Another Cheater. MilkyWayChes.

  1. I don’t understand how that is fun for people. I try to understand the type of person that would take the time and effort to do that to ruin other peoples experiences and I always end up imagining a sad and pathetic person no matter how hard I try.

  2. I'm on SEA and it has the highest amount of cheaters. It's always a pain to play a multiplayer game normally :')

  3. I can understand people who cheat to win, it's like collecting Pokemon except a number on a scoreboard kind of thing. However I really don't think people should cheat outside of single player experiences, or at least ones where it effects other people.

  4. That's actually really good tbh. Anti cheats always need to be constantly updated. If it can last 2+ weeks every time and keeps being updated once it's live it'd be pretty nice.

  5. Rather have these obvious cheaters then those that really try to hide it and think they are good players. Those kind of ppl are the real problem, this shit is just stupid

  6. I know you don't want to hear it, but there are less obvious cheaters in FPP. I loved TPP for PUBG. But, cheaters ruined a lot of games, so I swapped to FPP for super people.

  7. Same happened to me just now - hope they'll do something about it or it will just be another shooter I don't want to play because of hackers...

  8. Idk about that. I just had 2 games in a row I died instantly to a cheater. 250 RP gone instantly. Takes 5 wins to get that back.

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