$GME Daily Discussion - May 21, 2021

  1. Voted? Want a “🦍Voted✅” Flair? Automod will hook you up! Just respond to THIS comment !apevote! and - BOOM - you get a flair, and you get a flair, and YOU get a flair. Everybody Votes? Everybody gets a Flair!

  2. Well good luck! Winning on a slot machine doesn't really get boring, you'll just have to consider it your job for a bit, maybe hire a few little monkeys to push buttons for you!

  3. Lost the job and apartment. Homelessness seems likely. Wouldn’t write that lighty, not looking to signal anything. Just wanted to quietly let that out during off hours. Will hodl xx until moon or death tho

  4. Sorry to hear that :( I feel for you, this might not be the fast solution for you. Just know that I'm thinking about you and hoping for the best for you. No ape left behind!!

  5. Could be a good chance to stack money while you don’t have the overhead of housing expenses. In the past I have worked construction jobs that put me up in hotels around the country and cannabis jobs where we camp out half the year. The outdoor cannabis growing season is just getting started. Good luck to you in whatever path you find.

  6. This is not the way. You were only supposed to invest what you could afford to lose. Sell some shares and pay rent!

  7. It's morning here in Ireland. I know you yanks are supposed to be sleeping but do ya think I could get some pictures of buildings lit up at night?

  8. Yo apes been watching a lot of super car stuff on YouTube and Dubai has a lot of used Lambo‘s for cheap like 100,000 just saying we should take a trip lol

  9. I've looked into that in the past just for fun and read that a ton of those cars were straight up abandoned and in shitty condition. Some would even slash the seats and intentionally destroy parts for fraud purposes or maybe underwater on loan I don't remember. But those cars are cheap because they're in awful shape, there's 100% gems to be found that wouldn't require too much work to restore but it would still run you close to the cost of an already functioning car. Sorry for the long answer to your probably not so serious comment.

  10. Just coming back from Dubaï... they are in shitty conditions... avoid. They’re cheap for a reason. (I’m in auto trade and buy regularly from UAE)

  11. How must it feel to be a walking signifier of death. Like Burry just points at something and it immediately turns to shit.

  12. Is there a part of Fidelity’s web portal that lets me confirm I’m in a cash vs margin account? Same for Schwab

  13. Click on your positions, if you don’t see a black m in a circle then you are in cash. I believe there is a key at the bottom to explain their symbols as well. For fidelity

  14. Apes got any recommendations for cooking bacon? I'm talking next level bacon. Family secret tips. Wake my gf up with the smell of bacon level tips.

  15. Bro microwave it between several layers of paper towels, around 3-4 mins on each side(for thick cut bacon in my home microwave, ymmv). Am a chef and while everyone will think you’re crazy it’s the best way to do it imo. It sounds wrong but once you have some good microwaved bacon you’ll rethink your entire life

  16. Oven, usually I do it with a sheet of foil above and below one flat layer of bacon, and another sheet pan on top to keep it all flat

  17. Laying on my actual floor, it's comfy ok? , pup next to me and you can see adorable pics of her in my previous posts that I shared out so I can comment here. Keep calm and buy hold vote!

  18. Same here, and it’s not that I care about the situation any less, I am just so overly sick of the inaction taken by regulatory bodies and almost feel hopeless and severely cheated although I know it’s not over.

  19. I don't think he needs to publish it anymore... at this rate, we'll live through it and learn how big of a shitshow this is

  20. What's the best broker for the MOASS? Currently have shares with TD and Webull. I also have a fidelity account I just opened I could move my shares to if they are far better.

  21. Man... I have two beautiful kids who I just want to see come to live fuller lives than I did. It terrifies me to think about leaving them before that fruition, and ultimately that's all I hope to accomplish. I have been drinking and was going to rant; but all that matters is buy.hodl.vote

  22. Hey same here, but I figured out plenty of things make me happy in life. But, I don't have time to do them because I have to work to get money so I can do the things that make me happy. It's bullshit.

  23. Hello there. Good to hear you're in an alright place! If you aren't holding for yourself atleast know you will be helping many others by holding :-) Hope you have a great night

  24. Depends how high your balance is. I called fidelity and they waived the 75 dollar transfer fee because I had a certain amount in my account. I’m not sure what that number is. You should ask.

  25. Serious question my fellow apes. There is a lot written about exit strategies, don't paper hand during the dips and selling on the way down. How does an ape know when we are really on the way down and it is time to sell? Your opinions are very much appreciated.

  26. Selling on the way down means to sell when the stock has already far exceeded your price floor. Since each additional sell will relieve pressure and allow the price to lower, you want to have enough room to sell before the shares go under your target price.

  27. Once dtcc and all hedge funds have gone under then you can start assuming the price will finally fall but people say the government will jsut be forced to print more money so idk. I’d assume we’ll see a high of 25 million, dips to 12 million then once it drops past 10 million is when I believe it’ll go down for reals.

  28. Doesn't really matter, it hurts in that it the money made when first selling the options could be immediately used against you, or that long term, the wasted money on expired calls could have gone to shares.

  29. Check main digital money sub, people saying multiple bank servers crashed on Friday and people couldn't take their money out. Bank of america, chase. Could be something.

  30. To anyone who is posting about how they need GME to moon now or they’ll have to sell shares to pay bills, buy food, buy gas, etc. it has been recommended since January, ONLY invest money in GME that you are comfortable losing and/or won’t need. Don’t put yourself in a bad position like that, no one knows for sure when this will moon.

  31. Since I don’t want to clog the sub with bullshit the apes I’m drunk apes and hope you all have a good weekend and cheers 🍻 to we mooning with the blood moon next week

  32. This probably isn’t a great idea. Scheduling meetups when you are holding GME and will come in to wealth soon enough, that can definitely be abused & dangerous

  33. I can't stop talking about GME, past 5 months have been nothing but GME. People are getting tired of me lmao

  34. All my friends are tired of me. Just today I finally convinced one of my friends to buy 2 shares. I feel so accomplished for it too because we’ll both get to enjoy tendies🥲

  35. Tell me about it. I have to be careful how I talk about it to others, because I realize I sound like a cult member, haha.

  36. Took a tab with my friend and listened to Badly Drawn Boy's the Hour of Bewilderbeast. My first time. Life changing. Need sleep. Wen mayo.

  37. Humans like making connections and patterns and correlationations. It's in our nature. With that said, and out of the way, this statement makes me jacked.

  38. I just said we needed an Ape dating sub. Actually that is weird, but an Ape meetup sub would be cool. Could go meet with other Apes and chat or whatever in your local area. I have NOBODY that is in that I can be physically present with to talk about GME. That would be fun

  39. Y’all it’s 1 am here and my tits won’t stop being jacked. It’s been more than 4 hours. Should I call my broker?

  40. It’s no different. The whole point of a recall is because there are more shares than exist. To make that right, and because there is no way of knowing which share is real and which isn’t, shorts have to buy them all back due to how short they are. They can’t leave your synthetic share in the market, that would defeat the whole point if “fixing the issue”, so they have to buy it back from you.

  41. Anyone have link for a max pain DD? I know it’s been ongoing for a couple weeks, just still not grasping the theory. Thanks apes.

  42. https://www.reddit.com/r/DDintoGME/comments/mnss65/the_apes_guide_to_the_galaxy_a_compilation_of_dds/

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