This is it. Their final trick is in play right now! Moass is upon us💥🚀

  1. I don’t give a fuck what the narrative is out here in there. I just like the stock. It’s a trillion dollar per share stock. Unlimited losses means the price will go up and only up.

  2. Just bought more, I personally think this is the bottom but I thought the same back in December... Edit: I caught the bottom of the daily dip 💪

  3. It's very telling that the lowest they dropped it was Feb 2021, to $40. That's $10 post-split. Why only that low? Can they not, or will they not, drop it lower? What are they afraid of?

  4. Only place I've ever seen a circle k was in that movie. For decades it was just a fantasy store and now they're everywhere. 🤙✌️

  5. Dunno man, this seems like the exact same play as last winter. Down 34% in the last month on zero news, daily 5%+ slides, consecutive weekly red candles. They'll have to let it run at some point and the DRS train just keeps chugging along until superstonk owns the entire damn company.

  6. 70% average short volume is the biggest flag for me. Even some other stocks that are making the news for huge drops are still only slightly over 50% short.

  7. That's the beauty of this situation. They have no outs. The guys who hid behind their desks, pulling strings that killed other companies by counterfeiting shares...are now having their strings pulled. Gamestop is sitting on $100 mil authorized for share buybacks. Push it too low, the shares get eaten. Keep it low, Apes eat them. Let it run? BK. They let their lie get too big. Now it has pinned them.

  8. *the individual investors from all different walks of life who gather at superstonk to discuss their love of a common stock— yes I will indeed own a chunk of that company. And yes, the train keeps chugging belching zen steam. Hear that Kenny, that's the sound of inevitability!

  9. I sometimes get frustrated. I'm sure we all do from time to time. Then I think to myself, do I need the money I have invested in GS right now? No. Am I worried that my investment is down percentage-wise? No, because I have zero doubt that the price is fake/manipulated. Do I ever feel even a cell in my body wanting to give up and sell up? No. Fuck. I've come this far, what would be the point of giving up now. This battle is almost won. And even if it isn't, even if it's another year or more away, I can just keep holding. This sub is both great and annoying at the same time. It keeps you thirsty for MOASS tomorrow, every day. And then when tomorrow comes and no MOASS you feel a little deflated. But let's face it, we're all here for MOASS and the things we can put right in this messed up world, so it doesn't really matter when it actually happens. Just as long as we know it will still happen, which I'm convinced of. I'd be worried if the FoRgEt GaMeStoP stopped, but seeing them reconfirms to be everyday that we're still on the winning path. Love you Apes. You are the best friends I'll never meet.

  10. At the very least we know the "end" comes faster when the price is lower due to faster pace of DRS

  11. True, I've heard endgame forever. "Oh did you think the endgame would be quick?" No, but saying this is the last trick they'll pull is highly dismissive and underestimating the opposition. There are probably a hundred more tricks they can pull to survive another day/month/year.

  12. Ya best start believin' in endgames Mr. Nolzad, you're in one! 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  13. How DARE you come in here with that logic and crush everyone's copium! Careful what you say man, you keep it up with that critical thinking and you may be called a shill

  14. If I had another share of GME for every time someone said this was their last ditch effort, I would've locked the float all by myself

  15. Nothing is the final anything until MOASS occurs and then one can look back and go, oh yeah, so that was the final whatever. Until then, saying "final" anytime the price drops some or something little happens makes me do nothing but shake my head and roll my eyes

  16. I'm more annoyed with these posts than I am with the price action. People acting as if they know what's going on, the true joke 😂

  17. Just admit it, you don’t know shit. I don’t know shit, none of us do. What happens, happens. All we can do is buy, hold, DRS and see what’s next. Could be months, could be years. There are much more important things in life than expecting MOASS to be tomorrow.

  18. I’m so tired of hearing that. You don’t know that for certain. The truth is this shit sucks so I get the need to try and stay positive, even if it’s kinda delusional and based on speculation. I hope to god I put my faith in a good man, even though he’s a billionaire. I hope he really does have our backs and has something planned to fuck them over and stay out of legal trouble at the same time. Because unless the market crashes and margin calls happen or we DRS the float, idk if moass will ever be upon us.

  19. LOL If I had a penny for every time I've heard some regard on this sub say "this is their last play!" with unfounded certainty I wouldn't have to wait for MOASS to retire.

  20. Dropped another $6,300 through Computershare today. Can't resist this juicy action. Maybe I'm a Jeraptha at heart.

  21. Anyone remember that post from an Ape that talked about the guy in the back seat (Taxi maybe) where he said that the SHF's had something in store...and it was going to be epic? I remember it... and this was their plan....

  22. Can we please stop with this. Yes, it’s an effort but it’s not the last or the final effort or the endgame. Really gets on my nerves. I’m fine with the price drop and I’ll hold as long as it takes but trying to pretend like “this is it” when let’s be honest no one has a clue what happens next just puts people off and this eternal hype is low-key FUD. It happens when it happens, one day it will be tomorrow but it doesn’t mean we need a post everyday saying that just on the off-chance that someone calls it right.

  23. LOL like this hasn't been posted over and over again this and that will the moass trigger and its happening in 2 weeks or whatever, It happens when it happens, we dont have the crystal ball.

  24. I sure hope so. It’s hard for me when I keep buying thinking the dip has hit the bottom, then it dips more and I have to find more money to buy even more shares 😂

  25. In my head, I completely, unequivocally and totally wrote off my entire GME investment. So holding doesn't even feel like holding anymore.

  26. I don’t think anyone is selling. Just sick of the blatant corruption. It’s really starting to piss me the fuck off

  27. Its been ‘it’, a lot of times. I don’t see how BBBY going bankrupt, which is exactly what total return swap holding SHF’s wanted all along is ‘it’.

  28. feels that way. When all reality never changes, yet fanatics keep claiming it will, despite society moving on and no circumstances changing that got us here, who in their right mind would believe we are "on track." This all sounds like false prophecies on repeat but a vocal minority unwilling to accept reality, or like you said, reverse psychology

  29. They fucked up. It's in my comfortable buy range! Roughly 20 CAD is so awesome. Buying a bunch, updating my purple circle soon

  30. I heard there was a sale or something on this week idk. Bought another 120, waiting until next week to DRS these puppies

  31. The dip before the rip. The demise before the rise. The drop before the pop. The arse-end before the ascend. The erosion before the explosion.

  32. Company burns 400 million dollars per year from business operations. Raises 1.6billion dollars in funds from diluting float. Muh positive cash flow!

  33. This is pretty hilarious, liquidity is pretty damn low due to DRS, you really think this is their last play? It must cost almost nothing to short it down to 52 week lows with this setup, there's no way this is anyone's last play. Preach whatever copium you need but I'm comfortable with my GME position

  34. Lol @ final trick. I'm sure even after being arrested and in prison they'll still have tricks. These fucks know its all or nothing and won't stop until they've died in prison

  35. I think the play is to drive GME into the ground. It doesn’t matter how successful they are, they will drive the stock to bankruptcy. The government would rather see one company fall illegally rather than crumple the system.

  36. Your comment doesn’t make sense, you can’t drive a stock to bankruptcy. You can drive a stock down, but the company is what would go bankrupt and that doesn’t happen when they have 1 bil cash on hand while cash flow positive. Imo they will be profitable after Q1-Q2. Meaning not the next earnings but the ones after that.

  37. I dont remember the money I put in therefore its already gone for me. Means I wont sell anyways

  38. I’m like a hyped ape pumped full of horse testosterone right now!!!! I’m banging on my wife’s boyfriends door for more coins to keep smashing the buy button!!!

  39. It’s so delicious watch the price go down so fast. Knowing instead of 10 shares I’ll be able to get 15 or hopefully 20

  40. Yet another Moass is here nickel to add to my pile of nickel's I have acquired over the last 2 years. Keep em coming apes, I shall be rich 1 day,,,,,,,

  41. I disagree. If people aren't going sell from 480 to below 100 or whatever they crash was people sure as shit aren't going to sell now, or ever. They have nothing but they can literally keep this up for ever until we DRS enough.

  42. They will not close until some authority forces them to. As all the authority is on the wealthy’s side, it is my belief that price discovery will not occur until gme defends its value. In other words, MOASS is not upon us. If you want MOASS contact gme board and tell them to NFT dividend.

  43. Haha honestly if I had a GME share for every post that claimed MOASS is upon us I'd be even happier than I am now. Butt fuck it! I'm in!! MOASS tomorrow!!

  44. I am prepared to get hurt again, but I too, believe this is the last, if not second to last, trick in the book as well. Very exciting times coming ahead!!

  45. At the beginning I used to worry about other apes paper handing in the low thousands, now I'm pretty sure most people here are hardcore never selling degenerates.

  46. If I had a dollar for every time someone posted this is the end game, this is the hedgies last stand, or this is it get ready. I feel like I would be close enough to buy/DRS/lock the float myself at this price point. You don’t know what the most corrupt, rich and powerful people are capable of so stop pretending like you do. If you want to post fluff pieces go over to the popcorn sub where 50% of posts are like yours minus the DRS, 30% are AA suck off posts, and 10% are just reposts of SS DD/articles.

  47. Current market cap is 5.28 billion for a company cash flow positive, no debt, a billion in cash, over a billion in inventory, and looking into acquisition of other companies. OMG they are trapped in here with us! Locked in a cage with Apes! I love this shit. I have three nipples jacked! Oh wait, pee just came out of the lower one. 😳

  48. and that's all due to us, not their own skill. What are they bringing to the table exactly that gives you confidence that these positive metrics mean anything, if the company doesn't bring a value proposition that comes to fruition? An NFT marketplace - speculative at best. Hopefully their investments in supply chain, inventory, and agility will pan out.

  49. Man, I sure hope you are right. I don’t even need MOASS, just some decent upwards movement would do for now. At this point I‘d kill for another „battle for 180“ like in the good old days.

  50. You must’ve missed the ~70% drop at the beginning of last year, but yes, MOASS is always upon us. Now we can buy tons for much cheaper than before.

  51. I get the feeling some of you apes don't know the definition of the word "final". Please look it up in the dictionary.

  52. EXCELLENT post! 🐒🔥🏰🔥🐒 This is a siege, and it goes well for us. they are starving inside their walls. fires are burning everywhere. you can hear the howls of hungry dogs inside. they have nothing else to throw at us except the dirt and pitiful little stones from their broken castles. we are winning. Buy, Hold, and DRS. This is the way. 🚀🌒

  53. The entire market is tanking, it was foretold many a DD ago that the price of gme would fall with the market…until it doesn’t…then boom

  54. No trouble staying zen. Just trouble resisting the discount, which I could not, and so I bought more. “Smart money” sure is struggling to understand that I (and many other investors) couldn’t care less about the price. It’s all about how many shares I can accumulate. No precise number, just more. Always more…

  55. I low key want it to drop to single digits, so I can really buy and DRS shares. I am in GME for the fundamentals. MOASS is just the cherry on top. 💎🙌🚀🚀🚀

  56. The price dropping is only positive if outrageous amounts of shares are being purchased. I want to see posts of that happening

  57. If I had a nickel for all the times MOASS was upon us I’d have a lot more ass and the float DRS’d completely

  58. You're wrong and your dangerous because you think you're right. The evidence and history suggest this is incredibly unlikely.

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