Consumerism results in an abundance of stupid food, doesn’t it

  1. This is from 2015 and Whole Foods got ripped all over the internet and discontinued it. Check out the expiration date on the bottle.

  2. I love how these stores never just lower the price. They always discontinue it because lowering the price would be admitting price gouging.

  3. Came here to say this. Recycled material for that sweet sweet karma farming. Just wait til they get their hands on the peeled orange in the plastic container.

  4. It Still happened. We were still told to use it. Just like jello tuna salad, purple ketchup, bottled tap water, powdered iced tea mix, baked goods for dogs, Retro Chef Boyardee (which oddly, SHOULD be the product to choose, considering modern Chef Boyardee is FULL of unnecessary additives), baconnaise, bacon sundaes, chocolate covered bacon, sugar-covered breakfast cereals...

  5. Lol i was wondering what made it shelf stable, then read the label that basically says "yeah its not".

  6. Yeah! I saw it on Facebook this morning for the first time, and didn’t see any other posts here about it, so figured why not share

  7. I don't think it's consumerism. This is result of too many people having way too much money. You don't see that shit in poor areas

  8. Yes it's old but people have to remember that there are individuals on this site that were too young to know about this scandal. It was hilarious. My husband and I still joke about it to this day when we see something ridiculous.

  9. No need to bring up shit from 2015. This was appropriately mocked at the time. It proved just because their is supply doesnt not mean their is demand.

  10. Just thought of a good way to compete, collect all the water from used canned asparagus. Sell for 3 dollars per bottle. Canned asparagus is prob like 1 dollar for 16 oz.

  11. I know that especially in a young and naive juvenile stage that I or anybody could pick this up and buy it and tell whoever or anyone or myself that I'm drinking asparagus water! Sounds so healthy xD

  12. Of course it’s Whole Foods… the people who shop there are the morons that can afford to buy this shit on their way to their gala fund raiser for climate change awareness or some other meaningless shit they use to make themselves feel special

  13. There is one reason and one reason only to go there... Seafood, for the off night I'm making something fancy at home. For everything else in that store that's overpriced BS, they have the best quality seafood, often at the cheapest price in my area, which is freakin' appalling given how expensive everything else is.

  14. The wholefoods near me is cheaper than Wegmans. As with any store, it is not every item, but hamburger sale prices are cheaper at 90/10 than the 73/27 at Wegmans. Mushrooms, frozen veggies, and frozen pizza are all better priced than the two leading grocery stores, Wegmans and Topps. Their produce is also a much higher quality. But you keep paying more for lesser quality food to own the libs, lol.

  15. Almost all modern recipes come from consumerism. The entire food market logistical system is only possible because of consumerism. I studied this in college, and there are alternatives. But almost everything we know of today as food has been made possible by capitalist style economics. Please understand that I am not trying to smoke one of those pro-capitslist posts. I'm only telling history. I am way more in favor of socialism than I sound right now. But look at bread. Everyone baked bread, but it was fairly hard to find unadulterated flour for a long time (especially under communism and other economic systems like right-wing-totalitarianism, which the US is closer to than capitalism). When balanced economics promoted by what people understood about capitalism in the early 1900s (unions and later welfare. I know this doesn't make sense but the definitions have been severely twisted by oligarchs) created a vibrant middle class, the people suddenly had political control of the bulk of the money. They used that power to create laws that supplied clean, unadulterated foods. Savvy businessmen noticed that some families' homemakers struggled to produce the quality breads that could be found at bakeries. Baking a perfectly even loaf without bubbles in it was a huge point of pride for some housewives. Those savvy businessmen noticed a demand, and created a system of producing perfect bread each loaf, in mass quantity. The availability of that revolutionized how people ate. Sandwiches and sandwich toppings, like peanut butter, exploded in popularity. After several other steps in this process evolved we have now hit a new stage during pandemic where home bakers have connected using social media to hone home baking skills up to previously unknown levels.

  16. Consumerism also leads to pretty dope stuff that we wouldn't be able to easily grow and make ourselves like burgers, spaghetti, and chocolate cake. Consumerism isn't bad in itself but there are a lot of bad and stupid people/things as a result of a free market based in consumerism.

  17. That’s disgusting, I imagine it would taste like what your piss smells like after eating asparagus.

  18. I can only imagine some dick sitting there “okay. We need to make our water seem healthier & have taste. & their boss says “yes. Something refreshing like… asparagus.”

  19. Ahh this is perfect, my wife and we're trying to figure out what to do with the asparagus In the fridge and now I know.

  20. I remember this. Turned out to be a joke done by the produce manager of a particular location. I first thought they were shooting for asparagus juice, like you get in Asia. :D

  21. You think that's fancy? Wait till I dilute it 10,000 times and give you ultra chakra aligning karma free organic soy-v-latto-0% pure asparagass water

  22. Honestly I would get someone in prepared foods dept to slice them up real nice. Maybe a quick blanch and shock to bring out the colors; then bottle it up...maybe throw in some edible wild flowers and then you would have no complaints; probably sell it for $9.99 instead.

  23. When I lived in Korea larger pears, fancy apples, and mangoes each had a styrofoam nextinf clinging to each individual body. I assume to prevent bruising. I was so offput but the amount of plastic waste in all their packaging and produce. Even buiscuits in a cardboard box were either individually or wrapped in plastic pouches of 2-20 depending on what it was.

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