What it's like being a GameStop manager these days

  1. Apparently it’s a lot busier when the door is unlocked and it’s during regular business hours, something she forgot to mention…

  2. I mentioned this in the other post about her vid, but I made a recent DD about this: many hedge funds use companies like Advan Research with T+1 or even near T+0 reporting! (meaning hours later) and KNOW how crowded an actual store is for retail by using phone/geolocation data so they don't even HAVE TO resort to making these vids (or brian sozzi/jim cramer having to make bath towel or GME runs to show how empty it is)

  3. I live in a small town and ours always has at least 2-3 customers in it whenever I go. And I go at off hours.

  4. In AU, EB Games always has people in them and I never go at peak time. Literally never seen an EB Games without people in it, shops always looked amazing too. This is back in like 2017 to now, nothing has changed. It's still a great place for the past 6 years.

  5. Not even just the big city ones either. I live near one that’s out by a small town in a strip mall, most of the businesses are slow, but when I go there they are checking out one customer after another.

  6. A year or two ago I would often have the stores to myself. I can hardly move in them now. Thought I lucked out with a mostly empty store the other day then like 30 people popped up outta nowhere

  7. I visit during "off hours". Weekdays around 2pm in a small suburb. It's in a strip mall. I buy my daughter a pack of pokemon cards everytime she aces a spelling test. Never have I been alone in that store.

  8. I'd like to one day compile a data sheet of the amount of times gamestop is mentioned across all media, what percentage is negative, and compare that to literally any other company.

  9. I mean, this video could quite easily be shot in ANY Spencer's gifts across America. But, oddly I'm not being constantly told about their failing brick and mortar stores.

  10. A promoted video, AND it has now been deleted. Ask yourself if a regular “GameStop manager” would pay to promote her video, watch it get millions of views, and THEN DELETE IT??

  11. I can't fathom any reason that you would make a video like that. It's a terrible look for future employers. You would literally have had to be paid.

  12. She doesn't have to be worried about being hired somewhere if she's been paid a little money to do this which I highly suspect she has been. I've been waiting for the hedge funds to go in this direction and pay people to do this shit and here we are.

  13. Dude, I’m in the middle of Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and ours always has people in it. I’m about to go in the next hour and I will let you know how many people were in there at this random time of day lmao stand alone store, not in a mall or strip

  14. Bahahaha. This influencer just jacked my tah tas. And to think…she went to all of these stores on her own accord and no one paid her to do it. 😜🤣

  15. Tbh If she were a manager I just dont understand why she would post anything - like most people dont give AF about sharing their retail job especially if it wasnt doing well.....like she must be stupid or isnt really manager

  16. Just depends on the store. I have a few nearby. Some are always packed, others are usually pretty empty. Dumb for that girl to make that post about being a GS manager at a slow store.

  17. The company way over extended themselves which is why rc closing stores is a good idea, especially with the transition to online. My town had 4 gamestops Atleast one has closed now and I reckon they can close another.

  18. Ive worked with several chicks that are miserable af but think they are funny and cute. The sad part is they are the only ones who dont realize everyone else thinks they are annoying and talks shit behind their back. AND God forbid anyone tells them they arert funny at all.... phew.

  19. OP you’ve obviously struck a nerve here. I find the contrast in how the msm treats GameStop compared to other companies intriguing. For instance retail may notice a company is not doing well and short it. The company comes out and announces layoffs and closures and much to retails surprise the price of the stock increases. The msm touts the layoffs and closures as good for the company hence the rise in the stock price. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has noticed this time and again. There are several TV personalities that push this narrative. I won’t mention their names here because there is no such thing as bad publicity. It’s almost as if someone notices the short interest and pumps it to make money. I hope you don’t find this rude or offensive. My point in mentioning this is to point a out a glaring inconsistency with how GameStop gets treated compared to other companies. Hedgers hate this one simple trick.

  20. I work with a lot of nurses. Most of them have kids. I made a little poll the other day and asked "do you think GameStop will go out of business soon". Most of them laughed and said their kids shop there all the time. They said theres usually a line and people camp out there for new releases. These folks are not into stocks and only a few have heard of short squeezes.

  21. GameStop is a meme. Memes don’t die. Media has fkd themselves in so many ways. They’ve inadvertently caused the forever survival of the company. Cha-Ching, losers

  22. I went into a mall gamestop to get fire emblem and it’s the smallest gamestop i’ve seen and there was a line of 5 ppl. I was legit surprised cause I just moved back to the area and haven’t been there in 10 years. Surprised to see malls still popping, cause I thought brick and mortar retail is dead.

  23. Just commenting about my trip right before xmas to my local store. Associates said it’s been forever since they had GS t shirts in stock, as well as legos. Shelves were bare, clearance items all arranged on one small display. And yeah there was foot traffic. Plus employees were nice

  24. I've never seen a retail store not be empty for at least a few minutes in a day. Like I could do that video at Macys/Bloomingdales/Nordstrom. Are they also dYiNg BrIcK aNd MoRtAr?

  25. Hahaha yeah the GameStop in my home town is always busy. During the entire month of December they had to control how many people were allowed in the store at a time.

  26. Sucks but have you ever been to the sub for GS employees? I believe the people who have something negative say we'll talk first, most, and loudest. But that particular sub makes it seem like.. well, a horrible job with a crappy company.

  27. While I get the thought is it literally impossible for her store to be vacant? Why do people take shit to the extreme every time? If we're "safe" in our DRSing then who gives a shit what memes get tossed around my MSM? Oh well. You do you I guess.

  28. Yesterday I commented that the internet should do what it does and expose her to corporate if she even is an employee. Couple hours later, admins hit me with some shit about brigading and mentioning other subs, please be careful cause I'm pretty sure the bad mods are present this weekend

  29. Im pretty sure my nearest GS is going to be closing soon, it's in a mall and I have yet to see anyone walk in or be in the store besides 2 employees

  30. I want more hair in her face… makes her seem more credible, and in no way was this purposefully engineered.. I mean just look at her hair covering one of her eyes… I’m sold. GME is over… lol 😂

  31. Same logic as "Global warming is a hoax, it's pretty cold out there" 🤡 Post like this is absolutely trash.

  32. If you are a manager, and complain that the store you manage is empty, then you are a horrible manager.

  33. I'm curious, how is it the managers fault, say, for having less foot traffic because people buy stuff online? Is it part of the manager's responsibility to draw a crowd? I was a Hallmark dept manager once, but all that meant is I had to set up displays and end caps most of the time. I assume managing an entire store is a different kind of job altogether.

  34. One thing I found odd about that "manager." Is that she had to have planned her shilling because her hair and makeup are done. And who the fuck does their hair and makeup just to go to work with a bunch of gamers? Maybe she likes to be done up for work. Just seems fishy to me.

  35. That's not what I see. My stores are always packed. The people who work there are friendly and not pushy. Always have good deals and the stores seem to be improving. Oh, and gme's Financials and investments are on point and improving quarterly, while also expanding via distribution centers and increasing rewards members. That's just data, not anecdotal 🤷

  36. Gamestop is never packed where I’m at, but whatever disdain there is for her I have to say, GameStop just attracts some Garbage employees

  37. So funny that this has been posted multiple times. So while you’re in theory alerting traders to FUD… you’re actively spreading FUD. Fudder

  38. The one in my mall closed. I don’t know where another GameStop is and don’t have a particular use for one anyway. I can get a physical copy of a game plenty of places including without leaving my house. If a digital copy is the route I am going then I don’t need to leave.

  39. It's kinda weird that you both made your reddit account the very day of the GameStop sneeze and comment so much on how other people spend their money.

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