$GME Daily Discussion - May 27, 2021

  1. This is a full fledged war. And guess what Kenny you got an army of apes holding. Ur fk. Hedgies r fuk. See you on the 9th of June.

  2. What are we talking about? Stop loss? We're talking about stop loss, man. We apes call that a dip and you know what we do when we see a dip.

  3. It's no coincidence that the price fell right as it was approaching the $265 100-day resistance wall. Buy. Hodl!

  4. Love watching blatant market manipulation day in and day out. Want to know how I know which days the markets being fucked with? Gme down = market fuckery. Why do we even fund the SEC at this point. They were made to sit on their hands and give us the comfort and peace of mind that they’re doing their jobs lmfao, what a joke

  5. At least we know we were right about the. Being scared of those $250 calls. Soooo much fuckery today, tits superjakt

  6. Aw man, I bought X and 251, if I'd waited a few more minutes I could have bought XX. Oh well, not like these shares are going anywhere either way.

  7. Dang, saw way to many FUD posts about setting your stop loss 10$ below the eotd price. Of course not on superstonk, but other unfortunate too popular media sites. but this dip might be what I needed to double down on XX positions

  8. Dunno about all you apes out there but my breakfast is particularly tasty this morning as I eat it while checking out the pre-market activity on our beautiful beautiful stonk

  9. Can we please either BAN Cramer content or make a bot that inserts a disclaimer parenthesis ("DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT THIS MAN SAYS AT EVERY GIVEN TIME AND DONT SELL UNDER $20M")? This guy will attempt to take down the boomers at $600 or before that. He should not be mentioned here except with very strong disdain.

  10. bommers will create a dip at 500 1000 but it's important we the majority show them the way, and hodl to the moon, im guessing HF will create FUDs compaigns on facebook citing cramer and stuff, they will try everything they can but we must HOLD the fucking stock, 25M floor, and try to spread good information, i wish we have the power to create a "serious ≠ meme" video for people to understand and use it as a tool for people to get educated, i dunno, woke up at 5 am, just did 3 hours to work

  11. Happy Harambe Day to all u APES - Let us take a moment of silence to remember our special hero today - Love you APES

  12. That's fine I'll take the aisle, I placed my carryon near the front and will be running passed everyone when the seatbelt light goes off.

  13. if we finish above 300$ i will make loud gorilla sounds while pounding my chest next to the banana stand at the super market.

  14. so reckon that this week they are gonna try and tempt as many paperhands as possible before the shareholders meeting.

  15. Remember the losses they will make will not only effect Shitadel, the big domino effect will hit shitloads of companies, so the stakes are high and pockets deep. They will not surrender without a fight for their lives. Expect massive dips, we ain’t there yet! Hodl!💎👊🏻

  16. Just loaded 5k into my account. Think were gonna see a morning dip at all? Debating just givin 'er a full send in the pre market

  17. eToro apes! I just got the e-mail. we can finally vote on eToro. spread this shit like your wife spreads her legs for her boyfriend! 🚀🚀🚀

  18. can you imagine selling 1 share for 10K for "covering your initial investment" and that same share is worth 10X in 1 day, and that's just the beginning of the squeeze?

  19. I've accepted that my sleep is once again off-kilter. No hope of fixing it, just gotta let it run its course. How're my insomniacs and non-Americans (Europoors and others) doing today?

  20. I know it’s over discussed here but it really grates my cheese that the movie stock is equated as a short play when there is not even a fraction of the DD to back it up. I’m not so paranoid as to fully blame it on shillery though because I know there’s plenty of real people that just see it as a cheaper entry point not understanding the scope by which entry price won’t matter when this thing hits 8 digits (which the other one will not, I’m sorry)

  21. Crypto being dumped again. It's perfectly normal for this to happen every single day. /s

  22. Holy fuck, e-toro news is big. It s like the first actual piece of information for a non-reddit source telling us that we actually own the float.

  23. I'm an East Coast insomniac, been on here steady since 9PM. Something has felt, off. Then I noticed the entire front page is meme's. Sigh. They're here again, aren't they?

  24. Just had a thought .. if the floor is $1m .. then why are we all wasting time watching the market so closely at $250 ?

  25. I imagine bots are still trickling in, stare at the member counter on the app and 1-3 new accts being added every minute been like this the past hour or so

  26. All right, it’s late, and I’m gay. Am I the only one seeing a weird concentration of a certain kind of ad right now? Like, I keep seeing this pride app... I dunno, I’m just suspicious.

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