Sia - Chandelier Cover

  1. With mental illness going unchecked and random people getting attacked on the subway, i’d rather walk away from a person having an outburst than assume it’s an innocent prank.

  2. Lol I love how the lady in the dress is having second thoughts. She first gets up then thinks whether she really wants to stand the whole train ride turns back then she walks away.

  3. This is amazing. The one chick just left immediately. The dude behind him is scared. The lady that went back but left drops a bag and leaves it. He lost his shades and kept rocking.

  4. lmfao this is brilliant. the best part is either how confused the people are, or the fact that he lost his sunglasses but just kept going, and i can’t decide which

  5. This guy is such a dick, but I laugh every time 😂 It’s whatever the hell he happens to be doing, mixed with people trying to get away from him like a stink bomb’s been set off lol.

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