It’s the weekend! All aboard the Choo Choo Hype Train!

  1. I really don't understand this weekend's FUD. Why are people expecting anything to happen? I'd take that twitter convo with the hugest grain of salt.

  2. I think it’s about the possibility and what it could mean, the audience it would attract and the overall positive impact it could have on the not only GME but the entire market.

  3. Something like this will happen, if not this. If you didn’t watch their first one with Snowden, I highly recommend it. It’s perfect for DFV.

  4. But, even if it happens, are we 100% sure it will benefit the stock price? Is there absolutely 0 chance there will be any disappointment on how they (could) use DFV presence????

  5. If it’s not Moass then I don’t want it. I’m tired of all these third parties trying to get hype of us

  6. This company literally never delivers on their hype. Over promise under deliver is their motto apparently. I'm pretty much convinced they're just more crypto grifters.

  7. Jesus wept. The state of this sub is unreal... I remember reading amazing DD and now I'm looking at this nonsense. Astonishing really.

  8. Weird thing to get focused on over the weekend, but alright. Seems like an NFT of those things would simply use up money that might be better spent DRS'ing.

  9. The negative sentiment surrounding this speculation is completely bewildering to me. Someone made a whole meme to fight again hype of DFV sharing his purple circle. 🤣

  10. I know this is because it’s a reply to your post, but we’d rather be pleasantly surprised, than hyped about something that may not happen. Pleasr DAO could just be hyping their own brand off of a clearly motivated group of people.

  11. I agree, it’s such a weird beef. If it were FUD, maybe I could see the counter memes but it’s (yes, kind of tinfoily) hype at best. Especially in a sub where we portray events that would require literal space travel. This entire thread is way FUDDIER imo than your post lol. But whatever, don’t let it discourage you bud!

  12. I think a DFV NFT skin (maybe 1000) editions created by cyber-crew, would break the internet.....

  13. Let’s blow up the internet! Ok, bud. I don’t give a shit about Pleasrdao. Stop giving them publicity. Their marketing shill lied for engagement (his job) and some sap ate it up. Source: been hodling my DRS’s shares for 84 years and seen multiple businesses try to take advantage of this group only to deliver absolutely nothing in return.

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