My friends decided to make a massive amount of counter nachos.

  1. Someone found a way to make counter nachos even worse than they are. They wondered if they could do it, but didn't ask if they should do it.

  2. Would you transfer it to a plate from the salad table? Or were you meant to sit there and eat from the communal salad pile?

  3. Black olives, diced onion, cilantro, jalapeño, black beans…. Proper nachos are at most a 50/50 chip to topping ratio.

  4. Let's not pretend that the venn diagram of who would put tasty ingredients on nachos and the kind of person who would do this aren't two completely different circles.

  5. Gonna just leave the cheese unmelted like some barbarian? At least throw some melty cheese on that shit. I can see how cold it is just from the picture.

  6. Worst “nachos” I’ve ever seen… and I’m not even taking the whole counter- thing into consideration.

  7. If you are doing that a cheese sauce would be the best approach since you can't really melt it without melting the wrap too.

  8. I mean, put a little nacho cheese, jalapeños, or maybe even sour cream but just beef and cheese? C'mon now. Nachos has to be both gooey and chewy.

  9. Jesus Christ this is depressing. Fucking, up your standards bro. Making nacho cheese sauce takes like 4 minutes with cornstarch, cheddar and condensed milk.

  10. I've eaten plain beef and cheese nachos before they're pretty good especially if you have some salty but mild cheese. Then again I generally like pretty plain food.

  11. Tbh, it'd probably be better for everything and everyone to just like hit the counter with a disinfectant wipe beforehand, then clean it after. Probably less of a hassle than screwing with plastic wrap

  12. Looks fine to me I mean I'd prefer melted cheese maybe salsa ect but I wouldn't complain about my friend making chips cheese and seasoned beef for me.

  13. Only shit I put on nachos is the meat, copious amounts of cheese, and sour cream. I eat guacamole on the side, and anything else is too much for me.

  14. the counter thing is just absolutely retarded in itself. but it’s the plain ground beef and unmelted cheese that truly makes this stupid lmfao

  15. Ok so the nachos themselves look sad, but honestly in terms of avoiding mess and having an easy cleanup, I’d say the plastic wrap isn’t a terrible idea.

  16. My friends and I did this a few weeks ago as well. Although we had a giant can of melted nacho cheese instead. Was actually pretty awesome and super filling. Too filling possibly, went into food coma almost immediately.

  17. The dumbest part of this is that the cheese is not even melty. And where is the guac? Unreal. This is not the proper nacho technique.

  18. This reminds me of a time I was visiting at a friend's house and their mom offered me nachos. Great! I love nachos! What I got was a plate of chips with shredded cheese, that she microwaved. That's least these ones have meat

  19. Throw chips on a cookie tray, cover in cheese and con queso salsa, cover in taco meat and more cheese, bake for 10 mins, set on table

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