Father Cohen Unifier of All Things

  1. Since all matter can be expressed in 4 dimensions as both mass and a wave, RC phased into a wave, broadcasting himself at the speed of light, creating “RC Waves”. GME will introduce this new tech into their wireless VR headset for web3 gaming.

  2. There are more fake GME shares hidden in swaps and other financial instruments than rocks in Saturn's rings.

  3. Literally just spent an hour creating an RC space themed breaking new meme to find you beat me by 15 mins :(

  4. "The way of RC has no beginning and no end. Our stonks beat in the womb of capitalism. The market is your home, before your birth and after your death. The market gives and the market takes. RC connects all things: green to red, loss to profit."

  5. That meme in combination just makes me imagine how he flies around and has this smiling face all the time „Space time goes weeeeeeeeeeeee“ 🤣

  6. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 ☠️ I can’t with y’all. Fucking awesome!!! 🥃

  7. Not gonna lie, thought this was an actual news piece. It sounds like something they would put out lmao

  8. Just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised anymore by this Sub’s meme….you guys bring this out! Imao….

  9. RC! Please tweet this. I'm only going to DRS 99% of what I was planning on DRSing next week if you don't. You heard me. (Okay, maybe that was an idle threat.)

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