manipulate the price for THAT long. It would take months to slowly close out their positions without causing a squeeze in my opinion. Citadel just shorted not only gme that much, but also the bonds market and really fucked themselves.

  61. Maybe they’re inflating the USD to mitigate the intensity spike (like on a graph, x = time, y = percent of economy) of damage to the economy from this, knowing they can deflate it back to some extent with what will probably be some form of early taxes from all the apes!

  62. A reverse repo (a reverse repurchase agreement) is basically an agreement between 2 entities -the Fed and a counterparty- with the Fed selling an asset such as a treasury bond to the counterparty in exchange for cash, with the intention of buying it back at the agreement's maturity(when it expires).

  63. Well if the feds are now manipulating the stonk with RRP’s to control the squeeze they better damn well be printing large denomination trendies 🍗🍗🍗for us 🦍’s! I’ve been eating way too many 🖍🖍🖍🍌🍌🍌🍌. Great DD 💎🙌💥🚀🌃

  64. Compliments for keeping the post up and using an eddit to let us know it is debunked, this is much more transparant than simply deleting it!

  65. I try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to these types of posts because even if there are better counterpoints and my DD ends up not holding up, I would be glad to know that they can still use it for something better in the end and maybe get even closer than I did to finding a real wrinkle brain idea.

  66. so more liquidity means hedgies can short more GME inflating its shares number, less liquidity means they have to close some of their shorts to not get margin called by buying and cancelling sintethic shares.

  67. I think you’re absolutely right. It’s a chessgame before checkmate. The government has to bring all their figures (new rules) in the right position before attacking the opponent King. If they don’t do that, the ripple effects of the MOASS will be so heavy, that the entire world economy could be fucked. Their intention is to decrease the pain as much as possible to the Economy. And it makes sense.

  68. Upvoting so more people can see this was debunked. Very classy move on your part, OP kudos. You're the type of OP I want to see around here

  69. Yeah this makes sense. The volume on the overall market you can see has been very low most days and causing slow movement. Like lack of liquidity. And when gme moves up it's so erratic like it's reigns are being loosened just slightly and it violently jumps.

  70. This would explain why we haven't squeezed yet. Lately it looks like we will have a gradual rise in price action. But it makes no sense to me. If you keep allowing synthetic shares to be created then this will never end. Which is fine with me.

  71. The longer they prolong it the bigger the problem gets. They really should have just let it finish squeezing end of January (the day RH pulled the plug on buying) I can’t even imagine how many more shares were bought since then. I had X number of shares Jan 28th and now I have XX shares.

  72. Some people were able to get some value out of it and it led to more discussion, so I decided to leave it up.

  73. I knew it and been trying to say. By burning several hedgies to the ground and triggering trillions of dollars to be printed, The Feds and Central Banks are gonna be the ones we are up against. I mean its like they opened a casino, only let 'their people' win and vip members to hit jackpots. But if one of us poors hits the jackpot.. they are not going to pay us out. They'll just say "well we make the rules and though technically where you would have won (the biggest jackpot ever) us, on the regulatory side, consider that to be a violation of wealth regulation" (which is basically: the rich get richer and the poors get fkd) it'll be dubbed 'economic terrorism' initiated by 'domestic terrorist 'on a 'rogue stock'. They'll unwind citadels and other bankruptcy or bail them out, they all receive millions in bonuses for their trouble, and apes will be lucky they weren't charged or arrrested for beating them at their own game.

  74. That’s a bit aggressive. Stocks are like legal contracts. More likely that Congress would meet with the GME board and negotiate a “fair price” settlement for their shares.

  75. I believe SLR changed and Treasuries were not considered liquid. That is why all the banks were selling billions in treasuries a few weeks ago. Must be cash.

  76. To see if there is really any correlation you are going to need a way larger sample size. This is to small a sample size to consider ON RPP and gme price price action correlation. They in theory have no direct connection, so you really need way more data to consider correlation. Then you can begin on whether ON RPP has causation. For now, this is strictly tinfoil coincidence.

  77. Since March 31st there's been quite a few events like this that I'm looking into. Including the FTD reset dates for T+21 and T+35s. Each RRP dip near these events may coincide with the subsequent GME price dips as well.

  78. I don't think it matters much whether the Fed tries to control the squeeze. If GME holders want a certain price for their stock, they will get that price for their stock. There's no way around that.

  79. This is the last possible squeeze ever!! Apes understand the rules of the market will be forever changed after this...This kind of thing will NEVER happen again!! If you want to change your life, you better HODL on to those shares tight...when it moons we better make sure it counts, because it won’t happen again!!! Don’t be fooled by bull traps, gammas, or any other trickery they try!!! 500K!!! If the feds let it happen! (Speculative, but wouldn’t be surprised) Absolutely great DD with an open mind!!

  80. 500k seems low for how many lambos I'm gonna have to fill with mayo to feed starving hedgies

  81. Conspiracy or not I heard te FEDs are making a new digital coin currency suppose to be release in middle of june if that's correct. So do you think they just won't honor there end of the bargain with paying our stocks? GME moons and then BAM! USA declared new currency stock market doesn't matter and we left without our trendiest?

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